AI: Auditions continue

So… yea. You know the deal. A bunch of losers, a few winners, and every winner has a sob story. *sigh*  I’m tired of recapping these things already.  Although I must say, the “Amazing Grace” dude – you know… the one that refused to leave, resisted security, and put up a fight to the point that they had to handcuff him and escort him out of the building…  He was downright freaky.  I seriously don’t blame Simon for declaring this is his last year after putting up with crazies like this.  Creepy.

Also, a note to the beatboxer/human drum machine…

He swore he was bringing “something new!” Randy was all… um.. Blake Lewis much? and dude was all, “but he didn’t beatbox while he was singing!”  Um.. dude, that because you absolutely slaughtered that song. Seriously, I couldn’t hear a single word you “sang”, if you could even call it that.  Please don’t do that again. Ever. That is all.