Manning and the G-men

Ok, thus far I’ve refrained from ranting about the NYGiants…  mostly cuz I usually wind up sleeping during the best parts of the games (Apparently, I like to watch football like my father, with my eyes closed.  *S*).  But for real…  after the last two games, the squeaker against the Eagles, and the beat down by the Seahawks…  yikes..

First, I think the defense should start playing about 30 minutes before the game starts.  Seems like it takes them 2 quarters just to wake up and realize the game has started!

Second, they need to run the no-huddle offense at the begining of the game.  Manning and the guys seem to do their best in that type of play, considering the offense doesn’t seem to show up until there is 2 minutes left in the game.

This week is a bye week for Big Blue.  Hopefully they can use the time off to do some work on both sides of the ball, because seriously guys, you can NOT expect Tiki Barber to carry this team again.  Even with Jacobs as a backup, you need a decent pass game, and the defense needs to stop something in the first half.

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