Photos are done!

WooHoo!  I finally finished with the photos from my sister’s wedding!  I would post some here, but right now the hard drive is a little busy with the other computer, trying to burn everything to a DVD so I can send it to her.


Can I just say how relieved I am to have finished that one.  I mean… wow.  It’s only took me about 6 weeks!  In fairness though, I was sorting through photos from 4 different Photographers, and trying to hold my house together and teach my kids, and be Mom…  all at the same time.

Credits go to the four photographers who made sure nothing was missed.  Myself (duh!), GeekBoy, Gramma, and CamGirl – who, as it turns out, has her own photog. name, Pins & Needles Photography.

All in all, the pictures are awesome.  MomoT & Bing have so many photos.  And the wedding was beautiful.  It really went off spectacularly well considering the short amount of time we all had to plan & execute it.

Best of luck little sis.  Take care of her Bing.  Here’s to a long and happy life together.

Wedding Photos… again

This is what I’m doing today.   I am spending the day fixing up photos.  I’m almost done!  I’m so close to done I can taste it.   So here are a few of the favs so far…

Jr. Photog
The Jr. Photographer.

The grand entrance.

Who gives this woman?
Who gives this woman?
I love how this turned out, the hands with the Bible in the background… So pretty.

Maid of Honor
The maid of honor.
exchange of Rings
The exchange of rings.

Sleeping kid, Emotional Dad
I swear DH was not sleeping.  LilChicano had crashed out, and DH was kind of emotional.  It was a very emotional day for all of what with Dad not being there.  I only include this photo because it is the best photo I have of DH wearing Dad’s tie.

the Kiss
The Kiss.

the Exit
Man and Wife.

The Reception Photos

Just a few fun shots from the reception:

My not-so-little sister, Nani.

Bing’s baby sis.  I’ve nicknamed her CamGirl because she wants to learn photography.  She helped out at the wedding by shooting the Bride’s dressing room for me while I was doing photos of the guys on stage.

The Cake shot
An interesting take on the traditional cake shot.
Gramma and the happy couple
Gramma and the happy couple, just after her toast.

C2’s tearful toast
One of MomoT’s good friends, and Bing’s Co-worker.  I’ve nicknamed her C.2 because she is the second person in my sister’s circle of friends with the same name.  C.2 totally saved the day.  That’s a story I’ll blog later. *S*  Here she is giving a toast to the Bride and Groom.

Hugs all around
Big hugs all around after a very tearful toast by C.2.

Mining for gold…

So as I’m processing the photos from MomoT’s wedding, I found this gem…

Bride’s Family

Yup.  That’s my boy.  Lil’Chicano, mining for gold.  and big brother GeekBoy looks like he just can’t believe what is happening.

This is taking longer than I had originally thought, but the results are awesome.  I got some really great shots.  At the moment, I’ve got a handful of Pre-cermony shots left.  Then I’ll skip ahead to post-ceremony, bounce back into the ceremony, skip to the reception, and last ones will be the rehersal shots from the day before.

Plus, you know they are ready for formal lessons again when the 6 year old, who claims to hate lessons, says, “Mom, when are we starting school again?”  Hmmm….  Bored much?  Me thinks so.  Although, despite what he thinks, the learning never stops at Casa del Yuriar.   DH complimented me for being able to work lessons into daily life without the kids even realizing they were learning.  That is a skill I learned from my own mother, who would use every TV show or movie as a life lesson lecture.  Seriously, we could not get through a 2 hour movie without at least 3 lectures about how the characters were handling situations and whatnot.  Awesome…  At the time, it really pissed me off.  But now, I do it to my kids with everything, not just movies.  Snack time is a math lesson, daily conversations become grammar lessons (that’s “taught” honey, not “teached”), a walk around the block becomes a science lesson…  It goes on and on.

I’m tired and worn.  Processing takes so much out of me mentally that I usually wind up crashing if I spend more then 20 minutes or so.  Doesn’t leave much left for blogging or scrapping or even functioning.  I’ve got so much on my plate that I need to be able to think about – breaking up fights, lesson plans, refereeing disputes, balance the books,  handle the kids, did I mention breaking up the fights?  *S*  Not to mention that it’s time to start planning for the holidays, and I need to get the family calendars done (I’m doing one for each side of the family this year)…  So I’ll either be really quiet for the next few weeks (what else is new?)  or I’ll be bloggin’ up a storm to release the stress and pressure.  We’ll see.