Dime Bank – back

Caption: This is a vintage HB Hardenburg Novelty Co. Lucky Horseshoe dime bank. This particular bank does not have a date on i

Grandpa Fishter’s Trivet

Caption: This is a Trivet my grandfather made. I love the colors and the tile work. Camera: Canon PowerShot S3 IS Aperture: &#

Great Grandma Edna’s Embroidery

Camera: Canon PowerShot S3 IS Aperture: ƒ/3.5 Shutter speed: 1/5s ISO: 80 Copyright: © Lorraine Yuriar. No unauthorized

Great Grandma Edna’s Embroidery

Camera: Canon PowerShot S3 IS Aperture: ƒ/3.5 Shutter speed: 1/6s ISO: 80 Copyright: © Lorraine Yuriar. No unauthorized

Robert Fishter in Uniform

Caption: My Grandpa was a tank mech in WW2.

Robert and Friend

Caption: I think the friend is "Brownie", but don’t quote me.

Robert & Bea

Caption: Believe it or not, this is their wedding photo.


Caption: My Grandma.

My Dad

Caption: The handwritten caption on this photo is "stuck in the middle".

Colorized 1907 Clara Barton

Caption: I got the idea to colorize it from the CivilWarTalk.com forum – which has a gorgeous version of a different Cla

Original 1907 Clara Barton_

Mom & Dad’s Wedding

Photo Wall

Caption: The finished Wall. The big clock was made by my Grandpa Robert out of a hunk of wood. That’s him in the shadow

Madelyn Hardenburg

Caption: Not sure when this was taken – looks to be pre-kids so it might be pre-marriage to Hank. This is my grandma.

Hank, Jennie, Halle,& Jeanie-8×10

Caption: This is my Grandpa, his step mother & father (my great-grandpa), and his sister.

Madelyn & Billy Hucthinson

Caption: While serving as a nurse overseas, one of her patients was her step-brother Billy. True story.

Blanche, George, and Jim McMahon- 4×6

Caption: Jim is my Great-grandfather. George is his son. Blanche was Jim’s second wife.

Edna Hardenburg

Caption: My great-grandmother, this is one of the only known photos of Edna to date. She loved her garden.

Jacob Hardenburg & his Oxen

Caption: Jacob Hardenburg (Son of Volkert & Susanna) is 5 generations up from me. He was well loved, and was known for lea

Daisy Hardenburg

Caption: My great-aunt, she once moved to Oregon from NJ to work as a maid. She caused quite a scandal by marrying the guy she

Delbert Arnold

Caption: Husband of Elva Hardenburg. He ran a hotel called The Westfield House in Chautaqua, NY. The family lost everything in

Elva Hardenburg Arnold

Caption: Daughter of Jacob, Granddaughter of Volkert. She married Delbert Arnold. They had 2 children, The oldest was a girl n

Caryl & Halle

Caption: My great-aunt and my great-grandpa as kids.

Florence Hardenburg

Caption: Daughter of Jacob, granddaughter of Volkert. Florence never married or had kids. She took over the care of her crippl