4.9 The Shape of Things to Come

First, how many of you thought Claire bit it in the open when her house was blown up? huh? huh? I see that hand. Yes, I thought so too. I’m not sure we will find out how Aaron winds up with Kate this season. I think Cuse and Lindelof will drag this out as long as possible.

Weirdness, the freighters doctor washed up on shore with his throat slit. But later on, when Faraday, who is, I believe, the one Freightie that the LOSTies can trust. The man simply can not lie. Even when he tries to, he just can’t.

Alex tripped the panic button to alert Daddy they were coming. She only did because they would not promise her to leave Claire and the baby alone. Honestly, I felt bad for Ben for like 2 milliseconds when Alex was executed. This guy Keamy has no heart.

I’ve been saying for weeks/months now that I thought Ben could teleport. when he was laying in the desert in the arctic type jacket I just about jumped up shouting, “See! See! I told you! I told you he could!!!”

At least we know that Sayid did indeed find his Nadia post-island. The question is, did Widmore & his man really kill Nadia? Or is his man trailing Ben? Did Ben take advantage of a sad situation to get what he wanted, a hitman? I’ve been saying that Ben is a master manipulator. I believe he has the ability to read minds, thats how he can pull out the info on whoever whenever, even if he hasn’t had time to do his homework.

This show is such a mind job. I could literally get lost in the wikis and the forums for hours. but my kids are waking up. Time to move on. *Sigh*

Must add though – I sincerely hope that Ben does not find Penny.  I truly love the Desmond/Penny love story.  they are one couple that I want to see live happily ever after.  I wanted Sun and Jin to be able to also, but that ain’t gonna happen.  and Charly and Claire.  But.. yea.  So Ben better not find Penny!!!

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  1. Cassie says:

    I thought that Ben was being a total coward when he let Alex get shot. It wasn’t until later when they talked about “changing the rules” that I realized that he really didn’t think they would kill her and started to feel a little bad for him…

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