Maria Elisa Yuriar Manjerrez

Maria Elisa Yuriar Manjerrez (Anastacio, Clemente)

Born: abt 1915, Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico
Immigration: January 18, 1946
Died: ?? in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Maria Elisa is listed on her parents’ marriage license as being 3 years old when they got married on March 30, 1919. That puts her birthday sometime between April 1, 1915 and March 29, 1916.

She grew up in San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico. In the latter half of the 1930’s, Maria Elisa had a daughter.  Then, two years after her father died, Maria Elisa, at age 31, immigrated to the United States, through the port of Nogales, AZ. Unfortunately, the scans from are in pretty bad shape (click to enlarge):

Elisa-immigrationrecord-pt1      Elisa-immigrationrecord-pt2

Here’s what I was able to read:


It seems to say that she was traveling back and forth between Nogales, Mexico, and Nogales, Arizona, probably for work as a domestic.

Sometime later, Maria Elisa married ABEL AVILES GIL.  Together they had six children.  Elisa died in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.


Baby Daddy:  Unknown


  • Living Daughter

Spouse: Abel Aviles Gil


  • Living Child 1
  • Living Child 2
  • Living Child 3
  • Living Child 4
  • Living Child 5
  • Living Child 6

Maria Matilde Yuriar Cavanillas

Maria Matilde Yuriar Cavanillas (Anastacio, Clemente)

Born: May 1903, Nieves, Zacatecas, Mexico
Died: 1905

Maria Matilde was christened May 24, 1903 in Santa Maria, Nieves, Zacatecas, Mexico.


Born 3 years after her brother Ricardo, she was the second child of Anastacio Yuriar Vieras and Librada Cavanillas.  Sometime shortly after, her mother and father split up.  Librada Cavanillas began the long trek from Zacatecas to Nogales.  According to Ricardo’s son, somewhere along the journey, Matilde became very sick, and died.

Ricardo Yuriar

Ricardo “Richard” Yuriar Cavanillas (Anastacio, Clemente)

Born: 2 Feb 1900, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Immigration: 1905, Nogales, AZ
Died: 23 Jan 1979, West Covina, Los Angeles, CA


Richard & Maria’s Marriage License

He was born on 02 Feb 1900 in Mexico. After the death of his sister, he, with his mother, immigrated to America as a very young child.  He grew up in the Los Angeles area, and married MARY CHAVEZ on November 4, 1932. Together, they had three sons.

In April of 1940, Richard and Mary Yuriar were living with their first two sons (Son 3 wouldn’t come along for a few more years) in a rented home in Los Angeles. Richard worked as a vendor at a baseball park while Mary stayed home with the baby. According to the census records, Richard had papers declaring his intent to become a citizen, while Maria claimed to have been born in New Mexico.

He died at age 78, on 23 Jan 1979, in West Covina, Los Angeles, California.

In 2001, I recieved the following from Richard’s third son”

“My father was born out of wedlock in 1900, in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. His father was Anastacio Yuriar (often called Tacho). His mother was Librada Cavanillas. Soon after my father’s birth, a rift developed with Tacho and she left Mazatlan with my dad and another child of theirs, a daughter. Librada headed for Nogales and crossed into the U.S. there with my dad in 1905. My dad’s sister died somewhere enroute to Nogales. From what I understand, it was a long journey that took several months and the daughter fell ill and died.

My father and his mother made their way to Los Angeles. Apparently Librada knew some family or friends there. Eventually, she married into the Figueroa family and my father was adopted into the family, but retained his birth surname. My father had an aunt or cousin named Rita. It was from her that we learned what little we knew of my dad’s family in Sinaloa. We knew that the name, Yuriar, was of Basque origin. Beyond that we knew little else.”

Spouse: Maria “Mary” Chavez


  • Living Son 1
  • Living Son 2
  • Living Son 3

Maria Luisa Yuriar Manjerrez

Maria Luisa Yuriar Manjerrez married an actor, possibly named Ponce

Maria Luisa Yuriar Manjerrez and either Ernesto Beltran or Ramon Duarte Hernandez

Maria Luisa Yuriar Manjerrez (Anastasio, Clemente)
Born: 21 July 1913
Died: 4 March 1987

She is listed in her parents marriage certificate as being 6 years old when her parents married in 1919. That puts her birth year around 1913. A relative of her mother, Joaquina, added several details to the LDS genealogy website

Luisa was born on July 21, 1913 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. She married ERNESTO BELTRÁN in 1936. Together they had at least one child. Ernesto died two years later, in 1938.  Luisa remarried in 1942, to RAMON DUARTE in Culiacán. They had three children.  She died March 4, 1987 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Maria Lusia & Ramon Duarte

Maria Lusia & Ramon Duarte

Spouse:  Ernesto Beltrán


  • Yolanda Beltrán Yuriar: 14 Sep 1938 – 2012

Spouse: Ramon Duarte


  • Ernestina Margarita Duarte Yuriar: 1949 – 26 Aug 2006
  • Engelberto Duarte Yuriar: 1958 – 10 Mar 1984
  • Living Daughter Duarte Yuriar

Anastasio “Tacho” Yuriar Viera

Anastasio Yuriar

Anastasio Yuriar Viera (Clemente)
Born: Abt May 1873
Christened: 19 May 1873 in San Ignacio De Loyola, San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Died: Nov 8, 1944

The son of Clemente Yuriar & Trinidad Viera, he was a hat maker in Culiacán. His store was called “El Sombrero Rojo”. His nickname, Tacho, likely comes from his occupation. “Tacho” refers to a bin, perhaps like one that could be used in the felt-making process.  Fun fact: Mercury was used in the felt-making process to smooth the felt.

In early January 1910, Anastacio was introduced to Francisco Madero.  Senor Madero must have made quite an impression, because  Tacho helped to form the Culiacán branch of Madero’s political party, the Partido Nacional Antireelectionistas.  While his brother Benjamin was fighting with Villa to free Mexico from the grip of Porfirio Díaz, Anastasio choose to fight Porfirio Díaz in the political arena.


Anastasio at work

He had 2 children with Librada Canavallis – Ricardo, and Maria Matlide. Librada and Anastasio had a falling out.  She took the kids and left, eventually immigrating to the US. Maria Matilde died during the journey to America. Ricardo’s son Jon lives in CA.

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Anastasio also had several children with Joaquina Manjerrez. He married her in March of 1919. According to their marriage license, they already had 3 daughters when they got married – Maria Lousia, Maria Elisa, & Maria Rosa. After they married, they had several more children – Anastasio, Maria Carmen, Maria Aurora, and Julio.

Family folklore has always said that he served as Mayor of Culiacán for a while.  However, according to the city’s website, he was never mayor. A pamphlet about the history of Culiacán states that in December 1917 he lost an election for a council seat due to election fraud. The state congress appointed a someone else to disputed seat, however it’s possible that he won election as a councilman later in life.  We do know that he was a delegate for something to do with farmers and agriculture in 1944 when he was shot & killed by someone named Lencho.  Lencho was caught and imprisoned for his crime.

“En una de tantas asambleas hizo acto de presencia don Lencho. Como buen manejador de armas dio muerte a balazos al joven delegado de la Agraria, que en vida llevó el nombre de Anastacio Yuriar (era culichi). Cuando el malechor llegó a la asamblea la mayoría de los asistentes escucharon voz de súplica: “¡No lo hagas, Lencho!”. Sobró quien dijera que fue doña Serafina. El malechor fue castigado; su condena fue prisión.”  (quote from an article at that has since been memory-holed.)


Baby Mama:  Librada Canavallis


Spouse: Joaquina Manjerrez



From left to right: Elisa, Joaquina holding Jose Julian, Carmen, Rosa (seated), Louisa, Anastacio

Jose Clemente Yuriar Viera

Jose Clemente Yuriar Viera (Clemente)
Born: 17 Sept 1874 in San Ingacio, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Christened: 10 November 1874 in San Ignacio De Loyola, San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Married: 25 November 1899
Died: 19 September 1911

Known as “Clemente” to the family, Jose Clemente was born and christened in 1874 to Clemente Yuriar and Maria Trinidad Viera Bastidas.

Clemente was a carpenter. There is one record of marriage to LUZ ESCOBAR dated 25 November 1899, however the first three children are all listed as a “natural” child, indicating their parents were not married, despite being born after the first record of marriage was filed.

There were three types of marriage in Mexico in the 1800’s; Common Law, Legal, or Church. Common law is pretty self explanatory. The couple would just move in together and act as if they were married, however they would be listed as single on all official documents, like birth records. Any kids born to a common law marriage, or any other kind of relationship outside of an official marriage, would be listed as “natural born” children. Official Marriages, either Legal or Church, at the time usually required 3 different records at least. First, the couple in question would go to the registrar and request to be married. They would be given copies of the act to post in several publications over the course of several days. Then they would go back to the registrar with proof they had publicized the act of the marriage. If no one had registered a complaint, the judge would then give his blessing for the wedding to happen. At that point, the couple would either head to the church, who kept their own record of the marriage, or go back to the judge, and have him marry them. Once in a while, they would do both. After that, the couple would be listed as married on all official documents, and any children born would be called “legitimate.”

Maria Trinidad Yuriar Escobar’s Birth Record
Luis Escobar’s Birth Record.

  In his son Luis’s birth record, Clemente is listed as a single man whose occupation is a Tinsmith.

But in Maria Trinidad’s birth record, she is named as a legitimate child of the married couple, Clemente and Luz. Her birth record also listed her grandparents on both sides of the family.


Jose’s birth record doesn’t mention his mother’s name. However the judge who recorded that record only listed on parent’s name on several of the records surrounding Jose’s birth. While it is possible that Jose’s mother is someone else, it seems most likely that his mother was Luz Escobar.

 Clemente died young, at 33, of pnuemonia. At the time of his death, he was a carpenter, living in Mazatlan.

Spouse: Luz Escobar


  • LUIS5 YURIAR ESCOBAR was born in 1900.
  • JOSE5 YURIAR was born in 1902.
  • GILBERTO5 YURIAR ESCOBAR was born in late 1905. He died in 1926 of a remitting fever and diarrhea due to an unknown illness.
  • TRINIDAD5 YURIAR ESCOBAR was born in 1906.

Clemente Yuriar

Clemente Yuriar Loaiza (Tomaz)
Born: Abt 1827
Died: Before 1897

There are a total of three records of Clemente’s marriage to MARIA TRINIDAD VIERA BASTIDAS. Information gleaned from these records says that he was 40 years old, and worked as a, “ejercico labrador” – which seems to translate to apprentice farmer.  The couple appeared before a judge on January 13, 1867, and were ordered to publish the information about the upcoming marriage for 15 days.

On the 25th, they returned to the judge with witnesses, including one Brigido Manjarrez, to verify that they had fulfilled the legal requirements. Since no one had come forward to object, they were given the judge’s blessing to go forward with the marriage.

So, on 28 Jan 1867 in San Ignacio De Loyola, San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico, the priest performed the holy sacrament of marriage.

He was the father of at least 3 sons, as records of their baptisms were found at Family The oldest, Domingo Benjamin, was born in 1869. Anastacio came along in 1873, followed by Clemente was born in 1874.

Because church records are not always the best, and a lot of deaths went unreported, we don’t know exactly when Clemente died, however he is listed as deceased on Domingo’s wedding record in 1897.

Spouse: Maria Trinidad Viera Bastidas

Maria Trinidad Viera

Maria Trindad married Clemente Yuriar on 28 Jan 1867 in in San Ignacio De Loyola, San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico.


She was the mother of at least 3 sons, as records of their baptisms were found at Family

** Note that her name is often misspelled. Sometimes it appears as “Viera”, sometimes it is shown as “Biera”.  There may be other variations as well.