The one in which I unload on the interwebs…

So…  if you don’t like reading complaints, seriously, quit right here, and go look at some pretty pitcures, mmmkay?

I’m getting my bass kicked by life right now.  Situations what they are, I haven’t had a really good long night’s sleep in a few days, and I’m just way to freaking tired right now.  I’m playing the single mother role, and my youngest son has SERIOUS attachment issues. Like, he’s afraid mommy will sneak off in the middle of the night and leave him here alone. I would never, and have never done anything to make him think that.  It’s just typical, 4yr old, not-dealing so-well-with-daddy’s-deployment, crap.  Thing is, this leads him to run to my room at night and jump in my bed & snuggle to be sure I’m still here.  We all know how easy it is to sleep with a 4 yr old in your bed, right?  Or is my kid the only one who likes to re-enact the final fight scene in 3 Ninjas in his sleep?

Honestly, I wouldn’t have a problem with the little guy sneaking in to cuddle mommy at night.  But.  But big sister PinkDiva is almost 6, and extremely jealous.  She doesn’t seem to understand that BigBoy only does it out of fear.  All she sees is BigBoy snuggling mom, and the Incredible Pink Hulk bursts out.  It ain’t pretty.

Throw in a mouthy, freshly-minted 8 year old, who thinks he knows everything.  (Good grief, I thought that was the teen years!)  Oh yea.  And the backtalk. Uh-huh. Momma don’t play that.

On top of all that family drama and poor sleep, I seem to have caught GeekBoy’s sinus troubles, which means I wake up each morning after my not-so-good nite of sleep with a massive headache.

I also tweaked my knee this afternoon.  It’s an old high school basketball injury that every once in a while comes back to haunt me.  Right now it’s stiff & sore, and doesn’t do so well with the bearing weight and the walking around.  Ouch.

Wow.  This one really turned into a real betch-fest huh?  Sorry about that…  But hey, if I go quiet for a day or two, at least ya’ll know why.

BTW – I’ve got some awesome ideas for some more posts, and plenty to say.  My brain just isn’t functioning well right now.  Let’s lighten the mood here a bit.  How ’bout them Ninja Kids?

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  1. DH says:

    i luv you..! I am extremly proud of you an hope tht the following days brings you more well rested days with less rough situations…! I am extremly proud of everything you do…! ti amo mi amor…!

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