Bride and the Guys

Caption: The Bride and Groom with the Groomsmen Keywords: weddings, Lorraine, Tony Copyright: No unauthorized resue.

Check out the dress!

Caption: I loved this dress the moment I tried it on. I didn’t even notice the anchor pattern until it was pointed out t

Bride and the Maid of Honor

Caption: Me and Paula – who was about 6 months pregnant! Keywords: Paula, Lorraine, Weddings Copyright: No unauthorized

Me and my Dad

Caption: I miss him so much. Copyright: No unauthorized resue.

me & my folks

Caption: The bride with her mom and Dad. I was the only one of us three girls he got to walk down the aisle. Copyright: No una


Copyright: No unauthorized resue.


Caption: I just love this one. Copyright: No unauthorized resue.

The Bride

Caption: I was more nervous about being up in front of all the people than anything else. Copyright: No unauthorized resue.

The Bride & her Bridesmaids

Caption: Me and my girls. Left to right – My sister Nani, Me, My sister Momo, Paula, and Christy. Copyright: No unauthor

The Guys

Caption: Tony with his friends, Wiemer & Julio. Because Christy was a last minute addition to my side of the wedding party

The New Family

Caption: My family, plus Christy. (She was living with us at the time.) My folks adopted Tony like he was one of theirs. Dad l

That Kiss

Caption: Mr. and Mrs. at last. Copyright: No unauthorized resue.

The Wedding Party

Caption: Our photographer had no idea how to deal with the fact that I was taller than Tony. He kept telling me to schooch dow