Writer's block

Wow.  so.. like the only way I know how to get past writer’s block is some stream of consciousness randomness.  So… consider yourself warned, it’s about to get random up in here.

I hate introducing myself online.  I always feel like I’m in an AA meeting or something…  “Hi, my name is Lorraine.  I’m a homeschooling mom of 3; GeekBoy age 9, thePinkDiva age 7, and BigBoy age 5.  We’re a former military family who have happily settled into civilian life.  We’ve been homeschooling for 4 years, and I still have times when I feel completely overwhelmed and just want to run away.”

You see what I mean?

Life has been zany around here, what with the home improvement projects, dr. appointments, homeschool planning and lessons…  And it doesn’t show any sign of slowing any time soon, thanks to soccer practice, therapy appointments, homeschool, library trips, etc.  Plus, remember when I prayed that my kids would be accepted and my house would be *that house* on the block where everyone came to hang out??  Well…  Big smiles all around!  Our home has become the neighborhood “go to” at least between 3-6pm.  I don’t mind at all, but it does add to the crazy around here – in a good way!  We have two neighbor kids who like to spend almost every afternoon over at our house.  My kids loving having friends over, and these 2 are really sweet kids.  So it’s all good. *S*

So, I’m hoping to post some homeschool type stuff over on Where Learning Begins.  I’ve managed to continue posting, though without much regularity, over at Conserva-Kat.  I want to scrap more, which means I’d be posting to Die-Cut Bytes again.  Yea. I have grand plans.  But I have a problem with follow-through.  I have lots of great blog posts swirling around in my head.  I swear, if I could hook my blogs directly to my brain, I’d be the most prolific blogger in the world.

Anyway…  Here’s hoping I get better at this. (but if were you, dear reader….  I wouldn’t hold my breath. *S*)