LOST on the Fringe

I just watched both the pilot episode of Fringe, and the second show.  Wow.  This show is good, but then, I would expect nothing less of JJ Abrams.  But After watching both episodes, I find myself wonderring…

What if Fringe is an extension of LOST?

Really, the whole idea of “fringe science”, well, it sounds alot like what the Dharma folks were into.  The big company Massive Dynamic…  Seems like The Hanso Foundation, only more commercial, less “altrustic”.

Plus, Matthew Abbadon is running the show on Fringe, only his name is Phillip Broyles.  But since when is anything on LOST what it seems? and who says Broyles is his real name?  Is it possilbe that he’s working both sides of the fence?  (Obviously the actor is, but what if the shows were tied together this way?)

Obviously this show, Fringe, is a battle between Good and Evil, but Good spent the last 17 years in a mental institution and is slightly unstable now.  Plus the company, Massive Dynamic, isn’t going to be all evil, there will be many shades of gray making us wonder just whose side are they on anyway?

And how many out there think the “medical history” of Peter that Dr. Bishop alluded to, is that Peter is actually his clone, not his son?  That Peter is the result of one of Bishop’s experiments, an experiment that went right for a change.

Whatever, this is certainly worth another look next week.  I just have to remember to set the DVR for House @ 8, and Fringe @ 9.

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4.12 – There's no place like home – pt 1

If the producers kill of Desmond, they will so have an uprising from their female fans who want to see that love story have a happy ending. Jin on the hand, is so dead. After the actor’s DUI arrest last year… he’s gone. As it looks right now, Jin, Des, and Micheal will be blown up attempting to disarm the explosives on the boat. Although I’m hoping Des survives, I think Jin has known for a long time that he would not be getting off the island. He has been telling Sun that he would get her off the island, but I haven’t heard him promise that “they would get off the island.”

So, something on the boat is transmitting. Who thinks that “torch the island” really means blow the boat and leave no survivors?

Also, from last week, when Claire was spotted by Locke in Jacob’s cabin with her Daddy, Christian Sheppard, and she seemed very blasé about the whole thing…  I think she’s dead.  There is no way she would leave Aaron in a tree stump.  I think she’d rather die than abandon him.  Personally, I think it was internal bleeding from the rocket attack that blew up her house.  But that’s just my wild theory.

Back to this week – I loved when Sun pwned her dad.  That was just too good!  Interesting that she said he was one of two people responsible for Jin’s death.  So who is the other one that she blames?  Ben?  Widmore?  Herself?  Things that make you go, hmmm….

The last scene at Christian Sheppard’s funeral – the one where Claire’s mother reveals to Jack that Claire is his half sister – You know what just killed me about that?  Jack can’t even tell the woman that Aaron is her grandson.  Because telling that destroys Kate’s claim to the baby and goes against the “story” they’ve been given.

Does anyone else wonder how Oceanic is going to explain the fact that they sent a camera into the wreckage and all bodies were “accounted” for, and yet at least 8 got out of the plane, with six surviving?  And the photo of them being welcomed by the island village…  Is it real?  or is it a fake setup?

Think about it, the six are Sun & Aaron (both on the freighter right now), Sayid & Kate – who have been captured by the Others as they ran through the jungle looking for Jack & Sawyer, who are out looking for Hurley, who’s stuck with Locke and Ben trying to move the island.  Based on the preview of next epsiode, we hear Ben telling someone that if they intend to leave, they had better do so, and they have about an hour. Since Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, and Jack will all be heading for the Orchid Station – where Hurley is, my guess is, they all battle Keamy and the gang, and once the moving mechanism is triggered, Ben tells them to grab Frank the pilot and hi-tail it out of there.  Thing is, Sawyer has already said he likes life on the island.  So when Kate hops on the helicopter with the guys, Sawyer kisses her goodbye.  I don’t get why Kate is so eager to leave either.  She’s only going back to murder charges and mom who has disowned her.  She’s all lovin’ on Sawyer…  is it the pregnant chicks die thing?  Is she scared of getting knocked up on the island?  I wouldn’t blame her on that one, for real…

It’s possible that once the helicopter gets back to the boat, Faraday is back with load two, then, the boat blows up.  the transmitter on Keamy’s arm is wired to the explosives in the boat, and set up so that if the island starts to move, the signal is sent and the boat explodes.  That would put the survivors of the freighter – Sun, Aaron, Jack, Kate, Sayid, & Hurley into the life raft heading away from the island and the blown up boat.  The photo could be real as they wash up in the fishing village.

But, whatever happens…  I so want to see Penny and Des reunited.  That is one of the best love stories on this show.

Oh, and it occured to me – Remember Des was having vision of Charlie’s death, and he kept saving Charlie?  What if the island was trying to kill Charlie so he could not do the thing in the Looking Glass station?  What if, when Des repeated saves Charlie, the island showed Des Charlie dying in the water to try to get Des to save Charlie again?  but it backfired.  But will come of Des’s vision of Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter?  I mean, Aaron is off the island on the boat already.  How does this fit with Des’s vision of the future?

So many questions.  I love this show!  So much to think about and theorize.  It’s awesome.

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4.9 The Shape of Things to Come

First, how many of you thought Claire bit it in the open when her house was blown up? huh? huh? I see that hand. Yes, I thought so too. I’m not sure we will find out how Aaron winds up with Kate this season. I think Cuse and Lindelof will drag this out as long as possible.

Weirdness, the freighters doctor washed up on shore with his throat slit. But later on, when Faraday, who is, I believe, the one Freightie that the LOSTies can trust. The man simply can not lie. Even when he tries to, he just can’t.

Alex tripped the panic button to alert Daddy they were coming. She only did because they would not promise her to leave Claire and the baby alone. Honestly, I felt bad for Ben for like 2 milliseconds when Alex was executed. This guy Keamy has no heart.

I’ve been saying for weeks/months now that I thought Ben could teleport. when he was laying in the desert in the arctic type jacket I just about jumped up shouting, “See! See! I told you! I told you he could!!!”

At least we know that Sayid did indeed find his Nadia post-island. The question is, did Widmore & his man really kill Nadia? Or is his man trailing Ben? Did Ben take advantage of a sad situation to get what he wanted, a hitman? I’ve been saying that Ben is a master manipulator. I believe he has the ability to read minds, thats how he can pull out the info on whoever whenever, even if he hasn’t had time to do his homework.

This show is such a mind job. I could literally get lost in the wikis and the forums for hours. but my kids are waking up. Time to move on. *Sigh*

Must add though – I sincerely hope that Ben does not find Penny.  I truly love the Desmond/Penny love story.  they are one couple that I want to see live happily ever after.  I wanted Sun and Jin to be able to also, but that ain’t gonna happen.  and Charly and Claire.  But.. yea.  So Ben better not find Penny!!!

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4.7 Ji Yeon

So much!  First of all, were you as confused as I was with the whole Jin/Sun flash thing??  I was sooo happy to see Jin had made it off the island!  Then when the nurse said it was a boy, I got very confused.  When Jin told the nurse he had only been married two months, the light dawned.  We weren’t seeing Jin and Sun together like we usually do.  This was a flashback for Jin, a flash forward for Sun.  Then when Sun took the baby girl to the tombstone, I was so convinced that Jin is alive on the island, and the tombstone is part of the cover story.  Convinced until I saw this.  Yup.  the actor who plays Jin was arrested for DUI.  We all know what happens to LOST cast members who get arrested.  AnaLucia, Libby, Eko.  All were arrested, the first two for DUI, and Eko for driving w/out a license.  So…  Jin is truly dead on the show.  The only questions are how, and how long will it take them to show us how?

I think, since Jumper Des told Past Faraday about Penny, that when Penny started searching for Des, Faraday probably told her about the island, and that’s how Penny knew.  Most likely, she went to her father for the resources to find the island, without knowing that he was looking for the same place.  I think Daddy Widmore let Penny look for the island, figuring the chances were better of finding it with more of them looking.  Then he used the information that Des was on the island, in hopes that by sending his team in to “rescue Des,” Des would be his key to getting to Ben and getting the information he wanted off the island.  But, does Widmore know that 815 is on the island as well?  I’m not sure.  It depends on who actually staged the crash site in the Sundra Trench.

I think that Widmore staged it to throw people off the scent of the island.  But there is a possibility that Ben staged it for the same reasons.  The question is who to trust?  The Captain and Crew, who aren’t exactly forthcoming with details of why they are there?  Or Ben and Michael, who aren’t exactly known for their truthiness?  Ben has been the Ultimate Deceiver and Manipulator since he came on the scene.  Yet, of the crew, Faraday is the only one who seems to have enough innocence and purity left to be worth trusting.  I don’t think Faraday has lied to anyone there yet.  Not spoken the whole truth, yes.  Been put in a rock and hard place, most assuredly.  Seems like he is being hog-tied by Charlotte every time he tries to speak.  The Frieghter folk don’t want him to be alone with the LOSTies because he will indeed spill the beans.  I think the LOSTies best chance of figuring things out would be to separate Faraday from the rest, and grill him.

Also, I think the Button, and the 108 minutes, had something to do with keeping the island in the correct time.  The LOSTies crash sept 22, 2004.  Des calls Pen Dec 24, 2004.  That’s only 95 days.  Yet the LOSTies have been on the Island for about 97 days.   Somehow, I think the Button had something to do with controlling the mechanisms that speed or slow time on the island.

BTW, I was so disappointed to see Michael on the boat. I was sure it was Ben!  I still think Ben has mind reading abilities that only enhance his character as the manipulator.  I still think Ben’s mind reading is how he’s running everything even when he is captive.  It’s how he knew where Char and Faraday were headed, and how he got the message out to the Shrink, who I think has the astral projection ability, so she could warn Juliet.

I could go on and on for hours…  I just love dissecting this show, and spinning off my own theories.  But…  one last thing before I go.

Did anyone notice that Sun’s family didn’t show up to see the grandchild?   Also, it’s been noted in the fan sites that the name on the hospital bag was different from her true name.  I do believe Jin is dead.  Is it possible that Sun decided to take a new name, and declare herself dead to her family to get out of whatever her father the mobster is in?  It’s also possible that since she is one of the Oceanic Six, the hospital registered under a false name to help protect her privacy.  Whatever the reason…  it’s an interesting tidbit I found worth mentioning.

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4.6 The Other Woman

Woah!  Mind trip!  I so love this show and it’s ability to get me thinking.  I actually think I have learned more about electromagnetism and parapsychology by getting to this show.

So Ben is hot for Juliet and thinks she is “his.”  The shrink suggested Juliet looked “just like” some female in Ben’s past.  My guess, a wife that we haven’t been introduced to yet.  Probably one who died in childbirth.

Juliet is an enigma.  She is not totally on board with Ben and his crew.  But she knows enough about him to realize that he will get his way, and he will win, and she is trapped.

I think the time warp has a big effect on the pregnant women.  We learned when Sun had her ultrasound that the men’s fertility increases dramatically on the island…  maybe it’s less an increase, and more a result of the fetility process being sped up due to the time warp.  Remember when they were recruiting Juliet, and showed her the scans of a woman’s reproductive organs, and Juliet guess the woman was 70, when in fact she was 26?   I think that even though time is slower on the island, reproductive systems are sped up.

And Ben’s “man” on the boat??  Is Ben.   I still say that he is what Dharma wanted, and is powerful in reading minds and possibly astral projection.  He reads Locke like an open book, and is obviously still in control of the Others, despite being a prisoner.  I think this works because of his unique abilities that we are not privy to yet.

Daddy Widmore is the one after the island.  Makes sense now.  Kind of.  At least I know he’s not dead.  Bet Penny learned of the island through the journal that her father bought.  Being what she knew of Dessie’s last time he saw her, she put two and two together.  I do not think her Dad knows she’s looking for the island too, but I think he does know Des is there.  not sure how, unless one of Ben’s People blabbed, not just about Ben, but Dessie and everything else also.  Somehow they knew about the gas and the “incident” – which I think was the mass slaughter of Dharma by Ben.  They seem to know alot about the Dharma infrastructure too.  I think that when the Hanso Foundation gave up on Dharma, Alavar’s buddy Widmore decided to pick up where the Hanso’s left off.  Difference is, the Hanso’s had grand illusions of finding solutions to life’s problems and humanity’s issues.  Widmore, I believe, wants to exploit the island’s capabilities for personal and professional gain.

Oh, and the teaser of the “person you never thought you’d see again” returning…   I say it’s AnaLucia.  She’s already been mentioned twice the season.  We know the island has healing properties, and based on the mobi-sodes, it’s clear that it can even raise the dead.  (Christian Shepherd was seen talking with Vincent and walking into the jungle in the first mobi-sode), so it’s not all that far fetched that AnaLucia, or even Libby comes back.  I vaguely remember hearing rumors that we weren’t done with Libby, yet I think that I’ve seen news that Michelle Rodriguez is back in Hawaii.  So it could be either, but I think it’s AnaL.

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4.5 The Constant

So… Apparently Desmond is a “Jumper” ‘cept he keeps jumping around his own his life, and Apparently trading places with the Des in the past. He’s time jumping! He keeps jumping back and forth! But somehow, the folks on the freighter were ready for something like this. How did they know? This doesn’t fit the traditional flashback/forward format of the show, but then again, Dessie has broken those rules before.

Dude!! I knew I heard Fisher King’s voice! and now we know why he won’t answer the phone, huh? *S* Seems he and buddy tried to get a peek at the island and sailed through a time storm. Now the buddy is dead and Fisher King is FUBAR.

So this whole episode was set up to let us know about the rift in time on the island. That “storm” they passed through? not a storm, as much as a break in time. Des already had trouble with time jumping and visions of the future, and Faraday says that prolonged exposure to radiation will cause problems. Did anyone hear Faraday say that he’d been exposed to radiation for long time due to his experiments with Eloise? You see that note on his Journal?? That Des Hume would be his constant? I think he sent Des to meet him in order to save himself. Faraday doesn’t have many friends, so sending past Des to meet up with past Faraday is likely the only way that Faraday can create a constant for himself. Likely Faraday is “jumping” to a different year, most likely sometime after 1996, because otherwise Past Faraday would totally believe future Des when he was approached. However, it’s plausible that Faraday is having flashes of the future like Des had on the island. Maybe on island you don’t jump time so much as see flashes of the future. I mean, yea, Des jumped for a brief time during the hatch explosion, but Faraday explained the exposure to radiation of electromagnetism will make your consciousness jump. Since the consciousness is jumping, it’s possible that past Des won’t remember anything, or else it will seem like a strange dream, if future Des is successful in stopping the jumps. But Penny sure will.

Which brings me to pappa Widmore buying the journal of the Black Rock. Mr. Widmore hated Des when Des wanted to marry Penny. I think his reason for giving Des the address is nothing more than wanting to let Penny smack this guy down, and kick him out of her life forever. But! He bought the journal of the Black Rock, that boat that’s stuck in the middle of the island?? Maybe, just maybe, there is a note in the journal about the island. Maybe that’s how Penny knows about the island. Maybe the first mate of the Black Rock was the only one to escape the island somehow, with the journal, in which he wrote about time jumping (makes sense since Faraday is carrying a journal everywhere and new notes appear in it), and the island’s approximate location. In this past summer’s ARG, we learned that Oscar Talbot, heading the expedition that was supposedly looking for the Black Rock, works for the Maxwell Group, which is a division of Widmore Industries. Black Rock was run by the Hanso famliy. The Hanso’s and Widmore’s go way back. In the book, Bad Twin, released as part of the original ARG, Widmore mentions that he liked ol’ Alavar, and can’t stand Mittlewerk. For good reason as Mittlewerk was the very bad guy in the game. The expedition was looking for the Black Rock, yet they stumbled on the “wreckage” of 815, only it wasn’t. Remember Frank saw the footage on TV and knew right away it wasn’t the right guy in the people in the cockpit. Interestingly enough, Frank is soon afterward recruited to fly for the freighter looking for the island. It’s possible that by this point, the Maxwell group and Dharma know that 815 is on the island. They arrange the finding of815, completely playing Sam Thomas for a fool, to throw others off the scent of the island, and stop the people like Sam who want to know what happened to the plane. The Hanso’s knew about the island, and it’s potential. That’s why they set up Dharma there. Widmore probably knew something about Alavar’s insider info in the journal. That would be why he paid so much money for the journal. With Alavar missing, and Tovard selling off the journal (most likely without knowing what it contained, just saw it as a chance to make some fast money), Widmore steps up, and wants to find not only the island, but the abandoned Dharma system and all the information saved there. But! I think Daddy Widmore dies in 2001. That would explain how Penny gets knowledge of the island. She’s a smart woman. She knows that Des said it would be 8 years, and at that point it would have been 5. She knew he was sailing in the race to win over her dad, and his approx location when he disappeared completely, no traces of him at all. She puts his disappearance together with the Des who was acting very strange, and promised to call in 8 years. So she started trying to find the island. Her guys stationed in the Arctic were tasked to look for electromagnetic anomalies. She may have even heard of this “quack” Faraday and his theories of time travel, being that they all live in England. She may even talk to him. I think the Radio Guy was told not to answer because at this point I’m not sure that Penny controls Widmore. It’s possible that someone else close to her, but with power in the company knows she is looking for Des at this island, and does not want her to know that they’ve sent a boat out there to gather Dharma intel. Would explain how she doesn’t know about the boat when Maxwell Group is part of Widmore, and Widmore controls the Journal.

I think that Faraday came on this mission because Future Faraday is jumping around. He messed himself up in his experiments. Future Faraday has had a run in with Desmond at the island, and sends him back to find him at the beginning. That’s how Faraday knows the island exists where time can be bent. That knowledge is why he’s recruited for the mission to the island. After all, they recruited Frank after he ID’ed the “crash site” as a fake. He may even be jumping to several different years. Future Faraday knows that he has to help Desmond. That’s why he was cool with Des going to the ship, and that’s why he keeps spilling the beans about what is going on with the island. Future Faraday is giving himself a constant in all the time periods he jumps too, as well as in his past, before the jumps start. Perhaps Future Faraday knows that all but six die in the rescue due to a screwy time bend and a bad trip. I think he’s found a way to slow down the effects enough to continue to live in Future, until he can set up his Constant and save himself.

It seems that the Past Consciousness doesn’t *know* what happened in future, but can somehow feel that something is not right, or knows when something will be fine. That would explain why Past Des smiles when he leaves Penny. He knows that somehow it will work out. He just doesn’t know how. That’s why he holds on to Penny’s picture all those lonely years on the island. He’s not sure how, but somehow he knows she will find him and it will be ok. It also explains why Faraday is crying when 815 is “discovered,” but doesn’t know why it makes him sad. Future Faraday knows the fate of the real people, and it’s possible that he is jumping to the time frame just before the mission. Explains why the doctor on board thinks Faraday is useless and can’t even help himself. I think Faraday’s journal holds the key. I know that the consciousness jumps, and doesn’t physically take anything with him, but that journal looks really old. Plus, it has numbers and equations from back in 1996. I think Faraday is hanging on to it specifically because when Future Faraday jumps back, he can write in the journal and give present day or even past Faraday the answers he needs.

Dude.  I’m sure I could go on and on…  but I’ll wrap it up there.

One last thing – I think maybe Ben has mastered the time bend and can easily jump to where he wants to.  And the “friend” on the boat that is helping Des and Sayid is Frank.  He’s not too sure about all these people.  this started out as a paycheck to him, but now that they’ve found the survivors of 815, which he saw on the news “crashed” in the water with no survivors…  well… yea.  He’s really suspicious of who these people are.

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4.4 Eggtown: A stream of LOST-iousness

Wow. So who saw that coming? I’m not going to recap the show, because there are plenty of other resources out there who do just that. But I will run down the key moments, and postulate theories until my head explodes, because that’s why I love this show!

So. First item stuck in my head this morning. Miles, aka Angry Asian Dude, tries to blackmail Ben. He obviously knows that Ben can get his hands on 3.2 million super fast. So who is Ben? First the Dharma/daddy-slaying, then the drawer full of passports. Obviously there is alot we don’t know about this guy. He’s the ultimate deceiver, yet somehow he’s got connections to the outside world, still. Since Dharma was there experimenting with Parapsychology, it’s possible that Ben, brought in as a child, was subjected to tests and experiments. Highly likely actually, considering his father’s dislike for the kid, that his father would allow them to test him. Either that, or the Dharma run “school” might be a front for testing and experimentation without parental knowledge. Maybe Ben’s connection to the outside world is not limited to the now destroyed Looking Glass station. Maybe Ben has Telepathy and ESP or some kind of combo. It would explain how he is the ultimate deceiver. He can read your thoughts, see your fears, and play to what he knows you need to hear. His “man” on the freighter is a farce made up to keep Locke on his toes. Ben used his mind reading ability to pull the info about Charlotte and her crew out of Charlotte’s head. Just like he knows what to say to Locke to keep him twisted in knots.

Who do the freighter guys work for? We saw in 4.3 that Ben is using Sayid to go after an “Economist.” So who is this guy?
Google says that Economist can be defined as “An expert witness which is occasionally consulted to determine the value of economic damages, including without limitation loss of earnings, and business valuations. Your attorney may retain an economist to help value your work related losses.” And economics is defined as “The study of choice and decision-making in a world with limited resources,” or “the branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management.” Maybe this guy Ben is after is in charge of supplies for the island. Maybe now that Ben is off, this guy is working to cut off the supplies. Or, maybe this guy just wants the island to run his own experiments. The flunkies he sent there, Daniel Faraday, and Charlotte Lewis (both names have meaning btw. Faraday is a nod to Micheal Faraday a scientist, and Charlotte Lewis is a nod to CS Lewis, which producers indicate is a clue to where the show is headed.) are playing memory games. Why? Somehow a game is almost never just a game on this show. It seemed like it was a test. But, back to the economist, it’s also possible that he wants the island for it’s significance to the Valenzetti Equation.

What’s up with the Helicopoter? We know due to Faraday’s rocket experiement that there is at least a 31 minute difference in time on and off the island. But is that it? Does time bend further in different areas of the island? After all, the LOSTies have been on Island for about 100 days.  Yet Kate’s Mom says it’s been four years since Kate and flight 815 were declared dead. 31 minutes would only be an extra 129 days, round about.  So, how has it been four years?  How is it possible to travel through the bend in time without totally messing up? These are questions that look like they will be answered with next week’s episode. I so can’t wait!

Where is Claire? What happened to her? Why does Kate have Aaron? Why would Kate even leave the island in the first place? Is she really pregnant and just refuses to tell Sawyer? I think Kate is indeed pregnant, and it’s Sawyer’s baby. She has never been good at not lying. I think she is telling Sawyer she isn’t because she wants Sawyer to come with her for her, not an unborn child. But how does she wind up with Aaron? I thought Des saw Claire and Aaron get on the helicopter? But wait – did they really? or did he just see Claire about to step in? I can’t remember. Maybe Claire changed her mind last minute, and Kate’s baby is really her’s, but named Aaron in homage to Claire and Aaron?  It really depends on how long ago they got off the island.

There’s more.  Oh, so much more.  But if I don’t wrap this up now, I’ll be here typing til next Thursday.  My DH will tell you, I spend the week just randomly coming up with new theories on this show, and Jericho.  So much so that it just about makes his head spin. *S* (love ya dear!)

Can’t wait til next week.  I so want to find out what happened to the helicopter!

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LOST – the first three episodes

Dude. This show. I love it. I love the mind-bending twists. Everytime you think you know where something is going, BAM! It goes in the exact opposite direction. Awesome! I’ve decided that I will never ever get this post to make any sense, and another episode is quickly sneaking up on me!!   Bear with me through some mindless rambling, ok??  So… what do we know so far??

Oceanic 6?? What the?? We know Kate, Jack, and Hurley have somehow come back. Presumably rescued by the freighter… But tell me… how many of you saw Sayid? Seriously?? and that he’s now working for Ben as a hitman?? What the…..?!? So…. Who’s the last two? Ben doesn’t count because he wasn’t on the flight. So… who’s funeral did Jack go to? Was it Ben? It’s hard to figure out the order of the flash-forwards.

ooo! Hurley is linked to AnaLucia through the cop that busted him. But why would Hurley say he never met A.L.?? what? AHHH! the questions! and now he’s seeing things.. like a diver (Charly) breaking the mirror… With a message – “they need you.”

Poor Hurley. What a way to learn your friend is dead.  That’s got to hurt. I sincerely hope Des pulls the Hurl aside and lets him know that Charly said what he said because he knew he was going to die, thanks to Des. *side note to ABC – I don’t want to see the footage of Charly dieing again. It’s just so senseless. Why o why did he shut the door on himself. he could have just as easily stepped out the door and had Des help him lock it. then he could have grabbed an air tank and survived.  And dont’t ell me he had to to learn about Not Penny’s Boat.  He had that information before Patchy blew the window, and he did not speak to Penny again after.  The only reason he didn’t fight death, was because Des. Convinced him he had to die. No he didn’t. I don’t get it.  And has anyone else noticed that Des. isn’t havin premonitions anymore?  Since we know the island is supposed to be a character, maybe the island was using Des to protect Charly from something/someone/Jacob?  It seems like it was Charly that was supposed to go diving.  It has to be him, he’s the only one who could tap out Good Vibrations.  If he dies by lightning, or saving claire, he’s not around to flip the switch.  Maybe the island wants these people gone, but Jacob does not?  Or maybe it’s something from outside the island that was speaking to Des.  I mean, Walt has reappeared to Locke (though I think Walt is still there somehow, like he never did get off the island.)  But Miles, super angry Asian dude from the boat, he obviously has some kind of power to communicate or something….   maybe he’s been sending long distance vibes to Des to keep Charly alive long enough to flip the switch??  Who knows?  Only the writers.  *S*

Meanwhile, Des. is trying to convince anyone who will listen that the people coming on the freighter are NOT the good guys. Good luck with that Des. At this point, most of them don’t give a rat’s rear end, they just want the hell off that island. Anybody else think that before this is over, Ben and the “others” will have to band with the Losties and they will have to fight off the n00bs?  Speaking of the “others”  Where the hell are they??  Ben is captive byJack, and now Locke…  Where is Richard? Where’s the rest of the gang??

Looks like this season is flash-fowards.  Creepy guy threatening Hurley in such a subtle way…  His name Is Matthew Abbadon, and he is the same one who hires Naomi and the others to find the island.

And Saywer’s being nice to Hurley. I wonder how Sawyer’s revenge finally coming to an end has impacted him? I mean, is he just being nice because he knows how close Hurl and Charly were? Or is this shades of a kinder, gentler Sawyer. I hope not, because honestly, I like the bad boy. Dude gets some of the best freakin’ lines, seriously. But I so understand Hurley not wanting to talk about it all yet.

Naomi is cool.. maybe? I mean she makes the call, and adjusts the signal without telling her people what Locke did to her. – Dude!!! her line about her sister was total code. And in Sayid’s flash forward, he finds the same bracelet on his “job” that he found on Naomi. WOAH! they’re connected somehow in a big way. And since we now know that Ben is using Sayid to target someone, an Economist, involved with the island, and Ben is using those still there as the bait to keep Sayid hooked. Whoever Ben is after is connected to Naomi and the freighter.

Did ya’ll see that Hurley saw Jacob too?? What’s up with that?? And that Jacob looks suspiciously like Christian Sheppard, Jack’s Daddy.  Obviously he wants to talk to Hurley. That’s why he sent his biggest follower, John Locke out to collect him. Wonder what Jacob wants with Hurley? And just who the hell is Jacob?  I think Jack’s father might just be alive. I think the island cured him like it did Locke and Rose. Jack found the coffin, but it was empty, and they still haven’t found his body, though Jack did see him one time, off in the distance. What if the island kicked him back the same way it brought Locke’s dad?  And –  my memory is a bit vague at this point, but doesn’t Jack see Christian in a flash foward??  I know we see in one of the mobisodes that Christian is the one who sends Vincent over to wake up Jack just after the Crash.  The only question is…. is he alive?  or a ghost?

**Vantage Point looks awesome! and of course Matthew Fox is deliciously hot looking too. But seriously… is anyone else tired of this whole alternate reality thing? I have a freakin’ life! I can’t keep up with an “alternate reality” life too!! Dammit! just write out the story line of the game in a book I can read, and keep going. Dammit. There’s so much info out there now… They started the “game” in the summer of 06, and have never ended it! ARRRGGGHHH!

Ok.. show back on.. Locke and Hurley agree. The Losties must be convinced, or Charly died in vain.  Oh good grief… Poor claire. Poor Hurley. Poor Claire. Poor Aaron. Poor Claire. Dang… Tissue alert!!!  Oh good grief.  If that scene where Hurley tells claire about Charly didn’t make you tear up even a little, you have no soul.

HaHA!!! Locke was sooo sure. “You’re not gonna shoot me Jack.” Click. Crap. He was going to. Good thing I conviently forgot to load the thing. Oops. Ok Sayid? Hurley? Des? Juliet, even? A little back up here! Tell him I was right dammit! They are the bad guys!

he he he Rose!!! “I’m not going anywhere with that man!” HA HA!!  One of the best lines in season 4 ep 1.  *S* Ep 3 best line – by Hurley, said after Angry Asian Dude Miles calls the Hurl “tubby,”  “Oh great.  They sent us another Sawyer.”  he he he!!  Classic!

Ok… but wait. Hurley went with Locke. Jack and Kate did not. We know those three survived somehow. Why them? and wait… in this flash forward (ep 1), Jack is beard-less, and thinking about growing one. Wait. Tell what? Tell what Dammit!!!!! AHHHH! LU-UCY! You gots some ‘xplaining to do! Wait.. he’s sorry he went with Locke?? I don’t get it. So… Hurley is where Jack got his “We have to go back bit”…. hmmm… Interesting.

Hmmm… Jack and Kate against the world.

Another Parachuter?? what the heck? dude! he’s like Charly’s twin or something!!! but not really. I mean, I think they were trying to make him look like charly as much as possible in that first moment…

Soo… wow…

Wanna waste some serious time… Try find815.com – if you haven’t already.Anybody else tired of the Alternate Reality games? I mean, I really wish they’d just put all this crap in a book and let me read all the back story on Hanso Foundation, and the search for 815… I’ve got a life! I’ve got kids! For crying out loud ABC… just turn this stuff into episodes and run it all for the last few weeks of the season since the writer’s strike has left us with only 8 episodes… Quit making me waste my time! AHHH! Sorry… had to get that out… *S*If I remember right, Locke’s dad didn’t show up until after the sub was blown up. It is possible they could have brought him in earlier… but I don’t see why unless they *knew* they would need him. One thing I have noticed is that this island is all about dealing with your past. Example – Ana Lucia finally comes to terms with herself over the bad stuff she’s done, and she’s dead. Libby – I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. hmm… Several folks saw a blonde with a braid at the nuthouse in Hurley’s flash foward.  Wonder if it’s Libby?  I’m not all that convinced she’s not an Other, or somehow tied to the island.  I mean, she’s been shadowing Hurley for years. Makes you wonder – did she really love him, or was he still her assignment?

It’s pretty obvious (to me anyway) from all the back story that everyone on that plane was meant to be on the island. Hence the psychic who told Claire not to give up her baby, he was in danger, then suddenly hands her tickets to flight 815. In the deleted scenes, we see the guy tell eko that someone paid him to get the pregnant girl on the plane. We know that Juliette was brought to the Island to find out why pregnancy kills women on the island, so it makes sense that *they* would want to bring one already pregnant woman, and one who could potentially become pregnant (sun). kind of a test group.

What if… Hurley regrets going with Locke because it was a set up?? The “Others” are a violent group – you have to kill your past to up, sometimes physically kill someone IE Ben’s Dad, Locke’s Dad (side note – anybody notice how they all have father issues?? Ben’s dad is a jerk, Locke’s dad is conman, Sawyer’s dad offed his wife and himself orphaning sawyer, Kate’s dad is mostly out of the picture, and she blew up her step daddy, Jack’s dad is a drunk, and the reason he was on the plane in the first place. Jin is ashamed of his dad, and Sun is scared of hers. Claire has no daddy – though it’s kind of thought that she is Jack’s half sister, making her daddy a fall down drunk too. Charly’s dad was no prize. wonder if there is something there?). “Jacob” is not opposed to throwing things around to get his point across, even throwing Ben. What if Jacob has decided enough with all the unbelievers, and gets Locke to lead them all to the settlement, knowing it will be so much easier to off them, with them all in one nice tidy location. But, 6 escape. I know, scary creepy man said something about “Are there others?” I think he was asking if anyone was left alive. And you know what? maybe not. I don’t believe that creepy scary guy was really from Oceanic either. I think he’s from whatever groups coming to take over the island, and they really want Hurley under their control so they can study him. but anyway… maybe the rounding up and mass death of the LOSTies what is haunting Hurley. We know he was in the pych ward before because of the accidental death of a bunch of people when big hurley stepped out onto an over crowded balcony. That’s where he met the checker player (I think it’s the same guy from this episode) who was repeating the numbers. In the past, the numbers were all the guy would say. Hurley got out, and played the numbers in the lottery and won, but bad juju befell everything he did. Maybe, he’s come back, and he met up with the numbers guy, and told him what happened… somehow now numbers guy talks to him, and numbers guy saw charly when no one else would have since he’s dead and all. freaky. So maybe hurley is tormented because somehow he was spared the carnage of those who followed Locke.

I agree that Locke would never leave the island. He’s found his faith, he’s not about to abandon it again. We know Hurley, Jack, and Kate are off. Maybe Kate has a new identity, courtesy of Oceanic, as a bribe to keep her from suing the company – we won’t turn you in, we declared Kate dead, you live on as Sarah, or something like that. I think Sun is for sure. I do not see Jin leaving her on the island, knowing it’s a death sentence. I do see him forcing her to go without him, for the sake of their baby, so Jin is iffy. Ben doesn’t want to leave the island, he likes it there. BUT! if the new baddies have found something, he may go just to keep the baddies from turing the island into an experiement again.

Sawyer’s got nothing to go back to. and if you notice, the kate/sawyer, jack/Juliette have lined up on opposite sides of this fence this time. Juliette and sawyer take off to save the beach crew. Then they take off to go with Locke. leaving Kate and Jack together again. While Sawyer only has eyes for Kate, Kate is torn between Jack and Sawyer, still. So even if Sawyer stayed, it’s not a given that she would. and if sawyer came back, it’s not a given that she would stay with him. she’s too much of a free spirit to stay tied down for long, and he doesn’t want to go back to a little house with a picket fence and a 9-5. Esp now that his vendetta is over. He likes the adventure, the adrenaline rush. push comes to shove, I don’t think he’s leaving. I would like to think that Claire and Arron are the last two to escape, but somehow… I don’t think so. What would she come back too? On the island, her only job is to keep Aaron safe. Back in AU, she would have to work to keep an apt, means Aaron in daycare, she would be under constant pressure with little help… The psychic told her originally to keep Aaron, and keep him safe. At the beginning, I felt that Aaron and Walt were meant to be Yin and Yang, good vs bad, that kind of thing. I still think that. I don’t think Walt and Michael got very far. I think they will turn up on the other side of the island at some point. I think “Jacob” needs Walt for something, and I don’t believe he would just let him go.

The other two, could be players we haven’t met yet. Maybe one is Jin – going with Sun – and maybe another. Juliette might, but she might not. after all, there will still be women on the island, and someone may become pregnant, and as much as she wants to see her sister, she really really wants to know why. why do the pregnant women die? only way to find out… stick around. then again… She has wanted to take a preggers chick off the island, and see if the effects last away from the island, so she might hitch a ride with sun to use her as a control sample.

But, I’m not sure the LOSTies get to pick who goes and stays.

And maybe “Jacob” can take whatever form he wants to communicate with his chosen. Smoke monster for Eko (who made peace with his past, and promptly died btw), horse for Kate, Jack’s dad for Jack, Dave for Hurley… etc.

As for why Ben doesn’t just say, hey guys – there’s this invisible man who only I, and now maybe John Locke, can talk to or see. and he said we’ll all get killed, and he wants you all to stay here. Dude… no one would believe him! They all think Locke is off his rocker now. They didn’t go with Locke, they went with Hurley. Besides… I don’t think Ben or Locke fully know everything there is to know. I think they are given marching orders by the illusive Jacob, and then blindly follow – Locke because he is a man of faith who has finally found something to believe in again, and Ben, because “jacob” rescued him from the hell that was his father and Dharma. Of course, Ben is the ultimate deceiver… I think there is shades of Good vs bad in Ben and Locke. The show may come down to a Ben V Locke showdown, a la Luke and Vader. in which case, Ben loses, cuz evil always loses.

So there you go.  Some rather disjointed ramblings about the first three episodes of LOST season four.  I’m sure that not all of it will make sense, and I’m even more sure that as of Thursday a bunch of crap that I think might happen, or predict, will be proved wrong, cuz that’s how this show goes.  But dude.  It’s so fun to watch!

oh, and BTW – Thanks to the end of the Writer’s Strike, there will be 5 more episodes of LOST, for a grand total of 13 episodes this season.  WOO HOO!  Read about it here.

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Hello! LOST!!!

I can’t wait til the big guy goes to bed and I can watch LOST.  I’m actually thinking of maybe waiting til tomorrow night when I can watch it with DH….  then again….  NAAA!!  *S*  the suspense is killing me!!

Damn writer’s strike better end soon.  As it stands, our already shortened 14 week long season is only an 8 week long season.  Because that’s all they had in the can when the strike started.  So much for the grand plans of a season without a mid-season break.  ugh.

Whateva!!!  LOST is back!  WOOHOO!!

and I intend to write it up….  but it will be delayed, cuz my DH reads the blog, and I don’t want to wreck it for him.  (Love ya babe!)

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