AI: Top 5

Back in the saddle again. Ear infection and muscle relaxers gone, I can actually write without sounding like Paula after she’s had a little too much “Coca-Cola” from the big red cup.

Neil Diamond week for the top five.  I missed the first few minutes, and joined midway through Castro’s song.

Jason Castro: “Forever in Blue Jeans” He sounded good. ThePinkDiva saw him when I turned on the TV to hit record, and said, “Mom, that looks like a pretty girl!”

Take 2 – “September Morn”  Ugh.  I hate slow ballads!  Esp from guys who, no offense Castro-lovers, look like stoners!  I agree with Paula’s earlier (accidental) assessment, he’s not top 4 material.  Simon rips him a new poopchute, and we are moving on.

David Cook: “I’m alive” Dude rocks. They seem to be skipping the judging for the first songs. Thanks Seacrest for explaining that.

Take 2: “All I Really Need is You”  Paula says he’s the next AI, and Simon calls him brilliant.  Dude is so in the final 2.

Brooke White: “I’m a believer” Not so liking this. I can’t really explain it, but it just doesn’t sound right, like maybe she’s trying to sing too low for her vocal range or something. And somehow that song conjures up a donkey and a big green ogre.

Take 2: “I Am I Said”  She takes Neil’s advice and mixes up the words a bit to make it more personal.  Dude…  if you want to dance, don’t play the piano!  argh.  I agree with Simon, the first song sucked.  this song was much better in comparision.

David A.: “Sweet Caroline” Right about now every girl in that audience is wishing her name was Caroline, just so they could claim this cutie-patootie was singing to him. He’s got the talent for sure.

Take 2 – “(Coming to) America” hmm…  seems like the golden boy is just a little off…  I swear I heard him crack.  never fear though, he’s such a talented cutie, he’ll make it through.  Paula calls him a “little savant” and Simon says it was a smart choice of song that “ticked all the boxes.”

Syesha: “Hello, again” I didn’t really listen.

Take 2 – “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime” now this one…  she is really rockin’ it.  and is she barefoot up there?? She just looks so comfy.  This is her groove, totally.  She should stick with this gospel/pop thing, and sing barefoot…  Be comfy.  Randy agrees.  Paula stutters badly.  Poor girl is so confused with the show right now.  Simon calls the whole show chaotic, which is apparently true.  He says this was a great song, but she may be in trouble tonight.  He’s basing that on the fact that there are only 5 left.  He may be right, I mean, she been in the bottom 3 like every week, it’s just a matter of time before she is actually the one cut.

In Paula’s defense – apparently, according to SecretTeen, they totally changed the rules on Paula and the judges which is why she got confused. I guess they weren’t supposed to judge til after the 2nd round, and then Seacrest threw them all by asking for a quick assessment of round 1.  Something that was seemingly verified by Simon’s “chaotic” comment.

so..  the Davids are safe – though this may be the week that the Arch chooses to leave so he won’t get bound into a 19 contract a la Daughtry.  But aside from that, bottom 2 – Castro and Brooke.  Please please let it be Castro.  Though, with Syesha’s luck, it’s probably her.  *sigh*

No AI recap

I’ve been just a little too doped up to properly review anything.  Most nights I’ve been crashed out by 930-10pm, a record for me.  But I did see ont he AI website that Kristy Lee Cook got the boot. too bad, I thought her rendition of Forever was pretty good.  I disagreed with Simon that it was a “lesser-known” Mariah song, since it’s one of the few Mariah songs i remember as being played out in the 90’s, and it actually did pretty well (via Wikipedia), but, since the wiki page notes that it was not released in the UK, I guess we have to give the Brit a pass for not knowing just how popular that song was Stateside.  Still, I think Syesha should have been the one to go.  But I’ve been saying that since they canned Amanda Overmyer.  Oh well.

AI: Top 8

So sad too bad, Ramielle left last week.  Like I said though, someone had too.  Tomorrow is Idol Gives Back, so we have to wait til Thursday for the results, but whatever.  I’m not all into thier Charity attempt.  Call me jaded or whatever, but…  meh.

Micheal Johns: It was a decent my performance.  Can’t say it was my fav from him, but…  Randy kinda agrees, and says it was just “a’right.”  Paula says her Chihuahuas would join him on stage after the high note.  *side note, Paula’s “twins” look as if they are desperately trying to escape the prison that is that dress.  Ouch!*  Simon says he doesn’t buy the Micheal Johns, Rock Star.  Blues/R&B is a better fit for him.

Syesha:  she is about to commit a big Idol no-no.  Singing a song by a former Idol, I believe by Fantasia.  This could be great, or could end in a bloody mess.  So far so good.  Oh great.  This is the gospel choir one.  You know, I didn’t like this one much when Fantasia did it.  and that last note…  It was awesome, but since I already have a headache, OUCH!  Randy says she didn’t measure up to Fantasia.  Paula is trying to smooth over the massive dump Randy took on her pride.  Simon says that it was technically good, but it lacked emotion.

Jason Castro: Over the rainbow He’s playing a ukulele on National TV.  I mean…  He’s a good singer, but it looks like he couldn’t afford a real guitar.  He just looks ridiculous up there with itty bitty wanna be guitar.  Sounded good, but I can’t get past how  ridiculous it looked.  Randy says, Castro’s back, Paula said it took guts, Simon loved it.  Ugh.  I can’t get over the Ukulele.

Kristy Lee CookAnyway by Martina.  This is her element.  Country.  The song was chopped up by time constraints…   and the pitch moments that Randy points out weren’t really pitch moments as much as emotion in the song.  Paula proclaims it’s excellent.  Simon says that she has the chance to show who she is as an artist, and that she did, and she looks like a star, and appealed to her audience.

David Cook: he is a rocker, fo’ real.  I don’t know that song…  but you couldn’t miss the message on his hand, Idol “gives back.”  Randy says it fell short tonight.  I agree.  Paula tries to bring the sunshine, and Simon says it felt “pompous.”  Paula looks like she’s ready to deck Simon.

Carly: Show must Go On by Queen.  Could be good…  let’s see.  It was ok.  Randy says it was just OK.  Paula actually agrees, and says she didn’t feel engaged with the song.  Simon says she over-sang it and it came over as an angry performance.

David Archuleta: Angels He’s playing a piano…  Awesome.  I’m not feeling this one.  I just don’t like the slower type of song on this show.  doesn’t help that I can’t understand a word he’s singing, and I’ve never heard this song b4.  Randy says the runs at the end were crazy crazy crazy hot.  Paula says fantastic.  Simon says best song choice of the night, but not the best vocal.

Simon took security guards into the crowd with him this week, cuz all those screaming girls last week freaked him out.

Brooke White: I’m not feeling it…  somehow it sounds wrong, like she’s too nervous or something.  It just doesn’t sound good at all.  Randy tries to sugar coat it, saying that it wasn’t his fav, but it was OK.  Paula says it’s one of her fav songs, and she’s awesome.  Simon says it was like a pleasant walk in the park.  Um.  I guess.

Bottom three – Brooke, Syesha, and Jason Castro – just cuz I didn’t like the ukulele.

So who’s going?  I say Brooke.  what say you?

AI: top 9

Dolly Parton night!  Check out the twins!  he he… j/k  I love Dolly…  She is so huggable. But I really wouldn’t hug her… I’d be afraid I’d get lost in the cleavage.  *S*

David Cook“Little Sparrow” it was nice…  Randy loves him, Paula gives mad props to the fact that we can see his face!!  (nice haircut!)  Simon says that he made a song abt sparrows good, so good on him!

Ramiele“Do I ever cross your mind” or something like that, I didn’t catch the name.  I didn’t like this so much.  Granted allergies are wreaking havoc on my ears, but Randy agreed with me.  Paula, who is seemingly coherent, was bubbles and sunshine as always.  Simon… I didn’t hear what he said (cuz I don’t want to wake the kids with the loud volume) but whatever he said the audience didn’t like it.

Jason Castro“Travelin’ Thru” This guy looks like Juliette on Lost.  for real.  Not hatin’ just sayin’…  it’s kinda distracting for me.  Ok.. this is nice…  by far my fav song from this kid, and I could totally hear that being played on the radio tomorrow.  it was a nice, light, song.  Randy started believing him mid way thru.  Paula is starting to stutter.  Simon hated it and figures he’ll lose his season pass to Dollywood because of his critique.  Wait.  Simon goes to Dollywood??  My guess is he loves the rollercoaster…   what’s the name of it.. the one with the two hills…   *S*  sorry…  that was just wide open…

Carly Smithson:  “Here u come again” She is awesome.  Randy says nice, Paula is channeling Sally.  Simon says it was good, but disses the clothes.  He’s got a point, the spandex pants and empire waist shirts do nothing to quell the rumors that she is pregnant. And girl – I know you love the tats.  That does not mean you must wear sleeveless tops every week.

Seacrest looks nervous in the crowd shot, surround by all those girls.  It’s ok Ryan, I know girls are foreign to you, but I promise they won’t bite!

Daivd Archuletta:  “Smokey Mountain Memories” he’s good.  He still strikes me as the kid who will be the “surprise” elimination because he knows that he will have a record deal. You know?

Kristie Lee Cook: “Coat of Many Colors”  She sounds good in Country.  Randy agrees, Paula is stammering again.  Simon says it was pleasant but forgettable.

Syesha“I will always love you”  You just knew someone would do this.  what do you bet she does the Whitney version?  Ok.  Dolly says she combines The Dolly version and the Whitney version.  This should be interesting.   It was nice…  Honestly, just like every other version I’ve ever heard of this song.  Randy is right, it’s hard to hear anyone but Whitney (sorry dolly!  I like Whitney’s version better!) singing that song.  Simon says the first part was good, the second part (the whitney part) paled in comparison.

Michael Johns:  “It’s all wrong, but it’s alright”   He sounds nice…  I don’t recognize the song, but he sounds good…  Randy says blazing hot.  Paula is trying to talk to fast and can’t think.  Simon says it’s been an interesting night, but this is the best from michael all competition long.

I missed Brooke White, but she sounded awesome in the clip though.

So…  bottom three – I say Kristie Lee Cook, Ramiele, and Syesha.  and I think Ramiele bites it this week, only cuz somoene has to.  See ya tomorrow for the results.

AI: the top 10

I missed the first hour!  I completely blanked that it was even on!!!  So I didn’t pick it up until Lil’ David Archuleta was on.  Dude can sing.  I didn’t like the song…  but he was ok vocally.  Randy and Paula didn’t like the song either, but like Paula said, he could sing the phone book and we’d love it.  Paula is all blinged up for the top 10 huh?  Simon thought he sounded like a theme park singer.  Whateva Simon, this kid is through.

Kristy Lee Cook is singing God Bless America, by Lee Greenwood. I love this song.  Such a contrast from David’s song.  Everytime I hear this song, I see a group of sailors, arms looped over shoulders, in a circle in the middle of the dance floor singing at the top of their lungs.  (Christmas Party in 1997. *S*)  Simon praises the heck out of this, claiming it was the best song choice in years.  Girlfriend is through.

David Cook  – Damn!  he was a big headed baby!!!  Wow!!!  I so did not recognize “Billie Jean”  He did a great job of updating an old Jackson song and making it sound different and good.  Randy says Cook might win the whole competition.  Paula has trouble with words, but comes out with “Brilliant”.  Simon says he was brave, that it would have either been insane or amazing, and it was amazing.  It really was amazing.  We even had to back it up and listen to this one again.  David really turned this pop song into a rock song, and sang the hell out of it.  Sounded nothing like Jackson, which is awesome since you really don’t want to be associated with Jackson.  I could totally here this version on the radio today, and no one would ever think of M.Jackson when hearing it again.

Based on the short recaps…  I’m saying bottom three are:  Ramiele, David Archuleta, and  I’m not sure…  so I won’t even begin guess at who’s out…  but it won’t be David Cook, Kristy Lee, or David Archuleta.

BTW, I think Archuleta may be the “surprise” out at the 5 or 4  mark (which Paula will cry over and declare that we all need to vote all the time), just because he knows he’s good, and probably won’t want to be roped into the contracts by 19 and Simon Fuller.  But, we shall see.

AI: Top 11 & result

I didn’t get to watch this one live, because I traveling to visit Gramma.  BUT!  Did you know you can watch the video of the performances online now??

No big surprise to me, but Amanda Overmyer got kicked out.  Honestly, I’ve been calling that since the start of the show.  Yes, she’s a rocker.  No, I don’t think she has the voice.  I think her voice would be shot in 3 years if she made it.  Here’s hoping she gets a record deal somewhere and manages to make a few records before the voice gives out.

AI: the Top 12

Seacrest opens the show by pimping the new set.  Enough already… but I do agree… Simon needs to button the shirt…  Ick! Seacrest reminds us that even though the look is new, the act is not…  The time has come to begin the much hyped Beatles night.  Will it hurt my status as a music lover if I say that I just don’t understand the hype around the Beatles.  I mean…  granted they were way before my time, and I do like some of their stuff…  But I really don’t get the hype that they are the “greatest of all time”.   Whateva…  Time to get started.. finally.

Syesha Mercado:   “Gonna get you into my Life”  Sounded good to me.  but honestly, I tuned out.  Randy says she used the Earth, Wind, and Fire arrangement.  Paula is all sunshines and kittens…  She’s stuttering already… this may be a fun night.  Simon loved her.

Chikezie: “She’s a woman”  He’s got awesome energy, and it sounded fun.  Randy loved it.  Paula is stumbling around and referencing “O Brother Were Art Thou?”.  Simon loved it… but then said he looked completely drunk halfway thorugh, but compliments his stage presence.  Seacrest urges Chikezie to “work it, man!!”  Dude.  Ezie…  Beware, Seacrest is tellin’ you to work it…  I’d watch my backside if I were you.

Ramiele Malubay: “In my Life” She can sing.  I don’t like slow songs…  esp after  ‘ezie’s high energy performance, this just seemed to drag the crowd way down.  Randy said it just laid there, and Paula is complimenting her looks which means Paula thinks she needed to do something else.  Simon is going to cut to the chase, “I was bored to tears.”  Calls her forgettable and boring.  Dude.  She was.

Jason Castro: “If I Fell”  Oh, he’s got the guitar again.  Dude…  He has pretty blue eyes…  Sorry Jay, I prefer brown.  I was bored.  I mean, he sounds nice, but…  blah…  you know???  Randy tuned out too.  Paula felt his heart.  Simon calls him, “Student in a bedroom at midnight.”

Carly Smithson: “Come Together” She’s good.  Dh didn’t like it, but then against, she said she was going to change it.  Randy said it was amazing.  Paula claims that she couldn’t wait until the top 12 so Carly could really show…  Ok..  simon says it was finally the right song, and compares Carly to Kelly Clarkson.

David Cook: “Eleanor Rigby” Dude rocks.  I loved it, I could totally hear that playing on the radio these days.  Randy said dude!  you got this!  Paula wants to ride him..  at least she keeps calling him the thoroughbred.  Simon thought it was brilliant.

Brooke White: “Let it Be” wow.  this is beautiful.  I’d probably buy this single from Walmart.  this girl has a career, that’s for sure.  Randy says her performance was heartfelt, and Paula says her niche is picking songs that show her heart.  Simon thought it was one of the best of the night.

David Hernadez: “I Saw Her Standing There”  I think he beats Jason Castro, only because of the energy.  He has good energy.  This was fun to watch. Castro just sat there with his guitar and his slow song. Dave here ran all over and tried to rock.  Castro has the better voice, Dave H has the better stage presence.  Randy says he really needed to cut loose, Paula giggles like a schoolgirl when Dave says he loves her.  Simon thought it corny going on desperate and tell the audience to shut up.

Amanda Overmyer: “You Can’t Do That” Can someone tell her to stop wearing all black & white.  She is allowed to wear other colors.  The stripes are distracting…  She rocks, but everytime I hear her, I feel concern for her voice.   Randy says she took a Beatle’s song to a southern bar.  Paula says she’s a star.  Simon says it was as good as last week, and he only understood about 30% of it, worrys about her voice.  then he tells Paula to shut up, and starts a pissing match with Paula.  Paula – Simon will win!  He’s not drunk and can shoot further than you with his fly zipped.

Michael Johns: “Across the Universe” He can sing.  We know that.  Don’t know how memorable this was…  Randy says it wasn’t his best, and that it was a little sleepy.  Paula is sunshine and kittens as always…  Simon agrees with Randy, that it was monotonous.

Kristie Lee Cook: “8 Days a Week” It feels like she’s rushing the song a bit…  but otherwise it’s good, and I like the country sound with this song.  She doesn’t work the stage as well as some of the others.  Randy says she forced too many runs.  Paula actually didn’t like it at all.  Simon thought it was horrendous.  I really don’t think it was that bad.  I disagree with Simon, it’s not that the song doesn’t work in that style, it’s just that she sang the song to fast.  Seacrest is trying to instigate a fight ‘tween Simon and Paula.

David Archuletta: “We can work it out”  oh no!  he forgot the lyrics!!!!  Ouch!  Good thing he has such huge fan base.  I don’t this, much at all…  maybe his mike wasn’t on?  not his best at all.  Randy says it was not on point, and felt forced.  Paula says it wasn’t his best, and forgetting the lyrics – never let it show on your face!  Listen to that tidbit Davy.  Simon said it was the weakest so far.

So who’s headed home???  I say the bottom three is Davy, Ramiele, and either Jason Castro or David Hernandez.

AI: Final 8 Girls

I’m not feeling my best tonight…  so I’ll keep it short.

Paula was wasted before the show began.  I got my remote privileges revoked when I reversed instead of skipped the commercials.  Seacrest just got pwned by Simon.  Kady should quit and hire herself out as a Britney (pre-breakdown) impersonator.  She’d probably make a killing.  Amanda has an Elvis wannabe lip curl.  Kristie Lee put a country twist?  I guess.  My head is clogged so maybe I just didn’t hear it.  But Paula couldn’t even sit up and just about sucked face with Simon while Randy was talking.  Girlfriend is definitely under some kind of influence.   Ramiele was kute, but Paula is frigging hi-larious! when she is hammered.  Calling the audience “mutts”  ha!  dude!  if the guy with the sledgehammer would let off my temples just a shade…  Dude…  the fun I could have with this show…  and Danny Noriega is rockin’ Ramiele’s glasses.  Paula is all cuddly up to Simon!  Seriously…  and Simon is feeding her bull to mess with her head because he knows she’s wasted and soooo  wants to mess with her.  Brooke’s voice keeps cracking.  At least that’s what the nails she scratched down the chalkboard instead my head say.  But whatever, nobody understands Paula right now…  Syesha is so through.  She rocks.  What is up with AI and the high waisted pants?  So far i saw 3 tonight.  Is there a no belly button rule?  I mean, I shop for clothes and can’t find anything that covers above the c-section scar, and these girls are covered up to the navel…  wow.  Where the heck did they shop??

So who’s going home??  DH thinks Brooke.  I think Kady.   I guess I’ll go with DH and say Brooke for the second, only because of the unpleasantness she caused within my skull a few moments ago.

AI: Final 8 Boys

I missed the first two singers.  Sorry.  I’ve been pretty sick today, and well, I plum forgot to hit record at 8pm.  So I missed Luke and David Archuleta.  oh well.   I picked it up during Danny’s version of Tainted Love.  Apparently it’s 80’s night.  Fun.

Daniel Noriega:  he rocks.  I liked it.  I like his facial expressions.  I didn’t like Danny at first, but he’s grown on me.  Randy said it started rough.  I didn’t see the start.  Simon disagrees with Randy that Danny was shy at all.  Paula says he’s spicy, sensitive, and fabulous, and Simon thought it was horrible.  I think Simon messes with Danny a bit…  Seacrest just loves when he gets a chance to smack down on Simon.

David Hernadez:  he did pretty good with “All Coming Back To Me Now”.  I blanked on what the judges thought, cuz I was eatin’ a cup cake.  I can has cupcake plz? Kthxbai.  *S*  but I did hear Simon say that David H. earned his spot in next week’s round.

Michael Johns:  “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”  He’s cool.. the Aussie rocked.  Radny thought is was a good song choice for him.  Paula says he’s defining who he is, and the strength in the low range allows him to wail on the highs.  Simon liked, but not loved it.  He says he hasn’t found his “song”.  Honestly, I think Simon will think everything tonight is “Karaoke” because of the 80’s theme, and therefore he won’t love anything, and like even less.

David Cook:   with the electric guitar.  awesome.  I like his hair better this week.  The guitar is distracting…  it doesn’t sound right.  DH says it doesn’t sound like it’s in tune.  I don’t recognize the song at all, and I honestly couldn’t remember any of it to even Google search.  Randy said he turned a pop Lionel Richie into an emo song.  Paula says it was fab.  She seems to be having trouble talking.  Simon calls him brave and says he loved it.  Simon thought it worked.  They must have been listening to something else….  We just didn’t get it…

Jason Castro: He is just so pretty.  I’m almost jealous.  Dude looks like a lady, sorry, wrong song.  I. Hate.  Ballads. on this show!  Hate.  Them.  Randy said it was a great degree of difficulty and he did a good job.  Paula said it sounded effortless.  Truthfully, it did sound nice, but I hate slow songs!  Paula can’t seem to put together a sentence.  She’s just stuttering all over.  Simon called him Brillant.  Wow.

Chikezie: Smooth.  Like Butta!  Man he can wail.  Randy said it was good.  Tough choice, but good.  Paula is stammering, and said he sounds really good!  Woo!  Simon only didn’t like it because Whitney Houston covered the song in the 90’s.  Audience boo’s Simon out, and we’ve got nothing but the wrap ups left.

You know…  based on the “best of” clip in the review…  I’d say Luke Menard is gone.  For a second, I’d say David Cook, only because I don’t know what the heck it was he sang.

Paula is drunk!  Did you see her stumble around?  “Two words!  Fa – nomenal!”  uhh…  someone check her coke cup!

AI: Say good bye to…

So, again, LOST wins.  I watched the 5 minute recap at AI tonight.  And I’d just like to state that for the record, I’m still exactly 50% with my picks.  I picked Alexandrea and Amanda, & Yeager and Menard.  It was…

Drumroll please…….

Yeager, Alexandrea, Robbie Carrico, and Alaina.

On the plus side, we won’t have to hear Robbie defend his rock-ness anymore.  Alaina surprised me.  Luke Menard was in the bottom three, he just barely skated by.

Time to go put my kiddies to bed.  As always, if you want to read the recaps done by people who actually watched the results show, check out the American Idol forums. Enjoy!