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John’s Journal – Chapters 1-3

as john walked to the hard ware store he knew that tomorrow was Friday, so he had to get the prank materiel becuz every Friday they the prank they’re uncle he got to the Hard Ware Store Mr. Jakes  asked Him “What are you looking for John?” “Well the usual…and a bag with some green goo.” explained John “Well her ya’ go.” Mr. Jakes said John said “Thanks.” “Your well come.” The old (but not super old) man said John went home, [knock knock knock!] “Brother I’m home!” Josh came rushing down the stairs “What so ya’ got?!” He said “A phome fist shooter, ten LONG wires, a bag of goo some super sticky goo And LAST of all ten rubber bands and two rubber band guns.” John explained John says: “Will look over our pranking plan one last time.” John went to right in his journal.


We hoped you liked this story We will be making a second part soon. -PinkDiva & Lt Vv111

Chapter 2- Friday Arrives!

“Friday is HERE!” John ended with a yell “Brother Brother BOTHEEER! Friday is HERE! we gotta get up go down our secret tunnel and get to our Uncle’s!”  (for all you readers out there thats Our ‘fist’ (Note. Fist) Uncle) So they did. “Alright Brother.” Josh said they went down a Tunnel and arrived at there Uncle’s House. “Alright.”  said John so they set up their Pranks, Josh- “Are all the pranks in place?” John Nodded so they both went down the tunnel and went to watch thare Uncle get  pranked on the camera, when their Uncle went to go clean His “Friday Suit” He got punched by a phome fist. Josh and John laughed so hard! “That was a GOOOOD one!” said Josh “Ooh I knew that phome one would come in handy!” John exclaimed “Ooh no it’s Friday!” said their ‘Fist’ Uncle he cleaned out his Friday suit and put it on, As he walked out his door he triggered a weir witch triggered ANOTHER weir witch set off the OTHER EIGHT weirs! the rubber bamd gun shot band after band knocking their Uncle’s head eatch time, then their Uncle yelled “JOSH JOHN GET DOWN HERE!” John said “Ooh no we’re in tubule now.” they walked past Zoe, Elsa and their friend Sabine. “Who is that girl?” They asked Zoe and Elsa said “Aren’t you soposet to go down to your Uncle?!” “Come on Sabine.” Elsa said “I’m coming.” Sabine said Josh & John walked outside to their Uncle’s house, Thier Uncle was coming out to meet them back to before they went down the stairs……. witch set of the OTHER EIGHT weirs! the bag of super sticky goo fell on the floor before the door. back to now…..their Uncle opened the door [SQUISH!] He tried to lift His foot up but he couldn’t move it. he looked down wile Josh & John moved away SLOWLY He grabbed His foot and pulled it out of the sticky goo, “JOSH WE BETTER RUN HE HAS ONE FOOT LOSE!” John exclaimed their Uncle pulled His other foot out and started to run after them! they ran inside I was visiting they saw Me! “UNCLE UNCLE!” That would be Me, Lt Vv111 their Second “MOM! MOM!” Josh Yelled their Mom…My Sister PinkDiva “Our Uncle is trying TO KILL US!” Josh YELLED “He wouldn’t do that..” Zoe said “It’s Friday…Yes he would.” Elsa said “Right…” Sabine said rolling her eyes ALL Five of the kids went up stairs. Josh & John went to their room. Elsa, Zoe, and Sabine went to Zoe’s room. John went to right in his Journal all the days events.

Chapter 3- Uncle in RAGED! ____ “JONH JOSH!” yelled their Uncle Capt740 John & Josh in their room herd Him [Gulp] “He’s gonna kill us!” Josh said scared like “Good thing a just finished rigging prank defenses.” John said on their camera they saw their Uncle (Capt740) coming to the door, they pulled the lever and flipped up their beds they have these cool beds ware you flip them up and they have instant shelves, when their Uncle (Capt740) went up the stares and to their door after getting a key to their room He opened the door, and found their gate and then two rubber fists punched Him in the back and head He spun around and then rubber band guns fired knocking into His head, He pulled out His 500 dart, dart gun, and started to look around the room for John and Josh a dart whizzed past His head He turned around quickly and saw John and Josh, with 20 dart, dart guns and a shield for each of them then their Uncle (Capt740) shot at them (With DARTS)  “OW! SHIELDS UP!” exclaimed John “RETEACH!” yelled Josh they ran down stares, while their Uncle was following them, they put on their dart suits (has a clip for the shield on the back, dart gun holders on their legs and pockets for their walkie-talkies) then they hid behind their wall made of pillows, when their Uncle (Capt740) came down He saw their wall of pillows there ware to spots in their wall for them to shot darts out of. then they shot at Him (with DARTS) “OW! AYYYYEEE!” He ran outside and hopped on His bike they followed Him (they have bikes) and hopped on their Bikes they put their dart guns in their bike baskets and rode after Him, their Uncle ran into His house forgetting about the pranks they had set (Pranks happening all over aging form chapter 2) John and Josh avoided the pranks they had set in chapter 2 and continued shooting Him with the dart guns, “Och!” their Uncle yelled He ran into His room and locked the door they went home, and John rote in His “John & Josh’s Journal” all that had happened

Christmas special and Josh’s Journal pre-view coming soon!

We hoped you like the “John’s Journal” We may be doing more soon! 🙂 thanks PinkDiva for helping Me! – LtVv111 & P1nkD1va