LOST on the Fringe

I just watched both the pilot episode of Fringe, and the second show.  Wow.  This show is good, but then, I would expect nothing less of JJ Abrams.  But After watching both episodes, I find myself wonderring…

What if Fringe is an extension of LOST?

Really, the whole idea of “fringe science”, well, it sounds alot like what the Dharma folks were into.  The big company Massive Dynamic…  Seems like The Hanso Foundation, only more commercial, less “altrustic”.

Plus, Matthew Abbadon is running the show on Fringe, only his name is Phillip Broyles.  But since when is anything on LOST what it seems? and who says Broyles is his real name?  Is it possilbe that he’s working both sides of the fence?  (Obviously the actor is, but what if the shows were tied together this way?)

Obviously this show, Fringe, is a battle between Good and Evil, but Good spent the last 17 years in a mental institution and is slightly unstable now.  Plus the company, Massive Dynamic, isn’t going to be all evil, there will be many shades of gray making us wonder just whose side are they on anyway?

And how many out there think the “medical history” of Peter that Dr. Bishop alluded to, is that Peter is actually his clone, not his son?  That Peter is the result of one of Bishop’s experiments, an experiment that went right for a change.

Whatever, this is certainly worth another look next week.  I just have to remember to set the DVR for House @ 8, and Fringe @ 9.

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AI: and the winner is… David!

So I tuned in to the last 15 minutes of the the finale.

What the hell was George Micheal singing?  Some song called Praying for Time which not only did not sound good, but made no sense.

Cowell apologized to Cook.  Too little to late.

and the winner by 12 million votes is….

David Cook!

Wha? Wha?  No freakin’ way!!!

That’s so freakin’ awesome! they finally got this one right!

FWIW – David has been playing for his brother, that AC on his guitar – Adam Cook, his brother is sick, some kind of cancer.

WordNerds rock!  *S*

This is so awesome.  Finally the person I wanted to win, actually does.

WTG David Cook.

AI: Dave Vs Dave

Ok.  The boxing announcement is just annoying.  Though Cook got into it, Arch just didn’t seem to.  At least the crowd seems to be pretty evenly split for the Davids.  Oh my word, “Big David” and “Little David”?? Good grief.  I’d rather they said Cook & Arch.  Seacrest is doing his best to build up the tension, but fo’ real, just let the boyz get their sing on already, mkay?

So, three rounds, Cook goes first.  Randy says they have to bring everything they got tonite baby!  Um.  Yea.  Isn’t that the case every week??  I’m so fast forwarding through the crap.

Cook: Take 1 – “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”  Dude is hot.  Really, this isn’t a fair comeptition.  Cook is an awesome Rocker, and Archie is a ballad/pop guy.  It’s going to come down to what TPTB think they need to round out the Idol music house which style of music gets more votes.  Randy is stuck in a time warp and calls this the Duel of 2007.  Paula is all hot and bothered.  Simon says he’s phenomenal.

Arch: Take 1 – “Don’t let the sun go down on me”  Now see, Archie should have gone first.  After the high energy rocker, this feels like a downer.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a sweetheart who can sing.  But this is one of those lighter songs…  you know what I mean??  He young, and to me just doesn’t have the stage prescence of Cook.  There he goes with the closing eyes again.  Randy says it’s the best of the season.  Paula needs a sweater cuz she’s got chills.  Simon thought last week was OK, and tonight was the best he’s done so far.   And Tonight is the night that these guys really have to suck so hardcore in order to get a bad review, so of course they were all good reviews.  But I disagree that round 1 goes to Arch.  I think Cook did a much better job.

Note to AI Producers:  Enough with the boxing clips already.  Ugh!

Cook: Take 2 – “Dream Big”  Dude.  He freakin’ rocks!  I’m loving this!  High energy, totally grooveable.  I would so buy this song on Amazon.com (Note to AI PTB – I don’t do iTunes!  Many of us don’t!)  Randy says he sang his face off.  Paula is all kittens and Sunshine, and Simon is trying to rain on everyone’s parade claiming it was a 6 1/2 out of 10.  Simon can kiss my ass.  Cook rocked it!

Arch: Take 2 – “In the Moment”  Again with the downer!  Ugh.  Guess it’s kinda obvious I’m more of a rocker huh?  At least I am right now, my taste in music varies almost by the hour. Randy says he could sing the phone book, Paula craps a rainbow, and Simon says that despite the egotistical lyric, round 2 to the Arch.  You know what, suck it Cowell.  Cook rocks.

Webber I think that is, says they both have to sing as if it’s their last night on the show – uhh… cuz it’s the finale!  Duh!

Cook: Take 3 – “The World I Know” It was good.  Simon pulls his pants down and just craps all over Cook.  Ugh.

Dude!  Hancock looks like a fun movie.  I love me some Will Smith.  Yum!  *S*

Arch: Take 3 – “Imagine”  UGH!  Again witht he slow ballad-y downers!  AHHH!  Wow.  he hit the note, let’s all cheer enthusiastically.  Yes, I feel very sarcastic right now.  With that last judgment against Cook, it’s clear to me that this kid is our winner no matter what.  “take my hand and join us, and the world will live as one.”  weep weep  sob sob…  touchy feel crap.  Nope.  I can’t even pretend to like this.  Randy all but admits that this Dave V Dave was planned.  Paula is her usual.  Simon says Arch is the “stahr” of the night, and perpetuates the boxing crap by saying Archie knocked ’em out.

Call me a cynic, but it’s clear to me that TPTB (The Powers That Be) wants Arch to win.  For the first time ever in Idol history, I’ve cast a vote. Yes, I know, all this time and I’ve never voted.  Honestly, I think the whole thing is rigged.  It’s a fun watch, but it’s rigged.  Cook so deserves this.  He did not deserve the massive dump Cowell laid on him.

On the plus side, Cook will lose tomorrow, and then will probably have a bigger career then Arch because of being able to get out from under the 19 thumb early.

4.12 – There's no place like home – pt 1

If the producers kill of Desmond, they will so have an uprising from their female fans who want to see that love story have a happy ending. Jin on the hand, is so dead. After the actor’s DUI arrest last year… he’s gone. As it looks right now, Jin, Des, and Micheal will be blown up attempting to disarm the explosives on the boat. Although I’m hoping Des survives, I think Jin has known for a long time that he would not be getting off the island. He has been telling Sun that he would get her off the island, but I haven’t heard him promise that “they would get off the island.”

So, something on the boat is transmitting. Who thinks that “torch the island” really means blow the boat and leave no survivors?

Also, from last week, when Claire was spotted by Locke in Jacob’s cabin with her Daddy, Christian Sheppard, and she seemed very blasé about the whole thing…  I think she’s dead.  There is no way she would leave Aaron in a tree stump.  I think she’d rather die than abandon him.  Personally, I think it was internal bleeding from the rocket attack that blew up her house.  But that’s just my wild theory.

Back to this week – I loved when Sun pwned her dad.  That was just too good!  Interesting that she said he was one of two people responsible for Jin’s death.  So who is the other one that she blames?  Ben?  Widmore?  Herself?  Things that make you go, hmmm….

The last scene at Christian Sheppard’s funeral – the one where Claire’s mother reveals to Jack that Claire is his half sister – You know what just killed me about that?  Jack can’t even tell the woman that Aaron is her grandson.  Because telling that destroys Kate’s claim to the baby and goes against the “story” they’ve been given.

Does anyone else wonder how Oceanic is going to explain the fact that they sent a camera into the wreckage and all bodies were “accounted” for, and yet at least 8 got out of the plane, with six surviving?  And the photo of them being welcomed by the island village…  Is it real?  or is it a fake setup?

Think about it, the six are Sun & Aaron (both on the freighter right now), Sayid & Kate – who have been captured by the Others as they ran through the jungle looking for Jack & Sawyer, who are out looking for Hurley, who’s stuck with Locke and Ben trying to move the island.  Based on the preview of next epsiode, we hear Ben telling someone that if they intend to leave, they had better do so, and they have about an hour. Since Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, and Jack will all be heading for the Orchid Station – where Hurley is, my guess is, they all battle Keamy and the gang, and once the moving mechanism is triggered, Ben tells them to grab Frank the pilot and hi-tail it out of there.  Thing is, Sawyer has already said he likes life on the island.  So when Kate hops on the helicopter with the guys, Sawyer kisses her goodbye.  I don’t get why Kate is so eager to leave either.  She’s only going back to murder charges and mom who has disowned her.  She’s all lovin’ on Sawyer…  is it the pregnant chicks die thing?  Is she scared of getting knocked up on the island?  I wouldn’t blame her on that one, for real…

It’s possible that once the helicopter gets back to the boat, Faraday is back with load two, then, the boat blows up.  the transmitter on Keamy’s arm is wired to the explosives in the boat, and set up so that if the island starts to move, the signal is sent and the boat explodes.  That would put the survivors of the freighter – Sun, Aaron, Jack, Kate, Sayid, & Hurley into the life raft heading away from the island and the blown up boat.  The photo could be real as they wash up in the fishing village.

But, whatever happens…  I so want to see Penny and Des reunited.  That is one of the best love stories on this show.

Oh, and it occured to me – Remember Des was having vision of Charlie’s death, and he kept saving Charlie?  What if the island was trying to kill Charlie so he could not do the thing in the Looking Glass station?  What if, when Des repeated saves Charlie, the island showed Des Charlie dying in the water to try to get Des to save Charlie again?  but it backfired.  But will come of Des’s vision of Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter?  I mean, Aaron is off the island on the boat already.  How does this fit with Des’s vision of the future?

So many questions.  I love this show!  So much to think about and theorize.  It’s awesome.

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AI: Top 3

I missed David A’s first song. I was busy putting my kids to bed. But honestly, I’m pretty sure the judges and TPTB want this to be a David V David finale, so in my mind this is a bit moot.

David A: Missed the first one. “And so it goes” I think… the clip at the end was ok. Can’t judge by that though.

Take 2: “With You” yea. He’s a cutie. Randy says it was weird to see him sing “My Boo”. Paula says it was perfect tone, and she kind of tries to say that he was nervous. Simon calls him a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger, claiming that it was a bit awkward because it wasn’t “David A”.

Take 3: “Longer” by Dan somebody. It was nice. Ballads are definitely this kid’s schtik. Randy and Paula agree this kid could sing the phone book and it would be hot. Simon says that David sang it well, and did a great job with the ooey gooey heaping mess of crap that is that song.

Syesha: “If I ain’t got you” by Alisha Keyes – this was Randy’s choice for her. Sorry girlfriend, but this seems like a second rate copy of Alisha. She’s a good singer… but… Randy says she did an amazing job on it. Paula is sunshine and kittens and Girl Power! Simon says she didn’t change it enough, and faults Randy for picking something that she would pretty much have to copy the original artist.

Take 2: “Fever” by Peggy Lee. Mad props for doing this in those heels. I would bust my ankle in about 2 seconds. I do have a problem with that skirt though. Seriously, the wrong camera angle will turn this from a family show to something way more icky. Would it have killed her to have another inch or two of fabric. Randy says it was interesting, but she sang it well. Paula says it doesn’t show of who Syesha is. Simon says she’ll regret it in the morning, that instead of being contemporary, she did a lame cabaret song.

Take 3: “Hit Me Up” Randy says that Rhianna-esque is her genre. Paula just gave her the kiss of death. Simon seals the deal with “forgettable.”

David C.: “First Time Ever I saw your face” Cowell says he wanted to give Cook something he could play around with. Since I’ve never heard it before, got to admit, it’s sounding… pretty ok. Randy complains he didn’t make it a rock song. Paula says it’s a fav song and he’s the 2nd fav who sings it. Simon says one of the best performances of it.

Take 2: “Dare you to Move” by Switchfoot I liked it. Randy said it wasn’t his best. Paula says that it’s hard to but a 3:30 song to a minute, and that we really needed more. Simon agrees that it was just OK.

Take 3: “I don’t want to miss a thing” Ooo… Areosmith. Good song. He’s rockin’. Pretty decent. Standing “O” from Paula. Randy tries to shout down the audience to declare that it was predictable and alright. Paula is a little weird declaring its that middle, beginning and end, and she’ll see him in the finals. Simon says with that song David Cook wins the night.

Like I said, this is supposed to be David vs David. Syesha is gone. I mean, I’m pretty sure she’s been in the bottom 3 since the top 12, yet she has outplayed, outwitted, outlasted the rest (sorry, wrong show). She’s gone tomorrow.

AI: Top 4

It’s rock n roll night.  Isn’t this kind of slanted to Cook?  He had better rock this.  Speaking of…

David Cook:  “Hungry like a wolf”  Channelling Randy here..  I dunno..  for me it was just alright…  Dude… Randy agrees me!  It’s was an “ok choice”  Paula was her usually sunny stuttering self, and Simon says it was a bit copy-cat-ish.  Not at all what people have come to expect from the Rocker.

Take 2:  “Baba O’Rielly (Teenage Wasteland” Dude!  It’s the CSI NY song!!  It was good.  The only way I know this song is the opening to CSINY.  Simon says, “Welcome back David Cook” so I guess he did really well.  DH agrees.

Syesha:  “Proud Mary”  She sang well.  I really don’t see how she’s still here after being in the bottom 3/2 ever since we made the 12.  I’m lovin’ Simon on this review!  Syesha is no Tina.  and she totally tried to be.

Take 2: “A Change Gonna Come”  The gold dress is rockin’ fo’ real.  It sounded good.  I think she’ll make it through this week to the top 3.  Randy didn’t like it.  Now see, I’ve never really heard the original (sorry!) Paula gives her a standing O, and stutters through some praise.  Honestly, she sounds like she’s in pain, like she’s off her meds to make sure she doesn’t make another mix up.  Simon agrees with Paula, and Syesha bawls big time.

Jason Castro: “I shot the Sheriff”  He seems drunk in clip.  Dude.  to quote Whitney, “Oh Hell to the NO!” This sucks!  I just can’t wait to see what simon says.  Randy says “Karaoke Bomb.”  Paula wasn’t crazy about!  even Paula has trouble saying something nice.  Simon says “Atrocious.”  He says it’s a song you do not touch the arrangement, and says “I don’t know what you’re thinking???”  and the only similarity w. Marley was the Hair.

Take 2: “Mr. Tambourine Man”  he forgot the lyrics!!!  He is so gone!  He didn’t even try to fake it.  It’s too bad because, being that I’ve never heard to orig., it sounded ok until that, and the end was… bad.  Jason says, I lost some lines there.  Randy says he’s not in the zone.  Paula says, It is what it is.  Well you know it’s bad when that is the nicest comment Paula can come up with.  Simon says “I’d pack my suitcase.”  I love that when Simon said, “Jason.”  He said, “oh shit.”  He he he he.  He so knew what was coming from the Brit.

David A.: “Stand by Me”   Best performance so far for the night.  Nice.  very nice.  Finally!  A Smile from Randy!!  Paula just crapped a rainbow.  Simon says he could have whistled the damn song and done better then the last performance, then called it the best so far.   He’s such a little cutie…  like…  lil’ munchkin cute.  his responses to the fans are always so endearing….

Take 2: “Love Me Tender” That was beautiful.  Based on tonight, he wins.  Randy and Paula agree, and Simon says he didn’t beat the competition tonight, he crushed it.

It think bottom 2 is Syesha – surprise suprise, and Castro – no.. really?  and yea…  see if you can who’s going home.  Mr. I can’t remember my lyrics Castro.  Uh, Buh-Bye.  Yes, that means Syesha makes it through another week.

Then again, as Seacrest points out, this is point when Daughtry went out because “people thought he was safe.”  So this could be the point where one of the David’s decides that he really doesn’t want the entanglement of a long 19 contract, and a “surprise out” would happen.

AI: Top 5

Back in the saddle again. Ear infection and muscle relaxers gone, I can actually write without sounding like Paula after she’s had a little too much “Coca-Cola” from the big red cup.

Neil Diamond week for the top five.  I missed the first few minutes, and joined midway through Castro’s song.

Jason Castro: “Forever in Blue Jeans” He sounded good. ThePinkDiva saw him when I turned on the TV to hit record, and said, “Mom, that looks like a pretty girl!”

Take 2 – “September Morn”  Ugh.  I hate slow ballads!  Esp from guys who, no offense Castro-lovers, look like stoners!  I agree with Paula’s earlier (accidental) assessment, he’s not top 4 material.  Simon rips him a new poopchute, and we are moving on.

David Cook: “I’m alive” Dude rocks. They seem to be skipping the judging for the first songs. Thanks Seacrest for explaining that.

Take 2: “All I Really Need is You”  Paula says he’s the next AI, and Simon calls him brilliant.  Dude is so in the final 2.

Brooke White: “I’m a believer” Not so liking this. I can’t really explain it, but it just doesn’t sound right, like maybe she’s trying to sing too low for her vocal range or something. And somehow that song conjures up a donkey and a big green ogre.

Take 2: “I Am I Said”  She takes Neil’s advice and mixes up the words a bit to make it more personal.  Dude…  if you want to dance, don’t play the piano!  argh.  I agree with Simon, the first song sucked.  this song was much better in comparision.

David A.: “Sweet Caroline” Right about now every girl in that audience is wishing her name was Caroline, just so they could claim this cutie-patootie was singing to him. He’s got the talent for sure.

Take 2 – “(Coming to) America” hmm…  seems like the golden boy is just a little off…  I swear I heard him crack.  never fear though, he’s such a talented cutie, he’ll make it through.  Paula calls him a “little savant” and Simon says it was a smart choice of song that “ticked all the boxes.”

Syesha: “Hello, again” I didn’t really listen.

Take 2 – “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime” now this one…  she is really rockin’ it.  and is she barefoot up there?? She just looks so comfy.  This is her groove, totally.  She should stick with this gospel/pop thing, and sing barefoot…  Be comfy.  Randy agrees.  Paula stutters badly.  Poor girl is so confused with the show right now.  Simon calls the whole show chaotic, which is apparently true.  He says this was a great song, but she may be in trouble tonight.  He’s basing that on the fact that there are only 5 left.  He may be right, I mean, she been in the bottom 3 like every week, it’s just a matter of time before she is actually the one cut.

In Paula’s defense – apparently, according to SecretTeen, they totally changed the rules on Paula and the judges which is why she got confused. I guess they weren’t supposed to judge til after the 2nd round, and then Seacrest threw them all by asking for a quick assessment of round 1.  Something that was seemingly verified by Simon’s “chaotic” comment.

so..  the Davids are safe – though this may be the week that the Arch chooses to leave so he won’t get bound into a 19 contract a la Daughtry.  But aside from that, bottom 2 – Castro and Brooke.  Please please let it be Castro.  Though, with Syesha’s luck, it’s probably her.  *sigh*

4.9 The Shape of Things to Come

First, how many of you thought Claire bit it in the open when her house was blown up? huh? huh? I see that hand. Yes, I thought so too. I’m not sure we will find out how Aaron winds up with Kate this season. I think Cuse and Lindelof will drag this out as long as possible.

Weirdness, the freighters doctor washed up on shore with his throat slit. But later on, when Faraday, who is, I believe, the one Freightie that the LOSTies can trust. The man simply can not lie. Even when he tries to, he just can’t.

Alex tripped the panic button to alert Daddy they were coming. She only did because they would not promise her to leave Claire and the baby alone. Honestly, I felt bad for Ben for like 2 milliseconds when Alex was executed. This guy Keamy has no heart.

I’ve been saying for weeks/months now that I thought Ben could teleport. when he was laying in the desert in the arctic type jacket I just about jumped up shouting, “See! See! I told you! I told you he could!!!”

At least we know that Sayid did indeed find his Nadia post-island. The question is, did Widmore & his man really kill Nadia? Or is his man trailing Ben? Did Ben take advantage of a sad situation to get what he wanted, a hitman? I’ve been saying that Ben is a master manipulator. I believe he has the ability to read minds, thats how he can pull out the info on whoever whenever, even if he hasn’t had time to do his homework.

This show is such a mind job. I could literally get lost in the wikis and the forums for hours. but my kids are waking up. Time to move on. *Sigh*

Must add though – I sincerely hope that Ben does not find Penny.  I truly love the Desmond/Penny love story.  they are one couple that I want to see live happily ever after.  I wanted Sun and Jin to be able to also, but that ain’t gonna happen.  and Charly and Claire.  But.. yea.  So Ben better not find Penny!!!

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No AI recap

I’ve been just a little too doped up to properly review anything.  Most nights I’ve been crashed out by 930-10pm, a record for me.  But I did see ont he AI website that Kristy Lee Cook got the boot. too bad, I thought her rendition of Forever was pretty good.  I disagreed with Simon that it was a “lesser-known” Mariah song, since it’s one of the few Mariah songs i remember as being played out in the 90’s, and it actually did pretty well (via Wikipedia), but, since the wiki page notes that it was not released in the UK, I guess we have to give the Brit a pass for not knowing just how popular that song was Stateside.  Still, I think Syesha should have been the one to go.  But I’ve been saying that since they canned Amanda Overmyer.  Oh well.

AI: Top 8

So sad too bad, Ramielle left last week.  Like I said though, someone had too.  Tomorrow is Idol Gives Back, so we have to wait til Thursday for the results, but whatever.  I’m not all into thier Charity attempt.  Call me jaded or whatever, but…  meh.

Micheal Johns: It was a decent my performance.  Can’t say it was my fav from him, but…  Randy kinda agrees, and says it was just “a’right.”  Paula says her Chihuahuas would join him on stage after the high note.  *side note, Paula’s “twins” look as if they are desperately trying to escape the prison that is that dress.  Ouch!*  Simon says he doesn’t buy the Micheal Johns, Rock Star.  Blues/R&B is a better fit for him.

Syesha:  she is about to commit a big Idol no-no.  Singing a song by a former Idol, I believe by Fantasia.  This could be great, or could end in a bloody mess.  So far so good.  Oh great.  This is the gospel choir one.  You know, I didn’t like this one much when Fantasia did it.  and that last note…  It was awesome, but since I already have a headache, OUCH!  Randy says she didn’t measure up to Fantasia.  Paula is trying to smooth over the massive dump Randy took on her pride.  Simon says that it was technically good, but it lacked emotion.

Jason Castro: Over the rainbow He’s playing a ukulele on National TV.  I mean…  He’s a good singer, but it looks like he couldn’t afford a real guitar.  He just looks ridiculous up there with itty bitty wanna be guitar.  Sounded good, but I can’t get past how  ridiculous it looked.  Randy says, Castro’s back, Paula said it took guts, Simon loved it.  Ugh.  I can’t get over the Ukulele.

Kristy Lee CookAnyway by Martina.  This is her element.  Country.  The song was chopped up by time constraints…   and the pitch moments that Randy points out weren’t really pitch moments as much as emotion in the song.  Paula proclaims it’s excellent.  Simon says that she has the chance to show who she is as an artist, and that she did, and she looks like a star, and appealed to her audience.

David Cook: he is a rocker, fo’ real.  I don’t know that song…  but you couldn’t miss the message on his hand, Idol “gives back.”  Randy says it fell short tonight.  I agree.  Paula tries to bring the sunshine, and Simon says it felt “pompous.”  Paula looks like she’s ready to deck Simon.

Carly: Show must Go On by Queen.  Could be good…  let’s see.  It was ok.  Randy says it was just OK.  Paula actually agrees, and says she didn’t feel engaged with the song.  Simon says she over-sang it and it came over as an angry performance.

David Archuleta: Angels He’s playing a piano…  Awesome.  I’m not feeling this one.  I just don’t like the slower type of song on this show.  doesn’t help that I can’t understand a word he’s singing, and I’ve never heard this song b4.  Randy says the runs at the end were crazy crazy crazy hot.  Paula says fantastic.  Simon says best song choice of the night, but not the best vocal.

Simon took security guards into the crowd with him this week, cuz all those screaming girls last week freaked him out.

Brooke White: I’m not feeling it…  somehow it sounds wrong, like she’s too nervous or something.  It just doesn’t sound good at all.  Randy tries to sugar coat it, saying that it wasn’t his fav, but it was OK.  Paula says it’s one of her fav songs, and she’s awesome.  Simon says it was like a pleasant walk in the park.  Um.  I guess.

Bottom three – Brooke, Syesha, and Jason Castro – just cuz I didn’t like the ukulele.

So who’s going?  I say Brooke.  what say you?