Spending Energy Wisely

By now, most people have heard of Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory. Essentially, it’s the idea that you have a finite amount of energy to expend throughout the day, and you must budget your energy expenses accordingly. This is especially true for folks struggling with issues like fatigue and depression among others. Every little thing that neuro-typical people take for granted, like getting out of bed, showering, etc., cost a little bit of energy, aka a spoon. Bigger things, like dealing with people at work, going to the store, etc., those cost several spoons.

I think the theory should be updated.  It’s like a mana or energy bar in one of those mobile games.  Every action in game costs energy, some actions cost more energy than others.  And once you run out of energy, you’ve got to log out for a while, and wait – sometimes an hour, sometimes a day.  Just like each game has different time limits and whatnot, each person is different. For some, a good night will refill that energy bar, but if we don’t get enough good, quality sleep, it’s like going back to the game before the energy bar is refilled. Yea, you can play, but won’t be able to do nearly as much as you would have if you got a full refill.

Maybe it’s a stupid analogy, but it works for me.  Anyway.  Point is, even though I can see the light at the end of my tunnel, I still need to budget my energy usage, because depression is like a permanent energy debuff. When everyone else is starting the game with 100%, I might be at 75% or lower.

Another year gone.

I really don’t know what to say about this year. It’s been a year. It’s almost over.

This year, my daughter discovered KPop. And then turned me into a fan. #BTSArmy

This year, my youngest son found Fortnite, expanded his list of YouTubers that he’s been in streams with, and found new ways to cope with his anxiety and depression.

This year, my oldest son started college. I’m still kinda shocked that I have a kid old enough to be in college.

This year, the husband and I got both upstairs bathrooms renovated. I forgot to post that because I really didn’t take many photos. I should dig out those photos and post them, huh?

I’m doing a bit better now that Christmas is over. Two weeks on a double dose, and I’m back to a normal dose. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m also not completely numb anymore either. It’s like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I’m coming out of this latest battle with the Depression monster in my head, and I can see the end, but I’m not there yet.

I started a Photoblog. Really, I just moved all my flickr content to my personal website because of flickr’s latest changes to their TOS. Flickr got bought by SmugMug, and the new owners decided to limit all free accounts to 1,000 photos and charge an arm and a leg for access if you had more than that in your account.  I did.  I did take the opportunity to purge some photos, but most are now available at Photographic Overload.

Anyway. I really don’t know how to end this. So here’s a photo of my Christmas tree.

Testing the New WordPress

So far, I’m not a fan of the new word press. I do not like the block-driven editor. I miss being able to put in images wherever I want, and embed them into the the text. With this block-driven, Gutenberg editor, it doesn’t seem like I can do that anymore.  They also seem to have taken away the coding aspect, which means if I want to add a bullet-point list of something, I’ll need to add a new block.  Basically, this new editor makes everything harder.  

And…  apparently, the new WordPress broke my plugins, so I can’t access the media from other sites in the network. Fun times. 

Everything is broken now. 


Welp. It’s been a while. But since I’ve always said that blogging is cheaper than therapy, here I am. Back again.

I can feel the downward spiral stating. Starting. Who am I kidding? I’m a good way down that spiral already. Only thing keeping me from hitting rock bottom again is the meds. The last few weeks have been just a blur of . . . I don’t even know, just blah & empty emotionless zombie-mode. Hubby tried telling me for weeks that Thanksgiving was almost here & I needed to plan. I just kept thinking, I got time. Then suddenly I no longer had time. I should have felt pressured & stressed, but honestly. I just didn’t give a damn

I forgot to do so much that I normally do for Thanksgiving. But oh well. Then the next day, while most people in this country are out shopping trying to bag a great deal, my family has the annual Tree Day tradition. We drag out all the Christmas stuff & decorate the house. This year, while setting up the tree, I finally feIt something, for the first time in weeks. One of the songs in the Muppet Family Christmas triggered all the feels all at once. There was sadness because I miss my Dad & this was his favorite time of year. Then the realization that this year is the 20th anniversary of the loss of my first baby. All of that was quickly followed by an over whelming sense of guilt. Guilt because I hadn’t realized that sooner. Guilt over all the traditional things I’d forgotten to do for my family this year. Then it was like my brain decided, “Oh, you like emotion? Have some more, in fact, have all of the sadness & guilt you can handle.”

Then, as quickly as it came on, it all went away. I was left with a feeling of depression. This morning, I could feel myself spiraling downward. I’m allowed to double-up on my meds when I feel like this, so that’s what I’ve done. I’ve also talked things out withe my husband. He’s amazing.

Anyway I know this is a bad time of year for me. All the angel days combined with the holidays has always been a trigger. Throw in the gloomy weather activating my arthritis & SAD (seasonal affective disorder), & I’m just a hot mess of depression & numbness. But you know what they say, knowing is half the battle. Hopefully, with a lot of prayer, medications, & support from my family & friends, I’ll get through this sooner rather than later.

Because this is a home improvements blog now….

So, after we mostly-finished the huge project that was the living room and bedroom in the basement we took a break. A several months long break. Sickness and life meant that it took us a while to get around to the bathroom downstairs. But once we decided to start, the project was done relatively quickly. It helped that hubby took a week of vacation to work on this.

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Where to start? Well, we essentially gutted the room, with the exception of the Bathfitter tub Mom had put in some years back. The cabinet was barely attached to the wall – I’m actually amazed it hadn’t fallen down. Over the course of a couple of weeks, we, and by we I mean hubby because I was really sick for a while there, pulled the toilet, got rid of the vanity & sink, ripped up the old flooring, took down the old, flat mirror, the towel bars and stuff, bleached the room, and painted the ceiling. We had Bathfitters come in and take down the trim around the tub so we could paint the wall (their caulking was not paintable, so it had to come down.) Then I painted the room. Hubby took his vacation time to lay the new vinyl flooring, his first time doing flooring like this. We replaced the ginormous flat mirror with a large mirrored medicine cabinet, which meant that wall cabinet was no longer needed. Then Hubby installed the new sink, new fixtures, and reinstalled the toilet. We ran into a hiccup when he found a leak in the pipes under the sink. So the plumber had to come out and fix that. After that, I caulked everything down. Then we had Bathfitters back out to replace the trim on the tub. The technician went ahead and redid the caulking around the whole tub, even though we had just had that done last year. He was impressed with the job we’d done, and wanted to help us make the whole thing look completely fresh and new.

Anyway. That’s one more major project done. We still have several rooms on our list that need renovation. But, as it is summer time, there are several outdoor projects that need to get done while the weather permits.

Mostly Finished!! … Sorta

The big living room and the bedroom area are done! The fireplace will eventually get a new face and a fancy mantle built around it, and the window will get a window treatment.  But everything else in the big living area has been finished. To recap, we took down the faux 70’s paneling and the textured ceiling. Redid the lode-bearing column. Put some insulation in the bottom half of the walls, and put up new drywall.  Then we repainted the ceiling and the walls, pulled up the old carpet, and scraped up the old tile. Hubby put up new baseboards, and made some custom trim for the fireplace, stairs, and column. We got the sliding glass door replaced, mostly because the dog broke it, and the new french doors from Thompson Creek look amazing! The carpet came in this morning, finishing off the look for now.  I’ve got plans for art work and furniture, but some of that will have to wait.  Anyway, here are some before and after shots of the living area:

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Because we wanted the carpet to flow through the living area into the bedroom, we also had to do that room before today.  So we patched the walls – we are slowly removing the old, defunct intercom system in the entire house – and repainted. Then we put up fresh baseboards and trim around the doors.  Here are some before and after shots:

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We still have some work to do, a few finishing touches, the bathroom, closet and laundry area. But for now it’s good.

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While it is not going as fast as I’d hoped, there has been a lot of progress! The ugly, faux, 1970’s paneling is gone! Upon tearing it out, we discovered their was no insulation behind it! So we put some insulation boards under the new drywall.  The house is built into a hill (it looks like a one story from the front, but a two story from the back), so I don’t know if it’s just all in my head or what, but it feels warmer than it has ever been down there.  I’ve even gotten most of the mudding done.  I only have two more joints to mud and sand, then we can start prepping for paint!

Besides the drywall going up, DH scraped down the ugly textured ceiling. The boys helped with the demo, scraping/washing the ceiling, mud a few joints, and learned how to replace outlets. Diva opted to help out with household chores upstairs instead, which freed me up to work more downstairs. We also had the back door replaced. If you follow me on social media, you saw that Peanut Butter managed to crash through the existing sliding glass door.  The dog is fine. She went through the glass so fast, she did not even get cut up, just a little bump on her head. The door, however, was shattered. So, Thompson Creek to the rescue! Now we have a beautiful French door that opens to the sun room.

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DH also spent a lot of time fixing up the workroom area in the back, getting things organized so it’s easier to find what we need when need it. We still have plenty of work to do. I need to finish mudding & taping the drywall joints. We need to patch the wall and a few spots on the ceiling. Wash everything down, and clean up the brick. Do a few things in the bedroom in the back, the paint, and finally replace the carpet. Then we can work on the bathroom, mini-kitchen/laundry room, and sun room. We still have some reno projects that need to be done upstairs as well, plus the general maintenance around the house. So there is plenty to keep us going!

My lastest YUGE project

So…. We’ve got a large renovation project up ahead of us.  The last two years since we’ve been here, we’ve been working on the upstairs.  Some recent changes in the lives of a couple of our home’s now-former tenants mean that areas previously occupied by said former tenants are now empty and ready to be renovated.  And yes.  I’m being vague on purpose. Please, no one who knows anything about the “former tenants” say anything here.  They’ve requested we keep their lives off the ‘net.  If you know them, you know why.   ANYWAY!!!!


So here are the before shots of the big living area downstairs.  I’ll post the after shots when we are done.  Well, when we’re mostly done anyway.

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We’re going to be getting rid of the ugly 1970’s era paneling. It’s a big job. It’s going to take a while. I’ve got BIG plans for the sun room off the back of the house, but that will have to wait until we get enough progress in the main living area and the bedroom to lay down new flooring. And we can’t do the flooring in either room until we fix the walls in the main room. So there is a domino effect that needs to happen, and the main room paneling seems to be the first domino.

We’ll also be using this as a homeschooling experience, and teaching the kids how to do some routine maintenance on the house, and some renovation projects. The youngest has already discovered a love for demolition. He’s helped us tear down one of the sheets of paneling already and is loving getting to work with his hands. The Diva is really more of a supervisor than anything else, but we’ll make sure she gets involved somehow. My oldest isn’t so sure about all this, but I plan to have him help me with some of the electrical work (replacing outlets and switches, nothing major!). It will give him a taste of the job, and maybe help him figure out what he wants to do after high school.

So that’s it for now. It’s alot of work… Not going to lie, I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed out… but it will all be worth it in the end.

New Server!

In the on-going struggle to keep my site off of EIG’s crappy servers, I recently had to move my whole site to a new host. Usually, moving servers is a huge hassle of backing things up, uploading to a new site, unpacking, and weeks of tweaking to make sure things are still working right. This time was different tho. Luckily, I had a friend on the inside (Shout out to SD-Dubs!) at my last host who helped me get out, and get my site moved to a new host so quickly, so efficiently… I’m really surprised at how easy this move went. It went so smooth, nobody even noticed. We didn’t even have any email downtime! Amazing! And this all went down while I was busy with the kitchen renovation, so that tells you just how much my friend helped.

Anyway, now that the kitchen is done, and my site is moved, I’ll probably tweak a few things here and there anyway, because that what all site admins do. Nothing drastic, just a few subtle changes I had planned to do a long time back, but never found the time or energy.

In the meantime, have a look over at the Genealogy section, especially if you are a Yuriar!  I’ve done a lot of work over there.  I still have more to do, but that’s the story of every genealogist’s life.  There is always more research and documentation to be done.   I’m still hoping to get some more work done on my book about the Hardenburgs.  But first, I’ve got to get ready for the next year of Aprendemos Academy.  My oldest is starting 11th grade this year!  Yikes! How time has flown.  Homeschooling through High School has been easier in some ways, and harder in others.  But that’s a post for another day.

Kitchen Renovation

So… The fridge died. It’s was a slow, painful, agonizing death. It started on Mother’s Day, when we noticed that things in the fridge just didn’t seem cool. Se we picked out a new fridge, but on delivery day 3 days later, the new one was damaged. We’d have to wait another week.  Since the kitchen was essentially shut down due to a lack of refrigeration, I figured it would be a good time to repaint the kitchen.  I stink at taking “before” shots, but here’s a pic of the work in progress:

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Just in case you weren’t sure, the kitchen was a very bright yellow before. With yellow countertops and yellowish-brown cabinets. The purple is actually a Behr Marquee color called Wisteria Blue. It was a longer process than a normal paint job, because of the need to prep and paint various sections of the room in different stages. Normally I can repaint a room in 3-4 days. Prep, ceiling, walls, trim, done. This one took me just over a week.

First to be done was the area behind the old fridge quickly, so the paint would dry & cure before the new one was delivered. Under the cabinets/above the counters was done in between waiting for the fridge corner to dry. Then the ceiling and upper portion of the wall over the cabinets and around the room. Then behind the baker’s rack, since it’s too large to be moved out of the kitchen, and needed to be back in it’s corner before the new delivery date. Finally the rest of the room was done, and the trim completed.

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Once the paint was done and dry, a fresh bead of caulking had to be put down over the countertops and around the trim. I got a nifty tool that worked wonders, and the result was a caulk line that would make my Dad and Uncle Lyle proud. (The family joke was always don’t stand too still when Uncle Lyle had his caulk gun out, or you’d get caulked to the floor!)

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In the end, it’s a pretty new shade, that gives the kitchen a completely different vibe. Which is good, since this is where all the magic happens. By magic I mean this is where I geek, I homeschool the kids, the cooking, most of the meals. Honestly, I live more in the kitchen than in any other room in the house. So it was great to be able to give it a make over, but I’m really glad the job is done. Now back to lesson planning and prep for the next homeschool year.

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