Birth of a Soccer Mom

green & brown bkg, ball, bouncy stitch, orange star, ribbon, & net – MVP by Dani Mogstad soccer ball bkg – Sports – Soccere by Heather Roselli Word art – And I Quote Athletes by Manda Bean Note Paper – Boys & their Toys by Manda Bean & Zoe Pearn Stitching – Miss Mint (recolored to match) Knot – Christina Renee (extraced from a star, and recolored to match) Picture Blankets I & II by Traci Reed Font – Angelina

GeekBoy has decided to play soccer.  This is a big step for him, this getting off the computer and going outside.  *S*  But the registration has been paid, the chin guards bought, there’s no backing out now!

Most of this layout came from “MVP” by Dani Mogstad @ Sweet Shoppe Designs.  The soccer ball bkg I used for a photo matte is from Heather Roselli’s “Sports-Soccer”, also @ Sweet Shoppe Designs.  Word art came from “And I Quote… Athletes” by Manda Bean, and the note paper is by MandaBean, found in a TwoScoops kit, “Boys & their Toys” by Manda Bean & Zoe Pearn, at, you guessed it, Sweet Shoppe Designs.
The stitching on the ribbon (recolored to match) came from a Miss Mint kit, I think it was “Foxy Lady”.  The knot at the begining of the ribbon is a Christina Renee (extraced from a star, and recolored to match) blog freebie.  I also used some “Picture Blankets” versions I & II by Traci Reed.  The journalling font is one of my favs, Angelina.

Feels good to scrap again.  Now i just need to carve out more time for this.

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