Crazy Boy

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This is a total Lift with a Twist.  Yup.  Gotta admit, it was fun.  Of course, I adore Carrie Stephens’ designs.  I have just about everything she ever gave away, and have spent so much money at her Fish Scraps store…  Let’s just say what little pittance I made designing, went straight into the pockets of Carrie, Kristie, and Meredith.  Yup.  So when I saw she was sponsoring this month’s Lift with a Twist…  I just had to play along!

So this is how "retired" feels…

I retired from the digital scrapbook business.  The official out date was May 31st, but I received my last paycheck Saturday, and I’m out of the designer side of things over there as of today.  It feels good, to sit here with my new laptop, and not have to do anything.  A lot of time-consuming things are gone.  It feels good, like my days are mine again.  Although I need a new routine.  I’m working on it.

I believe though, that a part of me will always see a bright new pattern, or great color scheme, and think OOO!  I could make a kit out of that!!  *S*

I am an Angel's Mommy.

8 years ago today. 8 years and one week ago I woke up full of joy and anticipation. I would be hearing my baby’s heartbeat today! We prepared for the doctor visit, DH even called in late to be able to go with me. 8 years and one week ago, confusion set in when the doppler didn’t work.

Confusion led to worry when the Ultrasound showed a beautiful little baby, but didn’t pick up a heart beat.

Worry led to fear when, after being sent to labor and delivery for evaluation, yet another doctor and a new ultrasound machine failed to find a heartbeat.

Fear led to shock when, after three different machines, four doctors, and countless nurses couldn’t find the heartbeat, we were finally told our baby was dead.

Shock led to heartbreak, when 8 years ago today, I was wheeled into an operating room where doctors did what my body refused to do.

My precious Angel.

Gone… but not forgotten.

My Angel - Gone but not Forgotten

*LO done using my Angel’s Wings kit.
Brad and Pink wings from my Angel Baby Collection.
Font is Euphornigenic.
To read my Angel’s full story, click here.

My name on Scrapability!

Ok.. so this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to most of my readers, but DUDE!  Getting mentioned on Scrapability is huge for me!  *S*  To know that I gave a useful tip to Michelle, who’s blog is considered one of the best digiscrapping blogs out there…  wow!  he he he!  here’s the link, if you wanna check it out:

Lorraine on Scrapability

FYI:  I love shout-outs!  *S*  Mention me in your blog and I’m sure to mention you!  *S*

Trendwatch: Layered Layout Templates

The latest trend sweeping the digiscrappin’ world is Layered Templates. Often offered in .PSD (photoshop), .TIFF, .JPG, or even .PNG formats, these things are awesome!
I’m a Paint Shop Pro scrapper, at least for the moment. Keep that in mind when I tell you, layered TIFFs are pretty much useless in PSP. They all open flat. Maybe it helps DIP users? I’m not sure. But! since version 8, PSP has been able to open .psd files! Woo hoo! I can still use the layered psd templates! I’ve been using some of the ones found at SOTB, and I love layered layout templates! Even JPG sketches are pretty kuel, as long as different elements of the LO are clearly shaded different colors, and there are no drop shadows in the .jpg to deal with.

There has been some wondering why these things always seem to come in shades of gray. I think it’s so that we don’t let the color of the template get in the way of our creativity. I have to admit, I might have a hard time using a pink LO template to do a LO of my boys. My brain would proabably look for one in blue for the boys. But when I see shades of gray, I can mentally picture whatever colors I need.
As my faithful readers know, I recently added homeschool teacher to the long laundry list of things I need to do everyday. These new LO templates come out just in time! I always joke that life is getting in the way of my scrapping, but now I can scrap quickly, and still have time for everything else in my life. *S*

Check these out!


Ginger T's 4x6

BTuma Alpha pages


You will find each of these, and sooo much more in the templates category at SOTB.

A love-hate relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with my Paint Shop Pro.  Lately, I’ve been having problems with PSP eating more and more memory. I’ve got 2 gigs of memory! and yet every time I try to do text on a path, I wind up locking up! Ridiculous… so my wonderful DH says, have you checked for updates?

Well.. I know there are, but I haven’t installed them because update 10.01 was known to be buggy and crash ‘puters, and update 10.02 messed with my computer… but lookie lookie! they have 10.03 out! so lets give it a try.

But oh wait. you have to install 10.02 before you can install 10.03. So I bite my tongue and install it. Then we shut down to go to church, and to visit my mom’s this afternoon. get back tonight, power up, and whaddya know? the system is funky. I get the wallpaper, but that’s it. nothing else. Reboot, nothing. Reboot again, still nothing. reboot using the Boot menu. Finally I get desktop! Reboot again to see if it will work now. Nope. Reboot again with the boot menu. Woohoo! I’m in! let me get rid of this “update” now.

Oh wait! you can’t! You can’t just uninstall the update patch. and my System Restore didn’t create a restore point. So I have to uninstall PSPX all together to get rid of the update. Reboot. Now the desktop appears, and the icons appear. but nothing opens. But hey, I can get the Task Manager with the 3 fingered salute. So I start shutting things down. I hit the Acrobat Speed launcher (I have NO clue how this got in my Start folder. I didn’t put it there. It wasn’t there this morning!) and Presto! everything works again!

So spend the next hour getting rid of junk, cleaning out the drive, reinstalling PSPX. I turned off the Speed Launcher, and got rid of it. then tried a reboot, again.. Success! Finally! I got the machine working again! Hooray!

Time for bed. *S* at least now I can sleep…