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So Tuesday night I caught ABC’s Wipeout for the first time.  Love it!  Mostly because it’s funny to watch people fail in the most spectacular of ways.  It seems to be a cross between Takeshi’s Castle and this other show on the G4 Network called Ninja Warrior.  I’ve only seen one or two of the Ninja Warrior shows at my mom’s house, but DH & I first saw Takeshi’s Castle while we were stuck in Germany waiting for our oldest son to be born. (long story)  Anyway, Takeshi’s Castle is re-broadcast here in the states on the Spike channel as MXC or Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.  It’s still funny…. but the Spike network of course really destroys it for me with the potty/bedroom humor, so I can’t recommend it.  But Wipeout is a good send up.  It’s funny, and from what I’ve seen so far, there really isn’t anything I can’t let my kids see.  But seriously though, there is nothing funnier then watching people hurl themselves towards certain doom on a Japanese show, dubbed in German, and not understanding a word… Awesome.

So anyway… After Wipeout, there was this other show, Downfall.  Based on the commercials I saw, I really expected to hate it.  The show takes place on a very high rooftop in LA.  Prizes are lined up on a conveyor belt and contestants have to answer an increasing number of questions to save their prizes from falling over the side and smashing on the ground below.  At first glance, I thought “Good Gravy! How wasteful! That’s ridiculous!”  But since it came on after Wipeout, and, if you remember from yesterday’s post, I’m slowly going insane stuck on this couch, I figured what the heck…  We’ll give it a try. Worst case, it sucks and we never watch again.  After watching the first guy send his best friend over the side, I was intrigued, but still not really a fan… Until I saw the disclaimer that all prizes on the belt are fakes, they aren’t destroying the real thing! *Phew* Ok, now I feel better about this show. *S* It’s actually an OK show, like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but with the added stress level and distraction of watching your goodies take a tumble.  It’s a fun waste of time, but no where near as awesome as a German-dubbed Japanese show.  Good times.

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