Preparations begin…

Now safely back at our current home, rested, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the massive projects ahead of us.

Just wanted to get this out there… the leftovers I eluded to in the last post… the stuff I didn’t post because my brain was too fried from all the loan info thrown at me…

My kids were the best behaved kids the Loan Office has ever seen. That’s not just me saying that! Seriously, the Notary who came in to witness us signing the documents, was completely thrilled that she had the opportunity to meet “the best behaved kids that have ever been in this office!” She walked in the conference room door and was all, “Ooooh!!! These are the ones I’ve heard so much about! Your kids are the best behaved kids we’ve ever had in here! I’m not kidding, the whole office is talking about them!” I was so proud of my offspring, if my chest had puffed up any bigger, I’d have needed a bigger bra! I am still very proud of them, even though they have since reverted to their normal Diva-liciousness and Snips & Snails personalities.

I'm so Bored!  When Will this Meeting End?
Endless Meetings… Endless Boredom….

There is so much on our To-Do list right now, I feel my head swimming. We have to notify our current landlord, make arrangements for our stuff, make color choices and flooring plans for the new home, cringe at the thought of what will soon happen to our savings, make endless lists – things we need to do, projects we want to do, what we need to take, paperwork to finish, etc. Not to mention the usual work, household, and school stuff that must get done.

I’m working on a color scheme for the house. loads of fun there. *S* is my new best friend. *S* Seriously. Not to mention Google. I love me some Google. You can find out anything from Google, from how to remove popcorn ceilings, to what is the best color for a Tuscan/Italian themed Kitchen/dining room. Did I mention my undying gratitude to the creators of the awesomeness that is Google? Because, yea. It’s awesome!Yikes. So much to do…. so little time. Seems to be my new mantra. Don’t forget American Idols begins this Tuesday! Heroes starts up again on January 22, Lost starts February 7th, and Jericho returns to the airwaves February 21! BTW, if anyone knows when the new Survivor season starts.. please comment and let me know!!!

03.01 – A Tale of Two Cities

oh wow… did ya’ll see! now freaking way! Sooo many new questions! and even a few answers… You will definitely have a deeper understanding of the show if you get all the info from the LOST Experience, the ARG game played by the producers and fans of LOST this summer. Details can be found here.

Once you are all caught up on that… check out the new, improved theories hatched in the mind of the Kat…

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ATTN LOST Slackers!

Don’t forget to set the VCR, TIVO, DVR, or whatever you choose to use these days!

LOST season 3 premeires tonight!  9pm!

Straight off the ABC website :

Wednesday, October 4 at 9/8c
“A Tale of Two Cities”
In the season premiere episode, Jack, Kate and Sawyer begin to discover what they are up against as prisoners of “The Others.”

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Fall 2006 Television Lineup.

Well.. As you all must know by now, I’m a TV junkie. No better way for me to unwind than to sit on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream, or bag of chips, and immerse myself in the total fictionality of Reality Tv, lose myself in the mystery and intrigue of my favorite dramas, or occasionally yukk it up with the latest sitcom. I use TV to shut off my brain at the end of long day, to provide some grown-up entertainment in my otherwise Nickelodeon world.

The good news is that all of my favorites will be back. The show I love to hate – CSI Miami – still holds it’s 10PM monday night timeslot on CBS. House has moved to 8pm Tuesday nights instead of it’s 9pm timeslot last year. LOST will be returning to 9pm Wednesday, but not until mid-October. AHH! Why must they make me wait so long! Luckily I don’t have to wait that long for my weekly dose of Nu Yawk, also know as CSI:NY, which returns to 10pm on CBS on September 20th. Of course, on my MUST SEE TV list, Survivor, which, on September 14th, starts season 13 in the Cook Islands with a whole Pirate-y theme. Thrusday just wouldn’t be Thrusday without a healthy dose of CSI – the orignal, Vegas Baby! Yum.. You know, in a weird way, Grissom is kinda hot.. at least Will Peterson is a MUCH better actor then David Caruso (IMO anyway). Nanny911 returns, finally! Coming Fridays at 8pm, starting September 8th. I so-o-o-o love to watch that show.. if for no other reason than to feel better about my own little monsters kids. America’s hottest mathematician, Charlie Eppes, returns in Numb3rs on Fridays at 10pm. This is one of those shows that even though it is extremely formulaic, and you can always count on Don’s FBI instincts to arrive at the answers in almost the same amount of time it takes Charlie to form his thesis and work his problem, I still tune in, week after week, to see how the math works. Guess I truly am my father’s daughter. (FYI: he’s an accountant and a computer geek). Without a Trace has moved to Sundays, opposite Sunday night football. I will probably skip it this year, as it’s one of those show I usually “watch” from my computer at the back of the room, with my back to the TV.

There a few, and I mean few new shows that look interesting to me. Vanished on FOX Mondays at 9pm has already captured my attention, and even given me a reason to turn on my TV Monday nights, besides catching Caruso’s “Dumbass Line of the Week.” I will probably watch it (Vanished) faithfully, well… that is unless the NYGiants are playing on Monday Night Football. Go Big Blue! Anyway. The story line behind Vanished, a senator’s wife goes missing. The FBI guy on the case is haunted by his last case, a major screw-up. The Reporterette Babe wants nothing more than to get nationally recognized off the story of the kidnapped woman, ala Greta VanSustren & the Natalie Holloway case. Meanwhile, the Senator, his children form a previous wife, and the Ex-wife all seem to hiding things. Not to mention, the more we learn about the missing woman, the more we question who she is. Very intriguing.

Competing for my Monday Nights at 9pm, the only show on NBC that even remotely interests me, Heroes. Nope, not Firemen, Policemen, type people. What this show looks like is X-men for the small screen. Ordinary folks discover special “gifts” and have to decide if their gifts are a blessing, a tool to help save the world! Or if they are a curse, something to be ashamed of. Could be cool… but… I’ll be honest, FOX has already hooked me, especially since their season started a few weeks ago, and NBC won’t start this show until September 25th. So FOX has a few more weeks to screw up Vanished before Heroes starts it’s run.

Another New show that has potential is FOX’s new Standoff. A drama based on the lives of a couple of hostage negotiators. I caught the Premiere of this one, and I was hooked. It was funny, it was smart, it was sexy. Thing is, the more I think about what I watched, the more I see where that show is headed. It has some awesome potential, as long as the producers can keep it out of the toliet. It seems to be focused on the relationship between the male/female negotiators, who are one of the top 5 teams in the nation, and are also sleeping with each other. Yea. You see where this is going already, right? In the first show, the two of them are so conflicted and struggle with the question, do I love him/her? or is it truly just the horizantal mambo between consenting adults? You can see how they both just want to use each other to blow off steam, and yet both have an attachment for the other one. I don’t know yet. It could be good, it could be crap, only time will tell. Regardless, I will probably watch just becasue of the time slot, right after House. So we will see what happens with this one.
By the way, if you want to check out the new fall lineups, and see what show you might like, here are the links to each of the big 4 networks’ Fall Schedule.

Bad Twin – A Book Review

The book is good. I literally couldn’t put it down, and actually finished the book in under 2 days.

The author, Gary Troup, was supposedly on Oceanic Flight 815. He is presumed dead, but honestly, he maybe one of the many survivors that we have not been introduced to on the show yet. Rumor has it that “Bad Twin” may have been penned by Stephen King, James Patterson, or possibly Dean Koontz. Whoever it is, he is not talking. As far as information about the show LOST, don’t look for much here. There is some, which I will discuss later, but the thing to remember is that this a fictional book, based a “truth” discovered about a fictional company inside a fictional TV show. Talk about spiralling down the rabbit hole! Continue reading →

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The LOST Experience

Are you playing?? Have you even heard? the producers of LOST have decided to feed the fan frensy this summer (2006) by playing an alternate reality game. in other words, all over the world, there will be different clues, and players have to come together online to put the clues together and solve the mystery. This is kinda like the game Spielberg et al did to promote AI, but! whatever mysteries are solved through the game will impact the show next season… So you gotta at least keep up with the latest developments!

I will try to post clues on this page as I find them… but really guys… I’ve got this little thing called a life. and my three kids just will not let mommy sit online and play alternate reality games all day.. not sure why not.. guess they kinda like to do things like eat. *S* so if you find something, feel free to use the comment feature to add it!

Here are some links to get you started:

**Edited October 6, 2006 to add:

Now that the game is officially over… several things have been learned, about Hanso & his foundation, the DHARMA Initiative, and the Numbers.

The most conscice summary can be found at the LOSTpedia:

There you will find a nice run-down of the game, the clues, and what each stage of the game revealed. There was some information about the Hanso Foundation, it’s leaders, the DHARMA initiative, and, most importantly, what the Numbers mean.

I believe the most important, must see, item in the game is the Shri-Lanka video. This is where you see Alavar Hanso, founder of the Hanso Foundation, describing the purpose of the DHARMA Initiative, and telling what the Numbers mean. You will also gain insight into the mind of Alvar’s successor, Thomas Mittlework, as you see him ordering the distribution of a virus disguised as a vaccine.

The Shri-Lanka video was distrubuted in small pieces, but can be found, in it’s entirity, on YouTube at:

So you don’t have time to watch the video? Well, the numbers are the answers to a kind of Doomsday Prediction known as the Valenzetti Equation. Each digit: 4,8,15,16,23,42, represents one of the ways humanity will cease to exsist. DHARMA is sent out there to find a way to change the equation so that Humanity never ceases.

Other things we learn are that Mittlework falsified his credentials, that he will do ANYTHING to succeed where the DHARMA Initiative has failed.

We learn that Alvar Hanso has something “very unusual” in his blood work. Also, his birthdate makes him 112. Yet he looks 50, 60 ish. Could this mean that he has participated in the Life Extension Program?
pretty wild stuff… and there is lots more to sift through over at

So have fun!

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