He carries my heart in his pocket.

I’m so sure you’ve heard of Project 365.  Basically, take one photo a day for a year.  I like this one.  Heck, it fits right along with my “Accomplishment Wish List” Items # 17 & 33!  Woo!  Three birds, one stone! I like that idea.

My Necklace

Day 5, I played with the super-macro setting on my camera. I’ve only had this camera for almost 3 years, and I’m just now getting around to figuring out super-macro.  Oh well.

The photo is of my favorite necklace.  I’m not a big fan of the bling-bling.  I don’t own much jewelery at all really.  Diamonds, meh.  Give me more memory for my laptop any day! *S*  But, DH gave this one to me 11 Christmas’ ago, before he was technically “DH”.  Symbolically, the rose stands for my favorite flower, a single red rose. And the heart, well… DUH! Love, of course.  But he gave this to me wrapped around the rear view mirror of my dream car, a 1996 forest green Camaro.  No, my then-boyfriend did not give me a real car…  He gave me a model of a forest green Camaro, which I loved because it proved he was listening to me, and knew what I liked.  I loved that little car.  And so did our son, who joined us just 3 short years later.  GeekBoy loved that little car so much that I’m afraid it didn’t survive.  But I still have the necklace.  And I wear it every time he goes out to sea.

*If you’d like to see the rest of my Project 365 set, click here.


My baby is four years old.  When did this happen?  Time has flown way too fast. Seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that he was born.  Who told him he could grow up?

Blowin' out the candles

This is love.

This is what love looks like

That’s my husband, hawt stud that he is.  Know what he’s doing?

Loving me.

See, my hubby knows how much I hate working with raw meat.  So every time I come home from food shopping, he fries the  ground beef for me. He also does laundry, because he knows how much I suck at laundry.

Some women get roses and diamonds.  I get fried ground beef and clean laundry.  And really, I would rather have a basket of clean laundry then a diamond necklace anyday.  Plus, he is being an excellent example to our boys, who will hopefully learn well and make two women very lucky someday.

Te amo, mi amor.

The Christmas post I never got the chance to write – Pt 2

Around 715am, the whispering started outside my bedroom door.  “Is mom awake yet?” “I don’t know, I think Gramma is awake though!” “Aunt Nani is awake!”  “I think Mom’s up!” “Ok! Get back to the room!”

But by 730am, all the grown-ups were awake, and the fun started!  First, the kids ran into the living room with their stockings, and proceeded to show us what they found in them.  Then the real fun started.

Ripping into the gifts.

A few minutes later, I saw something the made my heart swell with pride.

Making her Momma proud.

In the midst of all the craziness, thePinkDiva, upon opening a gift full of books, stopped everything to read through her new books.

It didn’t last long though.  As Aunt Nani put it, my house “has more drama then all 3 High School Musicals combined!”  I have no idea why she would say that.  GeekBoy, resident Drama King, opened Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels for the Wii, and really, he wasn’t excited in the least.

The Drama King.

Ok, obviously, I’m being sarcastic. To say he was excited, nay thrilled even! Well, that would be putting it mildly.  Always one for the big reactions, GeekBoy was a great source of entertainment to all.

This year we got Gramma good. First, we wrapped her camera case, left at our house over the Thanksgiving weekend, as a gift.  Then, her second gift was software, wrapped in a box, which was wrapped inside another box, which was wrapped up in a third box.  Gotcha mom!

Not another box!!

It was a good Christmas though.

More aftermath

The Aftermath

nativity globe

the really really long 2Do for 2009

I love lists.  Love them! I have a huge Mead 5 Star 5 subject notebook full of lists.  Lists of things to do, dinner plans, holiday plans, writing plans, school plans, the list goes on! *S*  So when I saw Sprittibee’s 2009 To Do List meme, I just had to join in.  So here’s my list, in no particular order.

My 2009 Accomplishment Wish List

  1. Survive Deployment
  2. Save $$
  3. paint my bathroom
  4. Redo BigBoy’s room
  5. Work with Diva to finish the HOP chart
  6. Read my Bible more
  7. Weekly Bible studies with DH
  8. Read actual Bible to kids, not just kiddie version
  9. Go back to church on a regular basis
  10. do year-end testing with the kids
  11. Blog at least once a week per month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  12. Update school blog at least once a week per month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  13. Create at least 36 scrapbook pages
  14. Print off scrapbook pages
  15. Finish baby books
  16. Read wedding photography books
  17. Practice photography & setting up my shots
  18. work with CS2 to get better at photo editing
  19. Visit my mom’s house in March
  20. Play with the kids more, computer less.
  21. Plan a trip to Cali to see the in-laws
  22. Read to the kids more
  23. Finish Story of the World & do the projects
  24. Find Dance/Gymnastics classes for Diva
  25. Do BigBoy’s bday party (Jan)
  26. Do Diva’s bday party (Mar)
  27. Start yearly family calendar early
  28. Do GeekBoy’s bday (Dec)
  29. Call in-laws once a month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  30. Be the Photographer @ Nani’s wedding (July)
  31. Process her photos within a month
  32. Upload photos daily during deployment
  33. Use new video camera ALOT
  34. Do more Art stuff
  35. Plan lessons better
  36. Follow through on lesson plans better
  37. Plan meals & cook ahead as much as possible
  38. Go outside more
  39. Landscape the front garden
  40. Power-wash the deck
  41. sand the deck
  42. sand the swing set
  43. Water seal the deck
  44. Water seal the swing set
  45. lose 25lbs over the next year
  46. drink 2 cups of water every day for a month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  47. Use Wii Fit, Wii Sports, & Taebo to lose weight & tone up
  48. Take better care of my feet
  49. teach the kids to swim
  50. go to the beach
  51. Design more kits
  52. Start a Design Store
  53. Hire a CT
  54. Schedule time for Designing
  55. Schedule time for me
  56. Keep on top of the laundry for a month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  57. Keep on top of the Housework for a month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  58. FLY (www.flylady.net)
  59. Cook more
  60. Bake More
  61. At least 1 field trip per month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  62. Project 365 – take a photo every day, scrap them once a wk/mo (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  63. Keep the baker’s rack clean for a month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  64. figure out a shelving solution for kids’ books
  65. Backup all my photos from 2008
  66. Back up my photos & videos at least once a month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  67. Make a link to this list in the sidebar
  68. Update the blog.

This is really just a short list.  There will be more added to it as the year rolls on. I will take a cue from Sprittibee and link to this list in the sidebar and then come back and cross things off as I do them.

It's almost a forest around here.

So, It’s that time of year again. Christmas. A time for Peace on Earth, Charlie Brown specials, shopping, and of course….


The decor really hasn’t changed much since last year, although my attitude has.  At least this year doesn’t feel as stressed or grief-ridden, it’s true that time heals all wounds. But enough with the Debbie Downer ‘tude.  Time to crank the tunes and show you around!

First up, there’s been a slight change in the kitchen decor, which I’m sure you are just itching to see, right?

Baker's Rack - all prettied up

I know.  Mind blowing, huh? For what it’s worth, the barking dog is on the top shelf purely for my own sanity.  If I have to hear one more fight over who gets to push the stupid button, the barking dog may find himself singing on the streets for his next set of batteries.

But, moving on…  This is my absolute favorite addition to our festive decor this year:

Christmas lights on a palm tree

Yup.  Christmas lights, on a palm tree.  Ok, those of you with palm trees in your regions are all, “Yea, ok.. big deal.”  But there is a story to this.  See, our second Christmas together, DH & I went to visit his family in California right around Christmas time.  I’ve been an East Coaster all my life, and was absolutely blown away by Christmas lights on a palm tree.  I mean, sure, I’d seen it on TV…  But to see it in real life up close and personal…  Well, it’s hard to explain. But when I saw the palm tree waving at me in the Walmart craft/fake flower department, well, I just knew what I wanted to do with it. *S*

So anyway, moving on… There is of course the mantle, with it’s new addition – the Nutcracker.

Stockings were hung by the chimney with care

What’s that?  Yes!  The photo frames have been filled with photos of actual family members!  Thank you for noticing.  By the way, the tree is right behind you…

This year's tree

The tree is decked out in an array of homemade & store-bought ornaments, but each one has it’s own story. Someday I’ll get around to creating a scrapbook of sorts with all the stories.   This year, the kids are old enough, and behaved enough, that we let them put the gifts they choose for each other under the tree already.


The kids each have their trees up, of course.

GeekBoy’s Tree:

GeekBoy's tree

thePinkDiva’s tree:

thePinkDiva's tree

BigBoy’s Tree:

Big Boy's Tree

And for those of you who were here last year, the answer is Yes.  Yes, we found the Veggie Tale Manger Scene for BigBoy’s room!

the Veggie Tales Manger scene

Well, that’s about it.  Oh, there is this sign, that my kids just absolutely adore:

My kids love this sign

Thanks for coming!  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  How about a piece of warm Gingerbread cake before you head on your way? (No recipe, I make mine straight out of the box.)

Can I interest you in some gingerbread?

Now go check out BooMama’s for more Christmas-y goodness!

Thankful for my mobility & mojo

Yes, I’m mobile again! Well, mostly anyway. The foot is still pretty sore, but that’s to be expected.  I mean, hello! I had a chunk of bone loped off! Of course it’s going to be just a tad bit sore for a while.  /sarcasm

But I’m able to get around pretty good.  to the point that the crutches have stood, untouched in my room for over two weeks now.  Awesome.  If you are the sort who likes stitches, scabs, & scars, feel free to check out the last photo of my stitches, the shot of the scabbed over incision, and the more recent shot of my lovely scar.

On another note, you may have noticed the tumbleweeds blowing through the ol’ blog here.  Yup, it’s been a while since I updated regularly.  I assure you, the bloggy break was not planned, but rather, the result of a massive creative block.  I’m talking everything was so blocked up, it really wasn’t funny. I couldn’t write, I couldn’t scrap, even my photography suffered.  When it came to being creative, there just wasn’t anything there.

Then, I had to make cupcakes for my son’s birthday celebration.  Thankfully my mom was here, because I was very close to a breakdown over the fact that I just could not come up with any faces that looked remotely like the Star Wars characters my son wanted.  But Gramma swooped in and just started creating anything. I watched her shape a rose out of fondant, then a bear shape.  For her, it was like working with clay.  Slowly ideas formed, and before long, I had the cookie cutters out, and cut out letters to form my son’s name, and a train to put on the cupcakes.  Gramma made a Yoda head & decorated the train, and by that time, GeekBoy had joined us, and began making his own creations, swearing that the globs of multi-colored frosting resembled clone troopers and battle droids.  Then I got inspired for an R2D2 head.

This year's R2D2 cupcake

And now, the creative block in my brain seems to be lifted.  At least, I can write, and take photos again.  Just in time as I have a pretty big Christmas project I’m working on that requires quite a bit of creativity, and I’m up against a deadline.  *S*

Arrggh Matey!

Arrgghh… It be “Talk like a Pirate” day.  So hie ye and get ye a pirate name.  Mine be Bloody Felica Flint. It seems me super powers arr as follows:

Your super powers are figuring the correct restaraunt tip amount and looking good in Spandex, but you can’t travel in time or be uninhibited in bed. You never sweat even when you use your super strength. If you could cloud minds we’d all be in trouble, and you use your flying ability even if you’ve been drinking. You also use your super hearing to cheat and make it look like you’re on the ball. Your super-boobs are perfect, and to top it off, you never wear anything under your costume.

I be not sure about the looking good in spandex part, but I’ll gladly be the bearer of super-boobs.