Seven Things.

I got tagged by Scott.  I don’t do memes often, but here goes, 7 things about me that you may or may not have known, in no particular order.

1. I’ve never had an alcoholic drink.  Not once, ever.  Never tried drugs either.

2.  I used to own my own web design business.

3.  I get nervous driving over bridges.  I pray I don’t wind up in the water, because there’s no way I could tread water while holding all three kids above water, and no way I could ever choose who to save.

4.  I was a painter for 6 years.  I’m pretty handy with a scraper & a can of Spackle too.

5.  When I was 16 -20 years old, I changed my own oil.  Drove a Ford Tempo & a Chevy Corsica.  My dad taught me the basics of car care.   I also know my way around a hammer & wrench, & can do basic plumbing & repair work. Thanks Dad.

6.  I was on a swim team in the summers throughout high school.  Breast stroke was my best event, and I even placed 6th in divisionals one year, impressive because I was 16 in the 16-18 age group, and swimming against kids who swam year-round with public schools.  And I beat 6 other kids. Awesome.

7.  When I was young, I always dreamed of being a wife & mother.  Now I am, and it’s harder then I ever imagined, but so much more rewarding then I ever dreamed.

So there you go.  Seven things you may, or may not know about me.  So now I’m supposed to tag a bunch of people, but honestly, I don’t know many who haven’t already been tagged…  so, if you haven’t been tagged yet….

Tag!  Your it!


  1. Bartel Scheers says:

    Okay, here’s me trying to be honest. I’ve been following your blog since a year or so (I think). However since you blogged about Glubble, and that’s a year back or so. Anyway, I’m a VP with Glubble, and of course was interested what you had to say. But your blog caught me and whenever I had some time I visited. Let me say I enjoyed at least 2 Christmases and prayed many times your husband would be save.

    So here’s my 7 answers:

    1. I’m an European, native to the Netherlands

    2. I was a Captain in the Royal Netherlands Air force, proud and ready as a reserve.

    3. I have proudly assisted with the ‘Anytime Ghadaffi’ and ‘Desert Storm’ missions.

    4. When I was young I dreamed to be a professional basketball player (please remind I’m European ;-)), I made it to the selection of the Air Force Team.

    5. I have a strong believe that the way we teach our children will shape the future of our world.

    6. I proudly support the Dutch and American Troops in Aghanistan or else.

    7. I wish you and your family have a great 2009, your husband save, his Navy strong, your children eager to learn, and God to bless you all.

    Best wishes, Bartel (Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

  2. Kat says:

    I understand about bridges: I lived in Greenwich, CT when the I-95 bridge collapsed almost 20 years ago, and my younger sister had gone across it just three hours prior. To this day, I HATE being stopped on a bridge!

    Anyway, I came over from Scott’s – he tagged me, too, the rotter 😉

    — Kat

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