Jacob Hardenburg & his Oxen

Caption: Jacob Hardenburg (Son of Volkert & Susanna) is 5 generations up from me. He was well loved, and was known for lea

Daisy Hardenburg

Caption: My great-aunt, she once moved to Oregon from NJ to work as a maid. She caused quite a scandal by marrying the guy she

Delbert Arnold

Caption: Husband of Elva Hardenburg. He ran a hotel called The Westfield House in Chautaqua, NY. The family lost everything in

Elva Hardenburg Arnold

Caption: Daughter of Jacob, Granddaughter of Volkert. She married Delbert Arnold. They had 2 children, The oldest was a girl n

Caryl & Halle

Caption: My great-aunt and my great-grandpa as kids. Taken: 7 September, 2014 Title: Caryl & Halle

Florence Hardenburg

Caption: Daughter of Jacob, granddaughter of Volkert. Florence never married or had kids. She took over the care of her crippl

Madelyn McMahon

Caption: My Grandma was a nurse in WW2. Taken: 7 September, 2014 Title: Madelyn McMahon

Susanna Miller Hardenburg

Caption: 6 generations up the tree from me. This is the wife of Volkert Hardenburg. Taken: 6 September, 2014 Title: Susanna Mi

Volkert Hardenburg

Caption: 6th generation above me in the family tree. He was married to Susanna, and had several children, including Jacob. Aft

Barton-Hardenburg Link

Caption: The link between Clara Barton and my family. Background is from HappyRobyn’s Roots kit – I lightened it a

Crew #8107

Caption: My Grandpa Henry’s B17 Bomber Crew. Back row: Walter Tilman, Carl Poston, Geronimo Terres, William Motter, John

Lt Henry hardenburg

Caption: My other Grandpa. He flew B-17s in WW2. He was shot down over Fritzlar Germany & was a POW for several weeks. Bec

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