Hot Mama: new sweater

 Well, Sarah at Ordinary Days wants to see pictures of the last thing us hot moms bought for ourselves. I’m taking this one farther…  Here’s a few pics of me.

Everyday Me

Everyday Me
This is my big comfy NY Giants sweatshirt.  I inherited this from Dad when he died.  It’s almost daily wear now.  There is usually a tank top under there, and whatever jeans I have that are clean.  Also, not the hair all pulled up…  yea.  That’s to keep it out of my face, and what you don’t see is the big 90’s throwback clip I use to pull it all back. I know.  So hot. *S*

Dressy Me

New Sweater
This is my newest sweater.  I had to replace the well-loved brown one from last year because the cuffs had so many holes, they almost weren’t attached.  This is typical church wear for me.  See!  hair down!  Woo hoo!  And no.  I don’t wear makeup.  I tend to use photoshop on my face, though I didn’t this time.

Hawt Me

Hawt Me
This Hawt Me.  I love this vintage WWII pinup tee.  My all time fav “hawt jeans” from  Silhouettes.

So thats me.  What about you? Join the fun at Ordinary Days.

Hot Mama: In a Pinch

Today Sarah asks:  What have you ever done in a pinch?

Well…  hard to some up with something hot mom related since my look is generally low-key.  But there was this one time.  We had flown out to Cali for my SIL’s wedding.  I didn’t pack a razor for my hairy legs figuring I’d buy one when we got there rather then risk the security agents at the airport.   Then I ran into a problem when the base commisary where we were staying (a teeny little place really, more like a 7 day then a commissary – or for you civilians, more like a gas station pit stop then a grocery store) did not sell razors.  Not even the cheap disposable kind.  Not even for men!  I know!  How ridiculous!

But lucky for me, they did have some Nair.  So in a bit of pickle what with SIL’s wedding and a dress with sandals, I picked it up.  It burned, and didn’t exactly work the way the bottle said it would.  I had to do a second application.  But in a pinch it worked ok.

Hot Mama: Theme song

Hot Mama Revolution
So this week, Sarah wants to know our Hot Mama theme song. Oh my word… there are so many!! How do I choose??

I have an addiction to music. I am a music-aholic. I need my tunes to get through the day without seriously injuring someone, usually myself. I go for anything, depending on my mood. I love me some country, some rock, some pop, and even some rap if I’m in the right mood (the old-school stuff though, none of this bull they put out today. ick) so here are some Youtube goodies of my current Favs. Enjoy the Sonic Calgon!

Stand by Rascal Flatts. My kick in the pants song. This one has gotten me through some rough times:

I love love love Daughty. Ever since his stint on AI. It’s Not Over is a good one:

And of course, I love NickelBack too! Far Away is one of my all times favs by them, and I just adore Photographs. But these days, I’m totally rocking Rockstar:

Then there are the days I just want my fluffy music – read Fergie, Britney (pre-breakdown), Xtina, Kelly Clarkson, and Gwen Stefani. Stefani’s Sweet Escape being one that just just stuck in my head these days:

And I LOVE me some Weird Al. I’ve got a personal history with Weird Al songs that only my hubby will appreciate, and no, I will not explain my love fore Weird Al further. White and Nerdy is my current fav:

There is soooo much more. Kutless, Evanesnce, MercyMe, DCTalk, TobyMac (my kids love his son TruDog!), Shakira, Lonestar, Martina, Trace Adkins, Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill, JLo, Pink, Alanis Morrisette… The list goes on and on!

But. When am feeling the effects of PMS hardcore… Only one song will do. And I will put a NSFW (that’s Not Safe For Work) warning on this one. When PMS hits, and I just want to rock out, only Meredith Brooks will do. you know the song I mean. Bitch. It rocks:

Hot Mama Revolution: One Thing

Hot Mama Revolution

Sarah @ Ordinary Days has started the Hot Mama Revolution.  This week she’s asking, what the “one thing” to make your self look or feel better about yourself.   Me?  I let my hair down.  I almost always wind up pulling my hair back into a pony tail or more often a *gasp* bun.  It’s the fastest, most effective way to keep my hair out of my food, the kids’ art projects, or just off my neck.  But when I want to turn on the “Hot Mama” I pull the band out and let it down.  A good shake, and I’m good to go.
Via SAHMmy.