Clemente Yuriar

Clemente Yuriar Loaiza (Tomaz)
Born: Abt 1827
Died: Before 1897

There are a total of three records of Clemente’s marriage to MARIA TRINIDAD VIERA BASTIDAS. Information gleaned from these records says that he was 40 years old, and worked as a, “ejercico labrador” – which seems to translate to apprentice farmer.  The couple appeared before a judge on January 13, 1867, and were ordered to publish the information about the upcoming marriage for 15 days.

On the 25th, they returned to the judge with witnesses, including one Brigido Manjarrez, to verify that they had fulfilled the legal requirements. Since no one had come forward to object, they were given the judge’s blessing to go forward with the marriage.

So, on 28 Jan 1867 in San Ignacio De Loyola, San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico, the priest performed the holy sacrament of marriage.

He was the father of at least 3 sons, as records of their baptisms were found at Family The oldest, Domingo Benjamin, was born in 1869. Anastacio came along in 1873, followed by Clemente was born in 1874.

Because church records are not always the best, and a lot of deaths went unreported, we don’t know exactly when Clemente died, however he is listed as deceased on Domingo’s wedding record in 1897.

Spouse: Maria Trinidad Viera Bastidas

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