4.6 The Other Woman

Woah!  Mind trip!  I so love this show and it’s ability to get me thinking.  I actually think I have learned more about electromagnetism and parapsychology by getting to this show.

So Ben is hot for Juliet and thinks she is “his.”  The shrink suggested Juliet looked “just like” some female in Ben’s past.  My guess, a wife that we haven’t been introduced to yet.  Probably one who died in childbirth.

Juliet is an enigma.  She is not totally on board with Ben and his crew.  But she knows enough about him to realize that he will get his way, and he will win, and she is trapped.

I think the time warp has a big effect on the pregnant women.  We learned when Sun had her ultrasound that the men’s fertility increases dramatically on the island…  maybe it’s less an increase, and more a result of the fetility process being sped up due to the time warp.  Remember when they were recruiting Juliet, and showed her the scans of a woman’s reproductive organs, and Juliet guess the woman was 70, when in fact she was 26?   I think that even though time is slower on the island, reproductive systems are sped up.

And Ben’s “man” on the boat??  Is Ben.   I still say that he is what Dharma wanted, and is powerful in reading minds and possibly astral projection.  He reads Locke like an open book, and is obviously still in control of the Others, despite being a prisoner.  I think this works because of his unique abilities that we are not privy to yet.

Daddy Widmore is the one after the island.  Makes sense now.  Kind of.  At least I know he’s not dead.  Bet Penny learned of the island through the journal that her father bought.  Being what she knew of Dessie’s last time he saw her, she put two and two together.  I do not think her Dad knows she’s looking for the island too, but I think he does know Des is there.  not sure how, unless one of Ben’s People blabbed, not just about Ben, but Dessie and everything else also.  Somehow they knew about the gas and the “incident” – which I think was the mass slaughter of Dharma by Ben.  They seem to know alot about the Dharma infrastructure too.  I think that when the Hanso Foundation gave up on Dharma, Alavar’s buddy Widmore decided to pick up where the Hanso’s left off.  Difference is, the Hanso’s had grand illusions of finding solutions to life’s problems and humanity’s issues.  Widmore, I believe, wants to exploit the island’s capabilities for personal and professional gain.

Oh, and the teaser of the “person you never thought you’d see again” returning…   I say it’s AnaLucia.  She’s already been mentioned twice the season.  We know the island has healing properties, and based on the mobi-sodes, it’s clear that it can even raise the dead.  (Christian Shepherd was seen talking with Vincent and walking into the jungle in the first mobi-sode), so it’s not all that far fetched that AnaLucia, or even Libby comes back.  I vaguely remember hearing rumors that we weren’t done with Libby, yet I think that I’ve seen news that Michelle Rodriguez is back in Hawaii.  So it could be either, but I think it’s AnaL.

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  1. oh amanda says:

    So glad I found you again…we connected at some point and all season I’ve been searching for my LOST friends! So…this whole Ben being able to communicate telepathically and move thru time/space is freaking me out. I don’t like the idea of Ben having super powers. He’s freaky enough as it is.

    I just think the guy on the boat is Michael. The only reason is b/c I know he’s supposed to be back this season. 🙂

    I did a recap, too for the Disney Blog:

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