It's Crazy Time.

So… yea.

Soccer season has started.  I’m a Team Mom for the Geek, and BigBoy is finally old enough to be on a team.

Homeschool is in full swing and I’m already struggling to stay ahead of the kids in lesson plans.

PinkDiva has started her much needed vision therapy.

I have a small tear in my Plantar Fascia, and boy oh boy does it hurt!!! I’m on some high-powered drugs to try to kill the pain, and stuck in a Robo-cop type boot for 4 weeks while it heals.  and I can still feel the pain.

Oh, and I hear a hurricane may be headed here this weekend.

1… 2… 3… I am slowly going crazy.  3… 2… 1… crazy going slowly am I.


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    hey cousin i love your stries of you and the kids they are fun and real i love you your cousin ruth

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