The Characters

DH aka Bucky53e – My best friend. My confidant. My lover. My hard-working husband.

GeekBoy aka Capt740 – My oldest son, a computer lovin’ geek.

thePinkDiva aka Diva – My darling daughter.

BigBoy aka LtVv111 aka TiimmyIsJustATypo – My youngest son.

Mom – My mom. also known as Gramma.

MomoTenshi aka Momo – My sister, & Gramma’s daughter # 2 of 3. Luv ya girl!

Bing – Momo’s husband. He’s such a geek. Really.

JT – Momo’s son.

Ry – Momo’s second son.

Nani – My baby sister. Ok, with more then 20 years of life behind her, she isn’t a “baby” anymore, and she will probably kick my rear if she knew I said that, but oh well.

the NinjaPenguin aka NinjaP – Nani’s husband, and a perfect fit with our crazy family.

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