Yea… We partied.

So, yea. I didn’t post yesterday. The words just weren’t there. I think 4 times in 2 days kinda sapped my bloggy energy for a bit. Anyhoo…

We spent the fourth mostly just chillaxin’ at home, not really doin’ much. There were rounds of Mario Kart, and a 3 hour marathon Lego Star Wars game, played mostly by BigBoy, with other members of the family dropping in and out periodically. Then after an All-American dinner of pork chops and sweet potatoes, we set out for the town’s fireworks display.

It was already crowded when we got there, but we managed to find a spot on the lawn. The kids played catch with DH while we waited the 2 hours b4 the show would start. BigBoy almost didn’t make it. He spent the last hour draped all over me like I was a human couch or something.

Finally the warning shot was fired, the one that was popped off to let us all know that we had 5 minutes b4 the show. They had a 14-ish yr old girl sing the National Anthem. She did a good job, but the sound system didn’t. As the system popped and cracked, I thought of Dad. (He hated crappy sound systems) But then, the fireworks started. It didn’t last long. There was a thunderstorm moving in. We wound up with the equivalent of 3 finales. They would light off a whole box or string or however it’s done, and then it would take a minute or two before they could light up the next set. I’m not saying the folks around here are redneck or anything but…. All I heard around me as the fireworks went off was: “WOOOOWEEE! Wait, is that it? Oh! WOOOOOWEEE!”

After the third and final “finale”, we headed up the road to the car. Daddy and the bigger two went ahead, and I walked with BigBoy. I had some impatient people walk right up on my rear, and try to get around us, so I told BigBoy, we’d move to the side a bit, we’re little, we walk slow. He looked up and said, “But you’re not little!” Well, true, but my knees don’t work as well as they used too. The folks in a hurry huffed off, and a couple of others chuckled as they walked around us, but eventually, we made it to the car.

May I just take a moment to throw in here, that when you are leaving a big town party type event like that, and everyone and their brother’s-uncle’s-third-cousin-twice-removed is trying to walk through parking lot #1 to their vehicles on the the other side of the road (in lot #2, or parked along the sides of the street), is it too much to ask that people show some common courtesy and just wait a few minutes before trying to leave? I mean really? As I carried BigBoy through lot #1, I had a BMW literally on my ankles! It wasn’t just me that this man was trying to run over getting to close to… There was a family with several small children, and a baby in a stroller next to me who was also feeling the heat of this vehicle creeping up our legs. For real, where do you think you are going to go? Everyone in town is trying to leave! You aren’t going to get very far right that second! Give it like 5 minutes, and let some of those cars, ours included, that are lining the street a chance to get out, and the road space will magically double, and traffic will clear extremely fast! No need to mow down small children with your vehicle. Fo’ real.

Anyway. Despite the asshats in the parking lot afterward, and my inability to be a good passenger on the short drive home (so sorry DH! I know you know how drive, it’s the asshats trying to run me over in the lot that don’t!), it was a good night.

And as we ran into the house, God unleashed a light show of His own, and it was truly spectacular. (But, no, I didn’t get it on camera. too many scared kiddos for me to try to photograph the storm. one day. one day…)

The lightshow

View the set here.


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