Bittersweet Victory

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Thank You Jesus!
SuperBowl Champs!
Bill Belichick is a sore loser
Putting the “team” in “teamwork”

early lead
Giants took the lead early on.

Confounded Brady
The Giants D counfounded and confused Tom Brady and the Pats.
That Game was freakin’ AWESOME! I have been praying about this game ever since the G-men made the playoffs. I knew they could do it. I can not honestly say I never had a “moment’s doubt.” I can not say that because my mom is a great actress! We were chase playing the game, about 8 minutes behind her, and when she called… The tone of her voice as she assured me, “At least it wasn’t a total blowout,” made me hesitate. I started praying hardcore. I prayed, “Lord, you are all powerful, and you can change whatever it was that Mom saw. I know you can. Please Please Please Please!!! Let the Giants win the game!” When my sister, MomoT – who doesn’t normally watch football – called five minutes later, my faith was restored. The phone rang again 2 minutes later, and I answered ” 2minutes left! Don’t tell me!!!” and practically hung up on a good friend. A minute later, another good friend called, and by then, I knew. I just knew. When we hung up, I called my mom for the last 1:45 of the game. Then, the miracle happened.

great escape
Manning Escapes. Credits Lyons/Getty. Found at the NY Daily News Website

awesome catch
Tyree, holding the ball to his helmet with one hand, makes The Catch. Four plays later, Manning connects to Buress for the winning TD.

At 1:15 left, Manning managed to escape from the Patriots defensive blitz. Everyone who saw that play swears they have no idea how he got out of it, but I know. I will swear to my dying day that God sent an angel or two down to the field to wrap their arms around Eli’s waist, keep him on his feet, and pull him out of the pile. And as much as I would love to believe my Dad was one of them, I think Dad was assigned to the defense. Defense was Dad’s favorite. I still remember the time I joked with him that BigBoy, who was learning to throw a ball, might just be a quarterback. I remember clearly my Dad, picking up my then 2 year old son, and saying to him, “Na. Don’t be a quarterback and throw the ball. Be a linebacker. Then you can throw quarterbacks.” *S* That was Dad. I think Dad was out there with Strahan, Osi, Tuck, and Alford… Breathing strength into their tired bodies, whispering encouragement into the weary minds, and giving them that extra push to charge back there and hit Brady just one more time.

Buress 4 the win
Manning to Buress, for the win.

This game was such an example of teamwork. Manning may have been named MVP, but that honor needs to go to the whole team. The defensive line, whose amazing pass rush just confounded and bewildered Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the rest of the Pats. The Secondary, who did an amazing job of shutting down Randy Moss and taking away Tom Brady’s options. The Special Teams, who came through. Even if there were no stand out, WOW factor plays on Special Teams, the guys out there did their job, got good yardage on put returns, stopped the Pats from any WOW factor Special Teams plays of their own, and did not screw anything up. The O-line. Without their awesome protection, Manning would not have done what he did. They answered almost everything the Pats threw at them, and gave Manning all night in the backfield. They did an awesome job of getting Jacobs and Bradshaw some running room. And they pushed the Pat’s Defensive around all night. Speaking of Jacobs and Bradshaw… Between the two of them, they wore out the Pat’s D, and pounded the ground all night. Jacobs is awesome, but Bradshaw is a fav in our home, solely because he’s a short guy compared to rest. Shades of Tiki really (without the constant diarrhea of the mouth). GeekBoy, who is vertically challenged himself, just loves watching Bradshaw run through the line, carry guys on his back, spin guys around, and gain yards. Running backs need breaks though, which is where the recievers came in. Toomer proves again and again that he is one of the best out there (in my opinion). He always seems to know where the sideline is, where the first down marker is, and just when to drag that toe as he’s laying out to catch a ball headed out of bounds. Plaxico. The man has played on a torn tendon in his ankle all season long. His knee was swollen two days before the game. He’s only practiced maybe 4 or 5 times all year, yet he is a consistent playmaker for us. It was incredibly awesome to here him giving praise and glory to God for the year he has had. (check out the post game interview – Per-Plaxing Win at Fox Sports Video) And then, out of almost nowhere, Steve Smith and David Tyree have a breakout game. The Pat’s had all the tape on Toomer and Plax, so to be able to reach back and pull out Smith and Tyree… *whew* Awesome job gentlemen. And that catch! Tyree! That Catch against the helmet. Whew! That will forever become a part of SuperBowl legacy. And of course, Eli Manning. Ever since he was drafted in the first round in 2004, he’s been under unbelievable scrutiny by the New York Press. The pressure placed on him by the hometown is incredible. He’s been inconsistent. Then, suddenly in game 16 against the Pats at the end regular season, we all got to witness “Baby Brother Manning” grow up, and mature into the player we fans all knew he could be. And just to prove that his new found maturation was not a mere fluke or yet another glimpse at the greatness we had seen in bits and pieces over the years, he led the NFC Wildcard team to the Super Bowl. And not only led them to the Big Game, but was instrumental in ensuring the defeat of the so-called Perfect Team.

This is such a satisfying victory. Not just because we beat the cheaters. But because it was a close, nail-biting, smash mouth game. Just the way Dad liked them.

Sing with me!  We are the champions, my friend!

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the Hilight reel at

I leave you with this, the team video package from before the game.  After being asked for one word to describe the team, the Giants word:


This one’s for you, Dad.

Super Bowl Win

It was an awesome game. A nail-biter to the bitter end. We chase-played it so we could pause the game to put kids to bed, or rewind to verify what we had seen, etc. So I still had about 5 minutes left when the calls started pouring in. *S* Thankfully, no one gave it away.

This is so freakin’ awesome!

I’ve got tons more photos… and lots more to say. But for now, I’m going to sigh off, and go do a little “celebrating”.

This one is for you Dad.

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No matter what, we still win.

No matter what happens tomorrow, the New York Giants are this year’s Super Bowl Champions. Yes, I’m talking about Spygate.

By now, my husband is tired of hearing me rant about the ugliness that is Bill Belichick and the Patriots coaching staff. I absolutely can not believe that man was given the “coach of the year” award again. He cheated. And he knew it. Even worse, the NFL is covering it up, and hoping it will just go away.

First, I’ve said from the begin that the “penalty” was way to lenient. Belichick makes close to 3 million a year, or more with bonuses and what not. $500,000… that’s a spit in the bucket. I seriously doubt that man is living paycheck to paycheck like so many of our nation’s military. To fine the Patriots team $250,000, and force them to lose a draft pick… oooo… the big bad enforcer Roger Goodell took away their first round draft pick. Whoopdee Freakin’ Doo! Did you know that they traded with the Chargers, and now have the number 7 first round pick? Better then they would have had before. Were you aware that they still have 8 picks? Ugh! What should have happened – The Pats should have forfeited the game against the Jets (so much for their perfect record then, eh?). They should have lost ALL draft picks. Not just their own, but any they traded for also. A full scale investigation should have been launched, not just the piddly little nonsense that Goodell claimed was enough. Belichick should have been suspended for the season. Especially once he claimed sole responsibility. Hell, most of the coaching staff should have been suspended. The Video Department should have been fired, with their names red flagged so that they would never get a job in professional sports again..

Now, Sen. Arlen Spector wants to bring Goodell before the senate. He claims that the NFL’s destruction of the tapes is tantamount to the CIA destroy tapes from gitmo. I wouldn’t go that far. Truthfully, Sen. Spector is a lifelong Philly fan, and he’s out to prove the Pats cheated in the Super Bowl against Philly. Can’t say that I blame him in light of the evidence out there that the Pats taped the Chargers’ run-through before their Super Bowl. Throw in Matt Walsh, a former Patriots videographer who claims the cheating goes way back to when he worked under Belichick (would have been the 2000-2003 time frame), and you’ve got yourself a nice little scandal. How in the world can Goodell and the NFL think that they were given all the material, and the investigation is over, just because the Pats turned over 6 tapes, and some notes? Seriously Roger? You honestly think that was it? Dude, you have been so pwned. This is not the first time. In fact, they only reason they got busted is because they were ballsy enough to try the same crap against their former assistant head coach, and he was pissed off about it enough to turn them in. All kinds of instances of videographers with Patriots credentials on the wrong sidelines, or aiming their cameras at places they weren’t supposed to be. Even information about radio frequency violations, like using too many frequencies, or jamming the other teams frequencies, starting coming out when “Spygate” hit the fan. The whole bit Goodell did about why they destroyed the tapes – because a copy of one tape got leaked to Fox News somehow, and he wanted to prevent that from happening again. Right. Umm… Sir, if you do not think for one second that the Pats kept copies of everything, then you sir, are a fool. Oh my word!! While I do not think that Congress should step in and interfere with the NFL, I don’t think that anything else would be done to punish the Patriots if someone out there with more clout then Roger Goodell and the NFL bigwigs starts making noise. But Sen. Spector has a conflict of interest in this, seeing how he gets large donations from Comcast, who is in a fight with the NFL over the NFL network. Besides, I really don’t want the government to get involved and screw up football as badly as they screwed up our nation’s airlines, and any other of a million or so examples you can come up with of governmental screwups.

That said, this is a dirty team, from the cheating at the coach’s level, HGH scandals, alleged assualt and battery, to the fingers in the eye of Brandon Jacobs.

As far as I’m concerned, no matter the outcome of tomorrow’s game, the NY Giants are already the winner.

Though it would be supremely sweet to kick their asses. Go Big BLUE!

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Money doesn't equal class.

I was going to blog about Spygate, and how I am sick to death of hearing how “awesome” the 18-0 Patriots are.  I mean seriously, how much of that awesome talent of Brady’s is truly talent?  And how much is he’s been coached to recognize the signs of whats coming out on the defense?  It’s really easy to beat someone when you know what they are going to do every time.

I could also throw in the fines, including 4 on Vince Wilfork alone.   I could blog about how the Pat’s themselves admit to playing dirty.

But what really torqued me off, was this woman, Jessica Heslam, who wrote that Patriots fans were “smarter, classier and healthier and own pricier homes than the riff-raff who root for the New York Giants.”  Really?  Oh she really raised my hackles.  I could not believe the audacity.  So I’m riff-raff now Ms. Heslam?  Really?

I so upset, I called my mom, and read the article to her.  Mom summed it up way better then I could.  Mom said,

She’s a snob. The only thing that matters to her is affluence, because everything she is saying, doesn’t show more taste, just more money.  So she is a money-hungry, affluent snob.  Just because you don’t like that they [New York fans] don’t drive the same vehicles, or because your team’s fans run homes, which because they are larger, and higher priced would presumably consume natural resources at a higher rate then the people of New York…   Just because they [Pat’s fans] waste more money then the people of New York doesn’t mean they are better then New Yorkers.

Go Mom!  And she’s right.  Money doesn’t equal class.

Oh. My. Freakin'. Word.

We Beat the Packers!

This is so Freakin’ Awesome.

Ya’ll have no idea.

The first Super Bowl that my father can actually see, and his favorite team is in it.

Dad was legally blind. He loved football, and specifically the New York Giants. He had trouble following the ball on TV and always had to sit super close to the TV just to even have a hope of seeing what was going on. But he loved the game. I learned everything I know about football at my father’s feet while I watched the games with him.

These days, there are times when I swear I can hear Dad yelling at the TV through me. Every now and then I come out with a bit of football wisdom that I didn’t know I knew. I’m convinced that’s Dad speaking through me as he cheers on the Team with me.

This win is so freakin’ awesome. And so bittersweet.

Go Big Blue.

I love you Dad.