AI: Auditions continue

So… yea. You know the deal. A bunch of losers, a few winners, and every winner has a sob story. *sigh*  I’m tired of recapping these things already.  Although I must say, the “Amazing Grace” dude – you know… the one that refused to leave, resisted security, and put up a fight to the point that they had to handcuff him and escort him out of the building…  He was downright freaky.  I seriously don’t blame Simon for declaring this is his last year after putting up with crazies like this.  Creepy.

Also, a note to the beatboxer/human drum machine…

He swore he was bringing “something new!” Randy was all… um.. Blake Lewis much? and dude was all, “but he didn’t beatbox while he was singing!”  Um.. dude, that because you absolutely slaughtered that song. Seriously, I couldn’t hear a single word you “sang”, if you could even call it that.  Please don’t do that again. Ever. That is all.

AI: Chicago Auditions

Chase-playing tonight, cuz I was busy rejoicing over Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts.  Awesome!

Shania! “Man! I feel like a woman!”  Dude.  I lurve her music.  So… now we’re done pimping her out, so on with the obligatory Obama references.  Meh. Yes we can — get cottonballs for our ears.

First contestant, Katelyn.  She’s from a recently broken home, and TPTB (the powers the be) try to play up the sob story.  Her voice is nice though.  Simon and Kara both think she needs to put a little more heart n soul into her performances, but she’s through.

I like the personality of this second chic.  What the…  did she just pass out?? oh damn… I wish she had passed out!  And then oh my word…  She’s “bewb-boxing”…  Wha? She was cute and funny, but… um.. no. Not a singer.  Try broadway chica.

Charity Vance swears if she makes it through she will freak out and be the “crazy person on camera.”  Her voice is … wow.  She sounds good.  She gets to freak out on camera.

Que the Loser Parade!

And in walks Angela Martin. Things didn’t work out for her last time. She sings Mary J Blige “Fine” – I love that song. The judges think she deserves a break in life, and she’s through.

Now it’s time for the Winner Parade… A group of people good enough to get tickets to hollywood, but since we only have an hour tonight, they aren’t good enough for us to get to see them.

Day 2! Curly needs to go… he needs to go soooo bad that I just hit fast foward.  The whole Judges panel minus Simon tries to give the next girl, Alana, singing lessons.  She obviously doesn’t get through, and this obviously a loser parade.

Brian comes out… and he’s already a joke… but as soon as he said “my favorite artist, Tiny Tim”….  I hit fast forward. OMG… Just… NO!

Harold is looking like he’s trying to be a pimp, like he’s all that… He sings Usher, and it’s a no.  He tries to blame it on allergies, but Kara shoots him down, and he breaks out in tears right on the stage.

This Loser Parade is set to Shania’s “That don’t Impress Me Much”.

John Park is here because his parents are pissed he wants to be a singer.  They think he should “get a real job”.  He’s got a nice, deep sound.  Shania says he has a “beautiful bottom end”. Randy starts messing with her, and she changes it to “nice tone down there” which sets Randy off even more… Then Shania hits the hat trick with “you have a good head.”  Oh my word!!  Once the judges get over their fits of giggles, he gets a golden ticket because, well, he’s the best voice to walk through the doors all day.

Paige Dechausse is an asthmatic. She has a nice sound.  She had some pitch problems, but the girls think she has potential, and they convince Randy, so she’s through.  And she’s so excited she’s sucking on her inhaler.

A bunch of people are good enough for the golden tickets.  Thirteen in total on Day 2. That’s it.

Farewell Chicago.  Thank goodness.

AI: the ATL auditions

Ok… so Mary J Blige is in the house! Awesome! I adore her song “Fine“.

First dude out is stiff, and wooden, and singing his own “original” song… He starts in a really bad falsetto, and goes into a deep bass so low I can’t hear it.  but I so don’t care… Oh… and this poor guy just doesn’t know when to walk away. *sigh*

Lil’ Miss Congeniality is doing Celine Dion. She puts a nice twist on things…  based on what we’ve seen so far, she’ll be through.  She’s a cutie pie.  I almost snorted my soda when Kara said “I love that you don’t make any crazy faces when you sing.”  *cough Jessica Simpson cough*

This touches off a parade of females who can sing pretty decently.  Leading us to Jermaine, who takes care of his mom who has Spina-bifida.  He’s doing Joan Osbourne.  I’m not sure how I feel about the song, but what he did with it… rocked.

Kristy Marie is a TV show hostess.  Who thinks she’s just to promote her show?  Yea…  I’m not buying her vocals at all, it’s way to choppy for that song… LOL @ Simon! “Singing is my life! I wanna go to hollywood!” Simon: “Not with that audition.” LOL!!

And Kristy touches off the loser parade, which leads us to Vanessa, a “bridge jumper” from Tennessee…  and she sounds hillbilly too.  Whatcha bet she sings country? DH says “DUH! whatcha u think, she’s gonna get up there and sing Shakira?”  Aaaaand…  no, I just don’t dig this one…  but somehow the judges like her and think she’s a “authentic country girl”…  I swear to you, when Simon said she was through she totally said “Are you cereal??” and then told her momma she’d be riding on an “Aire-O-Plane” …  I can not make this stuff up.  There is almost no way this girl makes it through Hollywood Week.

As hillbilly as this next guy sounds…  the AI producers are making completely fun of him with the “cheap dramatization” of his supposed 3 near death experiences.  And now he’s taking way too long to start his audition, and Mary cracked up laughing!  Kara’s trying to cover with the “Oh, Mary’s upset… ”  Mary gets herself under control, and Randy gets the kid started on a Garth Brooks song.  As soon as he starts, Mary cracks up again, and Simon just tells him “No.”  AI producers give us the treat of hearing the real Garth, while watch the next edition of the loser parade.

Oh. Noes. It’s the human guitar. She’s wearing her halloween costume to sing… *sigh* WOW! This little tiny voice turned into a deep power voice.  The guitar costume threw Mary off, but the girl told Simon he was “gorgeous” and she’s actually through.

The loser parade leads to Mallorie, who is actually good.  So good I rewound and listened twice.  There is a good possibility that this chick could be one of our finalists. She ushers in a Winners Parade! and Woo! Hot ‘Lanta is Hawt!

Oh…  Skii Bo Ski’s shirt is spelled wrong, “but that’s y we get discounts.” I’ll admit, I had him pegged as a loser in the holding room.  His voice is… not bad.  Mary & Randy agree – the vocal is ok, but the image sucks.  Mary J Blige tells him to make his image to match his vocals and he’ll do well.

OMG Ya’ll!  It’s the BFFs! Woo!!  And they make the cardinal mistake of auditioning together.  Simon tells them to form a group cuz apart they are boring, but together they are funny.  The blonde is through, the brunnette is in tears.

Simon has left because the latest round of the loser parade has given him a migraine.  And in walks the “street-wise cop.”  The cop is good.  Very Good.  He’s soooo through.

Lamar is super psyched to perform for Mary J Blige.  He goes with Seal’s Kiss From a Rose, and just tortures it.  Randy and Kara try to let him down easy… but he doesn’t get it.  Mary tells him to stop “elevating himself” or whatever, and he so doesn’t get, and keeps going until they have to call in the goons to chase him off.  Mary said she was scared of him and swears she thought he was gonna pull a piece.  He curses the whole way out to the street as security walks him like a block away from the venue.

One last audition, and there is no way this guy is going through cuz he’s too old.  But his song “Pants on the ground” is HI-Larious! “Pants on the ground, pants on the ground! Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!”  This song is soooo going to be on YouTube soon.

LOL! they had the whole crowd singing “Pants on the Ground”, aw… that’s awesome.

Correction, it’s already on Youtube! Enjoy (until fox finds it and pulls it)

and another version, filmed by another contestant on the show:

So that was the ATL. See ya’ll next time.

American Idol is back!

Honestly, I quit watching during the last season, and wasn’t planning to watch this season.  I think Idol  jumped the shark a few seasons back.  But I’m intrigued to see how Ellen does as judge this year.  Paula is… well… Paula. As encouraging as she could be, I was pretty tired of her “Kittens! Sunshine! WOO!” palm-clap thing.  I’ll be typing while watching, all stream-of-consciousness style, so forgive the spelling errors, LOLspeak, and excessive use of the ellipsis plz…  So here we go.

9000 fans, in Fenway park, in the cold and rain.  Yea, that’s good for the voice. /sarcasm.  Oh hey! we’re not even past the opening credits and I’ve already seen the first  “Oh HAIL NOE!” … A dude in a mint green super tight tee, with pink fairy wings and a tiara. Please tell me this was his 15 seconds of fame and we won’t have to endure him later. Oh well, on with the show.

Dude.  First contestant – it always sux to b the first…  but dude…  just because you can sing in front of a video game, doesn’t mean you should. Plz go home now.

hey AI producers – wtg exploiting the down syndrome brothers to get contestant 2 a sob story.  She has a decent voice… a little shaky, but decent…  u cud have let her stand on her own…

Oh Noes! Pat Ford… Plz just stop. You are a trainwreck. First plz don’t dance anymore… and oh my word…  He’s singing Britney’s Womanizer!  Oh plz…  just end this… Oh, and he’s picking a fight with Simon…  surefire way to get camera time.  Dude! if Randy tells him to “stop singing forever” then yea…  this guy is BAD.

Jazz Chick is good… and a whole series of decent voiced females continue the parade.  Dude.  AI doesn’t sell enough commericials in their 5 minute spots…  so their now selling ads during the show? Nice little Ford ad down there guys… Ugh.

Mobster dude has a decent voice… and we haven’t put any guys through yet, so… he’ll make it.

Hippie Derek…  no. make it stop. I’m fast-forwarding.  Oh! and Derek touches off the loser parade…  Weep, weep, sob, sob.

Ooo… Anime chick… who wants to bet she’s here to get the camera time to hype her fashion line…  I mean, costume changes in the holding room…  yea… oh! and as soon as she opens her mouth its sooo obvious that’s exactly what this is… and yea, pick a fight a with Simon to get more face time on camera.  *sigh* I’m so over this.

But there is hope… Seems to be a group of guys messing around with harmonies in the holding room who all sound really good.  WTG guys!

Andrew really doesn’t have the personality for this show.  He’s sporting some serious BC’s.  He starts off bad by being pissy with Seacrest, the camera man, Simon…  everyone…  oh! OW!!! His singing… no…  and now he’s fighting with Kara… Bad move.  Like Simon says, he’s very sulky, aggressive, etc… and yea..  and like Posh says, he doesn’t have the goods to back it up. LOL! Kara says he needs a spanking and this show just veered into the gutter.  Poor guy, he seems utterly shell-shocked at the girls’ reaction.

Oh good grief…  Boston is full of Music Colleges…  that means ALOT of sucky, uber-affected voices all of whom genuinely think they can sing, cuz they go to music school! WOO! Ugh.

Ashley is pretty good out of the gate…  Ha. Kara tells her she’s got a look that is very “commercial”.  That’s Kara-ese for “U R Hawt. U will sell records with ur bewbies.”  But she’s got the voice to back it up, so she’s through.

The drummer who broke both wrists… I have a feeling this will end badly.  The judges rag on him for his retro look… wow…  pleasantly surprised with this guy…  Tyler – he’s got a nice voice, and gets 4 yeses.

So, Day 2.  The waitress with alot of confidence who is self-taught by singing along with Mariah Carey… Yea… this isn’t going to end well.  Aaaand….  it doesn’t.  Uh, Buh-bye!

Speedboat dude has the voice, and wow… one of the better ones I’ve heard so far. How does Randy think that wasn’t good? Was he listening to the same audition? Whateva.  He’s through.

16 yr old Katie is amazing… even without the backstory of the gramma with Alzheimers… She’s got a voice that stands on it own.

Joshua has the hard job of following Katie.  He’s a little flat in places, and really, dude, pick a note.  Randy tries to give him assertiveness lessons by having him yell at Simon, who isn’t doing anything yet.  They put him through, but he won’t make it through Hollywierd Hell Week.

Seacrest shows us a bit of the behind-the-scenes action.  And to illustrate how intimidating all that sound equipment, crew, & lighting can be, we are treated to a series of really bad singing, including the William Hung Wanna-Be.

And… It’s cancer boy’s turn.  They’ve been hyping him all episode, so you know he’s got a voice and will make it.  He’s got a nice sound, very mellow.  Simon loves it, you can tell by his smile.  Victoria takes a page out of Kara’s book and judges him based on his “nice face, girls will love you.”  Of course he’s through.

oh no. the Micheal Jackson wanna-be. Costumes are generally an indication of an attention whore with a really bad voice.  Simon nails this one, “You sing like a 3 yr old girl, you dress like Latoya Jackson…” Yea, just no. Buh-bye dude.

The son of Nigerian immigrants, Bosa, is pretty ok.  That’s a country song, and he put a nice twist on it.  Randy is the deciding vote, and Bosa is through.  He needs to work on his attitude, he was a little shaky.  Not sure if he will make it through Hell week though.

This last girl had me a little worried, cuz she was almost in tears before she even started…   But she has a really nice voice.  She’s a little shaky because she’s so nervous. She needs some confidence if she’s to survive Hollywood.

So that’s a wrap.  32 people from the Boston auditions have tickets to Hollywood, and thankfully we never saw the mint fairy thing from the opening credits.  Tomorrow night AI goes to Atlanta with – looks like – Mary J Blige?  Should be fun, see you then.

Hollywood week.

Seacrest starts the show by saying “there can be only one.”  What are we on highlander now?  Will the contestants be handed swords and told to behead the competition?  That might raise the ratings.

Loved the pierced guy who sings Ray Boltz “The Anchor Holds”… Well, until he has a breakdown on stage. *sigh*

Rose really picked a good song for her time at bat in Hollywood.  She was nervous, so she sang “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”.  It was good, because her nerves served to put more emotion into the performance.

Dude, the guy with the alter ego…  No.  He gets laughs because everyone figures he won’t get through.

OO!  Blind guy got through.  they didn’t give him any airtime, but, he’s got talent.  I hope he gets a friendly bunch on Group Sing day…  someone who will work with his vision impairments.

I disagree with Paula.  I don’t think the guy who just lost his wife is ready for this.  I think he sounded shaky.  I think he needs time to grieve his wife.  Next year he would probably rock this show.  This year…  I will be surprised if he doesn’t wind up having a break down on stage one week.

Tomorrow is Group Nite!  Should be fun.

AI is back

American Idol is back, and so is JD!!  Ya’ll have got to head over there and check out his review.

Personally, I’m tired of the stupid fame-seekers looking for 5 minutes off a bad audition.  Oh, and may I just say, I totally agreed with Kara about the lack of “swing” or emotion coming from BikiniGirl.  I hate that such a young girl, with a fairly decent voice, felt she needed to use her body to sell her voice.  That’s just sad.  I think Blind Guy will do awesome IF he can make it through the group portion of HollyWierd Hell Week. Hopefully he gets paired up with some understanding guys, like Sensitive Roughneck, who will work with him to make it work.

Now go check out JD’s full review!  it’s teh awesome!

AI: and the winner is… David!

So I tuned in to the last 15 minutes of the the finale.

What the hell was George Micheal singing?  Some song called Praying for Time which not only did not sound good, but made no sense.

Cowell apologized to Cook.  Too little to late.

and the winner by 12 million votes is….

David Cook!

Wha? Wha?  No freakin’ way!!!

That’s so freakin’ awesome! they finally got this one right!

FWIW – David has been playing for his brother, that AC on his guitar – Adam Cook, his brother is sick, some kind of cancer.

WordNerds rock!  *S*

This is so awesome.  Finally the person I wanted to win, actually does.

WTG David Cook.

AI: Dave Vs Dave

Ok.  The boxing announcement is just annoying.  Though Cook got into it, Arch just didn’t seem to.  At least the crowd seems to be pretty evenly split for the Davids.  Oh my word, “Big David” and “Little David”?? Good grief.  I’d rather they said Cook & Arch.  Seacrest is doing his best to build up the tension, but fo’ real, just let the boyz get their sing on already, mkay?

So, three rounds, Cook goes first.  Randy says they have to bring everything they got tonite baby!  Um.  Yea.  Isn’t that the case every week??  I’m so fast forwarding through the crap.

Cook: Take 1 – “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”  Dude is hot.  Really, this isn’t a fair comeptition.  Cook is an awesome Rocker, and Archie is a ballad/pop guy.  It’s going to come down to what TPTB think they need to round out the Idol music house which style of music gets more votes.  Randy is stuck in a time warp and calls this the Duel of 2007.  Paula is all hot and bothered.  Simon says he’s phenomenal.

Arch: Take 1 – “Don’t let the sun go down on me”  Now see, Archie should have gone first.  After the high energy rocker, this feels like a downer.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a sweetheart who can sing.  But this is one of those lighter songs…  you know what I mean??  He young, and to me just doesn’t have the stage prescence of Cook.  There he goes with the closing eyes again.  Randy says it’s the best of the season.  Paula needs a sweater cuz she’s got chills.  Simon thought last week was OK, and tonight was the best he’s done so far.   And Tonight is the night that these guys really have to suck so hardcore in order to get a bad review, so of course they were all good reviews.  But I disagree that round 1 goes to Arch.  I think Cook did a much better job.

Note to AI Producers:  Enough with the boxing clips already.  Ugh!

Cook: Take 2 – “Dream Big”  Dude.  He freakin’ rocks!  I’m loving this!  High energy, totally grooveable.  I would so buy this song on (Note to AI PTB – I don’t do iTunes!  Many of us don’t!)  Randy says he sang his face off.  Paula is all kittens and Sunshine, and Simon is trying to rain on everyone’s parade claiming it was a 6 1/2 out of 10.  Simon can kiss my ass.  Cook rocked it!

Arch: Take 2 – “In the Moment”  Again with the downer!  Ugh.  Guess it’s kinda obvious I’m more of a rocker huh?  At least I am right now, my taste in music varies almost by the hour. Randy says he could sing the phone book, Paula craps a rainbow, and Simon says that despite the egotistical lyric, round 2 to the Arch.  You know what, suck it Cowell.  Cook rocks.

Webber I think that is, says they both have to sing as if it’s their last night on the show – uhh… cuz it’s the finale!  Duh!

Cook: Take 3 – “The World I Know” It was good.  Simon pulls his pants down and just craps all over Cook.  Ugh.

Dude!  Hancock looks like a fun movie.  I love me some Will Smith.  Yum!  *S*

Arch: Take 3 – “Imagine”  UGH!  Again witht he slow ballad-y downers!  AHHH!  Wow.  he hit the note, let’s all cheer enthusiastically.  Yes, I feel very sarcastic right now.  With that last judgment against Cook, it’s clear to me that this kid is our winner no matter what.  “take my hand and join us, and the world will live as one.”  weep weep  sob sob…  touchy feel crap.  Nope.  I can’t even pretend to like this.  Randy all but admits that this Dave V Dave was planned.  Paula is her usual.  Simon says Arch is the “stahr” of the night, and perpetuates the boxing crap by saying Archie knocked ’em out.

Call me a cynic, but it’s clear to me that TPTB (The Powers That Be) wants Arch to win.  For the first time ever in Idol history, I’ve cast a vote. Yes, I know, all this time and I’ve never voted.  Honestly, I think the whole thing is rigged.  It’s a fun watch, but it’s rigged.  Cook so deserves this.  He did not deserve the massive dump Cowell laid on him.

On the plus side, Cook will lose tomorrow, and then will probably have a bigger career then Arch because of being able to get out from under the 19 thumb early.

AI: Top 3

I missed David A’s first song. I was busy putting my kids to bed. But honestly, I’m pretty sure the judges and TPTB want this to be a David V David finale, so in my mind this is a bit moot.

David A: Missed the first one. “And so it goes” I think… the clip at the end was ok. Can’t judge by that though.

Take 2: “With You” yea. He’s a cutie. Randy says it was weird to see him sing “My Boo”. Paula says it was perfect tone, and she kind of tries to say that he was nervous. Simon calls him a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger, claiming that it was a bit awkward because it wasn’t “David A”.

Take 3: “Longer” by Dan somebody. It was nice. Ballads are definitely this kid’s schtik. Randy and Paula agree this kid could sing the phone book and it would be hot. Simon says that David sang it well, and did a great job with the ooey gooey heaping mess of crap that is that song.

Syesha: “If I ain’t got you” by Alisha Keyes – this was Randy’s choice for her. Sorry girlfriend, but this seems like a second rate copy of Alisha. She’s a good singer… but… Randy says she did an amazing job on it. Paula is sunshine and kittens and Girl Power! Simon says she didn’t change it enough, and faults Randy for picking something that she would pretty much have to copy the original artist.

Take 2: “Fever” by Peggy Lee. Mad props for doing this in those heels. I would bust my ankle in about 2 seconds. I do have a problem with that skirt though. Seriously, the wrong camera angle will turn this from a family show to something way more icky. Would it have killed her to have another inch or two of fabric. Randy says it was interesting, but she sang it well. Paula says it doesn’t show of who Syesha is. Simon says she’ll regret it in the morning, that instead of being contemporary, she did a lame cabaret song.

Take 3: “Hit Me Up” Randy says that Rhianna-esque is her genre. Paula just gave her the kiss of death. Simon seals the deal with “forgettable.”

David C.: “First Time Ever I saw your face” Cowell says he wanted to give Cook something he could play around with. Since I’ve never heard it before, got to admit, it’s sounding… pretty ok. Randy complains he didn’t make it a rock song. Paula says it’s a fav song and he’s the 2nd fav who sings it. Simon says one of the best performances of it.

Take 2: “Dare you to Move” by Switchfoot I liked it. Randy said it wasn’t his best. Paula says that it’s hard to but a 3:30 song to a minute, and that we really needed more. Simon agrees that it was just OK.

Take 3: “I don’t want to miss a thing” Ooo… Areosmith. Good song. He’s rockin’. Pretty decent. Standing “O” from Paula. Randy tries to shout down the audience to declare that it was predictable and alright. Paula is a little weird declaring its that middle, beginning and end, and she’ll see him in the finals. Simon says with that song David Cook wins the night.

Like I said, this is supposed to be David vs David. Syesha is gone. I mean, I’m pretty sure she’s been in the bottom 3 since the top 12, yet she has outplayed, outwitted, outlasted the rest (sorry, wrong show). She’s gone tomorrow.

AI: Top 4

It’s rock n roll night.  Isn’t this kind of slanted to Cook?  He had better rock this.  Speaking of…

David Cook:  “Hungry like a wolf”  Channelling Randy here..  I dunno..  for me it was just alright…  Dude… Randy agrees me!  It’s was an “ok choice”  Paula was her usually sunny stuttering self, and Simon says it was a bit copy-cat-ish.  Not at all what people have come to expect from the Rocker.

Take 2:  “Baba O’Rielly (Teenage Wasteland” Dude!  It’s the CSI NY song!!  It was good.  The only way I know this song is the opening to CSINY.  Simon says, “Welcome back David Cook” so I guess he did really well.  DH agrees.

Syesha:  “Proud Mary”  She sang well.  I really don’t see how she’s still here after being in the bottom 3/2 ever since we made the 12.  I’m lovin’ Simon on this review!  Syesha is no Tina.  and she totally tried to be.

Take 2: “A Change Gonna Come”  The gold dress is rockin’ fo’ real.  It sounded good.  I think she’ll make it through this week to the top 3.  Randy didn’t like it.  Now see, I’ve never really heard the original (sorry!) Paula gives her a standing O, and stutters through some praise.  Honestly, she sounds like she’s in pain, like she’s off her meds to make sure she doesn’t make another mix up.  Simon agrees with Paula, and Syesha bawls big time.

Jason Castro: “I shot the Sheriff”  He seems drunk in clip.  Dude.  to quote Whitney, “Oh Hell to the NO!” This sucks!  I just can’t wait to see what simon says.  Randy says “Karaoke Bomb.”  Paula wasn’t crazy about!  even Paula has trouble saying something nice.  Simon says “Atrocious.”  He says it’s a song you do not touch the arrangement, and says “I don’t know what you’re thinking???”  and the only similarity w. Marley was the Hair.

Take 2: “Mr. Tambourine Man”  he forgot the lyrics!!!  He is so gone!  He didn’t even try to fake it.  It’s too bad because, being that I’ve never heard to orig., it sounded ok until that, and the end was… bad.  Jason says, I lost some lines there.  Randy says he’s not in the zone.  Paula says, It is what it is.  Well you know it’s bad when that is the nicest comment Paula can come up with.  Simon says “I’d pack my suitcase.”  I love that when Simon said, “Jason.”  He said, “oh shit.”  He he he he.  He so knew what was coming from the Brit.

David A.: “Stand by Me”   Best performance so far for the night.  Nice.  very nice.  Finally!  A Smile from Randy!!  Paula just crapped a rainbow.  Simon says he could have whistled the damn song and done better then the last performance, then called it the best so far.   He’s such a little cutie…  like…  lil’ munchkin cute.  his responses to the fans are always so endearing….

Take 2: “Love Me Tender” That was beautiful.  Based on tonight, he wins.  Randy and Paula agree, and Simon says he didn’t beat the competition tonight, he crushed it.

It think bottom 2 is Syesha – surprise suprise, and Castro – no.. really?  and yea…  see if you can who’s going home.  Mr. I can’t remember my lyrics Castro.  Uh, Buh-Bye.  Yes, that means Syesha makes it through another week.

Then again, as Seacrest points out, this is point when Daughtry went out because “people thought he was safe.”  So this could be the point where one of the David’s decides that he really doesn’t want the entanglement of a long 19 contract, and a “surprise out” would happen.