Jose Clemente Yuriar Viera

Jose Clemente Yuriar Viera (Clemente)
Born: 17 Sept 1874 in San Ingacio, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Christened: 10 November 1874 in San Ignacio De Loyola, San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Married: 25 November 1899
Died: 19 September 1911

Known as “Clemente” to the family, Jose Clemente was born and christened in 1874 to Clemente Yuriar and Maria Trinidad Viera Bastidas.

Clemente was a carpenter. There is one record of marriage to LUZ ESCOBAR dated 25 November 1899, however the first three children are all listed as a “natural” child, indicating their parents were not married, despite being born after the first record of marriage was filed.

There were three types of marriage in Mexico in the 1800’s; Common Law, Legal, or Church. Common law is pretty self explanatory. The couple would just move in together and act as if they were married, however they would be listed as single on all official documents, like birth records. Any kids born to a common law marriage, or any other kind of relationship outside of an official marriage, would be listed as “natural born” children. Official Marriages, either Legal or Church, at the time usually required 3 different records at least. First, the couple in question would go to the registrar and request to be married. They would be given copies of the act to post in several publications over the course of several days. Then they would go back to the registrar with proof they had publicized the act of the marriage. If no one had registered a complaint, the judge would then give his blessing for the wedding to happen. At that point, the couple would either head to the church, who kept their own record of the marriage, or go back to the judge, and have him marry them. Once in a while, they would do both. After that, the couple would be listed as married on all official documents, and any children born would be called “legitimate.”

Maria Trinidad Yuriar Escobar’s Birth Record
Luis Escobar’s Birth Record.

  In his son Luis’s birth record, Clemente is listed as a single man whose occupation is a Tinsmith.

But in Maria Trinidad’s birth record, she is named as a legitimate child of the married couple, Clemente and Luz. Her birth record also listed her grandparents on both sides of the family.


Jose’s birth record doesn’t mention his mother’s name. However the judge who recorded that record only listed on parent’s name on several of the records surrounding Jose’s birth. While it is possible that Jose’s mother is someone else, it seems most likely that his mother was Luz Escobar.

 Clemente died young, at 33, of pnuemonia. At the time of his death, he was a carpenter, living in Mazatlan.

Spouse: Luz Escobar


  • LUIS5 YURIAR ESCOBAR was born in 1900.
  • JOSE5 YURIAR was born in 1902.
  • GILBERTO5 YURIAR ESCOBAR was born in late 1905. He died in 1926 of a remitting fever and diarrhea due to an unknown illness.
  • TRINIDAD5 YURIAR ESCOBAR was born in 1906.

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