Ok… so it's not a big change…

But since all of one person voted (thx Renee!), and I really wanted to freshen up around here, I did some changing to the blog theme.  Nothing drastic.  Honestly, I couldn’t find another theme I liked, and anything that took the Bible verse out of the header just didn’t feel right to me.  Keep in mind I’m still not back to my regular artsy-fartsy self.  I’ve only scrapped maybe once since Dad died.  It’s just not there yet.

So I took the Kat down, and swapped her out for some fancy looking doodle-ly hearts (courtesy of Fhung Lie of Ztampf.com).  Then I changed the color scheme to match.  So…  while it’s not completely new, it’s still a bit different.  *S*

I also switched out the Twitter Badge.  A friend was having trouble seeing the badge, so I switched to the HTML version.  Honestly I like Plurk better – no Fail Whales there!

I also came to the realization that in a few more years, I won’t be able to claim the “young mother” status.  I mean, I’m not old at all…  but at over 30, I ain’t no spring chicken ya’ll!  These days I feel like a 30 yr old in a 60 yr old body!  I guess I could add the qualifier “at heart”…  I dunno.  I think I can squeeze a few more years out of it!  *S*

Oh well.  The point is, if you’re reading on RSS feeds, drop in and let me know what you think of the new-ish look.  I’m off to cook dinner and play some more MarioKart or something.  I’ve been staring at lines of code for too long and the natives are restless and currently chasing each other around the house screaming at top volume.  It’s amazing what you learn to tune out as a mother.


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