WFMW: What Do I Fix? Edition

So,  what to feed the family when you have next to nothing on hand??

Hamburger Helper.

If that’s out, try Macaroni and cheese with hotdogs.  To add a little veggie without the kids realizing, fry up some minced onion and mix it into the Mac & Cheese.  *S* Gotta be fresh, and minced though, or they’ll find it. *S*

If you have some Chicken breasts, try BBQ Chicken (though this does require some time since it’s a crock pot thing!)

Chicken Breasts into the crock pot.  Cover with ketchup.  Add molasess.  Throw in a couple of splashes of Worcestershire Sauce, and some Chili Sauce.  Let cook on lo 4-6 hours, hi 2-3 hours.  Make some instant mashed potatoes and a can of corn.  Presto!  Instant meal.

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